This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Influences by CrystalNeonSummerSnow.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Gwen's Quick POV

I can't believe that happened yesterday; the worst of the worst happened. Yesterday... Trent and I got into the hugest fight.

Gwen: Trent, are you OK?

Trent: I was.... till now.

Gwen: Huh?

Trent: I can't believe you betrayed me.

Gwen: Trent, I said I was sorry about the elimination a million times. Why are you still angry?

Trent: I am angry becuase I gave you my heart to you and you used that advantage to hurt me.

Gwen: Hurt you? Trent, Justin and the Grips cornered me. I had to show them I'm trustworthy.

Trent: You wanted to show Justin McNeil, that manipulative Backstreet Boy clone, that your trustworthy by betraying me?!

Gwen: Well, what would you do if I was throwing challenges for you and my team cornered you?

Trent: I'd stick up for you and tell 'em I had no part of it.

Gwen: And if they didn't believe you? Hmm?

Trent: I'd shrug it off.

Gwen: Yeah, right.

Trent: You know I would, cause I'm more considerate about you.

Gwen: Well, if you were considerate, you wouldn't throw the game for me.

Trent: Well, if you cared, maybe, we'd get back together, but since your so dark and complicated, we should just forget about it.

Gwen: I'm cool with that.

Trent: And another thing, we should just stay away from each other.

Gwen: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Trent: Good!

Gwen: Fine!

Now here I am, on my bed with mascara-stained cheeks and a malignant heart. This is all my fault, my cause, I let go of the one thing I really enjoyed in my life. Sure, Trent was weird, but he's probably holding a strong heart right now...

Trent's Quick POV

So it's only been 24 hours since she walked out of my life, but in those hours, my spheres of innocent green were flooded with angstful droplets of regret. My soulmate.... broke my heart. The history of my heart wasn't perfect, mind you; becoming an attraction to girls doesn't mean you'll fall in love a lot. It means you're ready to face the worst of romance: heartbreak. Yet, my heart has never been in this sad, pathetic condition before. Usually, I'd let it go and wait for another to come, but after all that between Gwen and me, I feel like a zombie, a nothing. Instead of writing songs of love, here I am trying to write a depressing suicidal break-up song. Yet, even in this condition, I still need an influence....

It was Homecoming Night, a night scented with perfume and printed with lipstick kisses... At least the girls thought it that way, especially Lindsay Cherview, the prettiest and most airheaded girl in all of Cherview High. Plus, she's only popular cause her father owns the school.

" Doesn't my red desinger look pretty?" she teeheed.

Heather rolled her eyes and smirked,

" Yeah, pretty nausiating."

" Thanks, Hazel."

As they left the make-up room, Heather thought, Stupid ditzy fashionista.

Gwen dressed into her fishnet dress and 6 in. stillettos. Even though she thinks dances and proms are incredibly shallow and materialistic, Trent could probably be there; this could be her opportnity to apologize and they could embrace. Just the thought of Trent, holding her close to his manly chest, the gentle touch of his hand, would make her weakly smile. That was her only wish: to have that one moment with him, so she can run her ghostly pale fingers through his agleaming matte black hair and whisper, " I love you." What's left to lose?

Trent was dressed in his best tux, but he wasn't heading out the door. What's his deal? There's an easy answer: Gwen. He knew she'd never go to a dance even if someone forced and tortured her; even if she was stripped and had lost almost all blood, she still wouldn't leave. Besides, he was still numb from the fight. He quickly looked and looked away at the pile of crumbled, ink-stained paper, a reminder of his atempt to write his heartbreak. He then looked outside the window and found the most suprising thing: Gwen, heading to the dance. His eyes enlarged and a viewpoint entered his head. He found his influence! He didn't want to write a depressing break-up song, he wanted to write a make-up song to Gwen. He stuck his head out and said,

" Gwen!"

" Trent? Aren't you heading to the dance?"

" No, I'm winging it, but meet me tomorrow in the apartment's cafe at 7:00 pm. I have a suprise for you."

The next night, Gwen arrived in the cafe, wearing her dress. Her cheeks were peach pink with apprehension. What has Trent planned? He arose onto the stage in his tux, pulled the mic closer to his lips, and said,

" Good evening, everyone. I know I haven't preformed lately, but that was cause I was busy writing a song for a girl I broke up with. It's called Redo.


Your eyes

So bright

I never felt like this before



With the girl that I adore

I know we had problems in the past

But I promise this love will last


I can't let you go

You have all of me

I need you to know

I need you to see

I love you

I want to redo


Our hearts


It's like a permanent nightmare

My cries


I know that you do care

About the love we shared before

A love I can't ignore


I need you to stay

Please don't go away

I won't lose our fairytale

I know our love won't fail

This statement is true

I love you


Everyone cheered with all there might, but Gwen didn't cheer... she cried tears of burning passion. They gazed longingly at each other, their hearts skipping a beat, then racing. Slowly, ever so slowly, they walked up to each other.

" No turning back now..." Gwen whispered under her breath.

When they were face-to-face, hand-in-hand, they embraced. It was just like Gwen dreamed, only better. He held her close to his manly chest, the gentle touch of his hand. Then when they released, she ran her ghostly pale fingers through his agleaming matte black hair and they whispered in unison,

" I love you."

Then, they kissed.

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