Indigo (TDItW)
The Crunching Crocs
Indigo - The Mean Girl2
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette, Blonde streaks
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Nothing
Indigo, labeled The Mean Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Into the Wild.


Name: Indigo

Age: 16

Team: The Crunching Crocs

Label: The Mean Girl

Job/Hobby: Hosting the best parties in all of Toronto.

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Three Words to Summarise You: Proud, Winner, Aggressive.

Why do you want to be on Total Drama:

To prove to my girls back home that I'm the toughest, coolest, most popular and capable girl there is.

Greatest Fear?:

Fear is for the weak.

Why're you gonna win?:

Because no one can compete with all of this!


She is the first contestant to get a new look after her original edit.The original edit for Indigo (left) against the current one (right).

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