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Inna (SS)
Soaring Seagulls


Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Relationship Foreman
Family Mother, Sister
Fear Malnourishment
Talent Aerobics, Jogging, Other Exercises, Cooking Health Food

Inna, labeled as The Exercise Enthusiast, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Inna in health nut, she exercises every day and has very strict eating habits. Inna is currently an exercise instructor at a gym, and she loves her work since she can burn calories, ineract with people, and earn money at the same time. Inna volunteers in programs to help fight children obesity, but those programs don't get much attention, and none of them is succesful at all.

Inna joined Total Drama to advertise her non-profit programs about children obesity, and take a chance at winning one million dollars.


  • Inna was the second-to-last character created for S.S. Total Drama. Her placement changed constantly before I decided her current one.
  • Inna's design is based on Tal, a contestant in the Israeli version of The Amazing Race.


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