This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

In Your Arms by CrystalNeonSummerSnow


" I'm heading out, honey." Chas said loudly.

" Okay. Be back before 11."

When he stepped out, he pulled out his signature AutoMag and cackled in a mouse-soft voice,

" Don't worry. With Shadow, it doesn't even take an hour."


Yep, that's him: Chas "Shadow" Tarrance. By day, he's a CEO manager and husband to homemaking mother Stella, but by night, he's Shadow the infamous serial killer of Calgary; the nickname comes from his black suit camouflaged in the cloud-strewn night. If the winds scream, that means he's near, but if your bones feel like Yukon ice, that means he's behind you, ready to strike. He may not be like a psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook, but listing all his weapons could make a wiki; his most signature ones are his AutoMag and hidden poison in his suit. Like a lion, he kills his prey easily. Like a bee, he's busy, quick, and ends nights with a sting. And when he comes home, the usual conversation.

" Wow, that was fast."

" Well, you know me. I like to rush things to see my beautiful Stella."

" Ohh, that's why I married you."

That night, while his wife and kids Lola and Jake were in bed, he pulled out his powdered poison and decided to "work late".


He stopped by Mrs. Arch's house for a visit; she wasn't a rich lady but still had that Jennifer Tilly smile.

" Oh, well, hello Chas." she quietly greeted.

" Hello, Ms. Arch. I just heard that the budget on your company got cut months ago and I thought I'd stop by to show a little sympathy."

" Aww, how sweet. Come right in, I'll make us some drinks."

Shadow helped prepare the lemonade by adding a little "sugar". Looking at the silver platter, he felt like he could see the woman already dead... such eye candy!

" Mmm, this lemonade has a very punching taste. What'd you add?"

" Oh, just a little powdered....... poison."

Appalled, she got up and tried to reach for her antique bokken sword, but she fell dead before she ever could. He chuckled, took the bokken, and said,

" Thanks for the bokken, Ms. Arch. Now I have a new weapon."


His twinkle-toes helped him sneak back into his house. He grabbed his vodka martini and thought to himself, Hmm, this is fun, but I need to make people fear me more; I need to make Shadow become the most famous serial killer on Earth. I need to kill... celebrities! On his Apple laptop, he looked up big Canadian and American celebs. Sure, killing Madonna would make him legandary, but he needs to kill someone just as big, but younger. Everywhere from Facebook to Twitter, not a lot of celebs interested him enough to murder them. However, he saw a picture of me and my Total Drama friends and said,

" Looks like I got a buisness meeting in Toronto."

Chapter 1: Forgiveness

Looking back at Total Drama, I just thought I was limerent to Gwen. I mean, what's not to like about her? She's cool, foxy, and kind in a dark, shady, Gothic kind of way. On World Tour, I just knew she'd be mine, but then a sweet mistake came along -- Sierra.


Sierra was definetely one-of-a-kind; she was crazy, obsessed with me, and "stalker-licious", but she was nice about. In the Amazon episode, I made a very bad mistake with just a stamp. Sierra really loved me, and I tried to vote her off. I doubt the fans on my fanbase were very pleased either, nor Izzy. When I was packing my bags to head home, she popped out of one of my suitcases.

" Izzy?! What are you doing here?"

She just glared.

" Izzy? Got a little laryngitis?"

" You should be ashamed! How could you destroy her?"

" Please tell me you're not talking about you-know-her."

She then shoved a piece of paper in my face.

" This is a torn page of her diary."

Dear Diary,

Who's the awkward yet humble face of love? Cody. Who's the rain-kissed crimson rose that grows with the right care? Cody. Who's the wonderful modern Cupid with rich mahogany hair and pools of blue-green heaven? Cody. Oh orthodox heartstring, please remember who I am! Block out obsession, and save myself for the sake of love!

" Wow.... this is really beautiful."

" She really cared about you, and now her "orthodox heartstring" voted for her. If she doesn't forgive you, I wouldn't be suprised."

Then the redheaded pyro jumped out into the cockpit. Starring at the diary page, I felt like crumbled statue. Maybe Sierra isn't so bad after all, I thought, Oh, I have to apologize!

When I got to first class, I saw her punching a punching bag with my face on it. I wanted to take a step back, but instead, I went forward.

" Hi, Sierra."

She was frozen with anger, and then started swinging at me while I dodged for my life.

" How could you?! After all the care I gave you, you still voted for me?!?!?!"

" Sierra! Please, calm down! I'm really sorry I hurt you."

" Now I'm gonna hurt you!"

" Please, trust me. I'm really sincerely sorry!"

" Hold still!"

" Can we talk about this?"

" Sincere or not, you ruined my life! Everyone's gonna bully me more now that they know you hate me!"

" I don't hate you, I was just afraid of you. I didn't know about how much you cared until I found this torn diary page. I know you really love me and I might reciprocate a little."

" Lies! All lies!"

Then she threw me aganist the windows and stormed out.


" Cody, what are you doing?" Gwen asked me.

" I'm using a mini blimp to send a note to Sierra."

Gwen just stood there with a huge grin as if she was gonna laugh to death.

" Sierra? How hard did she hit you on the head?"

" I'm trying to apologize to her, but she won't even look at me."

" There's a good reason why. You know I'm into Karma and universal fate, right?"

" Mm-hmm."

" Well, maybe the universe is telling you that you and Sierra aren't meant to be."

" How do you know?"

I finally got the point when Sierra shot an arrow at my blimp. Gwen just grinned and said,

" Gotta love Karma."


Sierra and I didn't see each other for a year while we were in high school. I wasn't really acting like a ladies' man for the rest of Seinor Year, which is a HUGE shock. Since I could hear the squeaking of tricycle wheels, I was interested in girls, but then when I thought of Sierra, it's hard for my heart to beat when it's tangled in strings. It was normal to find me sitting on the curb alone with soggy eyes. However, when I spent the first month of Freshman Year in collage, guess who was enrolled in collage with me. Yep, Sierra. At first, it was awkward, but then one day, Heather spread a nasty rumor about her saying she's on heroin. Everyone laughed at her until I came in 'cause they remember what a pathetic mess I was without her. I grabbed the queen bee's clavicles and yelled,

" What kind of self-assured, glorified, backstabbing, Medusa-haired, gum-snapping, dimwitted, two-faced, annoying, evil little Twitter jockey are you?! How would you feel if someone said you had a little nose candy last week, and oh wait, you did! Maybe that explains why you're so screwed up. Next time, unless you want something else personal revealed, don't mess with my girl! Right now, I'd love to fight some more, but I'm putting the gavel down 'cause this whispering campaign is over!"

At that moment, Heather became the center of torment and my friends had high respect for me. Wow, not only was that the first time I stood up for a girl, that was the first time I stood up to a girl. After her toxicology class, Sierra pulled me into her dorm. She didn't tie me to a chair or put tape on my mouth or anything, but she showed her mascara-stains of joy and said,

" What you did in lunch today was the sweetest thing you ever did. You really do like me, don't you?"

" Well, here's the answer."

Out of all the World Tour songs we sang, I decided to make my own version of Bridgette's ballard I'm Sorry. I dimmed the lights, turned on the strobe lights, grabbed the karaoke mic, and sang my heart out.


I'm sorry

So sorry

Sorry like a friendship

Left so untrusted

And I'm sorry like a winter daffodil

That's so wilted

Oops! I really was cold

I was just too bold

But I'm sorry

So sorry

Sorry like them bad souls

Now burnt to the core

And I'm sorry like a porcelain antique

That fell straight to the floor

Oops! I was a selfish jerk

I was too berserk

But I'm sorry

So sorry

Girl, I really did miss you

I realized that I love you too

And you're as sharp as a tack

So please oh please please take me back

Girl, you belong with me

And I'm so incredibly

Wildly, madly, crazily

Oh so completely, infinitly, beyond


Sierra just smiled for a moment, then we kissed, and that's when our journey began.

Chapter 2: The Hikiana Path

Dating Sierra was like a fairytale; her love for me turned from ambivalent to pure. At the end of Freshman Year, Chris called us and said,

" Hey, guys. Long time, wish for no see. I have some exciting news: were doing another season! I decided that every summer durring your collage years, you guys get to come back and do more Total Drama seasons, and with your kind of intelligence, it'll be long before the finale."


Sierra and I were the only ones that didn't mind because then we could start our seasons over and erase the painful World Tour memory. We didn't win the first three seasons, but at least we won each other's love back. Durring the last season after Seinor Year, Sierra and I suprisingly made it to the final 2. Chris wolfishly smiled at us and said,

" Well well welly well well, this is the first time a couple is in the final two. Your final Total Drama challenge is to cross the most hard Hawaiian path -- the Hikiana Path. What you have to do is cross through the woods, make camp for the night, pass through the river-bridged valley, and then you literally have to kiss each other goodbye. Be warned, there are giant creatues, passing boulders, and a little suprise along the way."

Whenever Chris says that there's "a little suprise along the way", he left something dangerous. At least it was kind of him to give us an EpiPen in case a bug bites me, that was a little avail. When we began, I learned even more about Sierra and what we have in common. We both love photography and iPhone apps, we own Elvis Presley's vinyl records, and we're good at speaking psuedo-Japanese; plus, we make a good endurance team with my extensive knowledge of the Hikiana Path and her strength and quick-wit.


Durring our challenge, we faced crazy things like gigantic spiders and wildebeest, boulders and falling trees, and the little suprise Chris left us.

" Hey Cody, what's this?"

She pointed at a red shaking barrel with curious fear. I pushed her out of the way before it exploded and gasped,

" Chris, you cheeky devil."

I had a feeling Chris left something explosive behind. Skipping that and heading to the creature and boulder subject, aside from the wildebeest, the spiders were the scariest creatures of all. As the sky pulled its sunset blanket over us, we ran into a giant spider web with the expected creature crawling towards us; it didn't really help that there were boulders heading our way. Luckily, Sierra pulled me out and the spider? Well, let's just say it won't bother anyone anymore. Sierra weakly smiled and said,

" Think of that as a thank you for the explosive barrel."

I kissed her cheek and Mother Nature rewarded us with cool rain like dramatic tears. We ran to the part of the woods closes to the valley.


" Okay, this is the closest to the valley and there's a high-ground cave in case we have to take shelter. You go get the fish and berries while I make a tent and fire."

She nodded and ran to the river. Just like her basket-weaving skills, I can be able to make a tent out of tree bark wood and ginkgo leaves. Although, her fish-catching is really impressive too. While eating and staring into the fire, it felt like we were staring into the future. The dinner was awkwardly silent as if she was waiting for something. I know we dated for 4 years and it was a serious relationship, but I was still unsure if I should pop the question yet. We still kissed each other goodnight and the thunder was our lullaby....

Chapter 3: Tornado

What was weird was that the louder the storm got, the easier I went to sleep.... until I heard the sound of a freight train. Without looking, I knew what it was: a tornado!

" Sierra! Wake up!"

With just listening to the storm, she knew why. We quickly and swiftly tried to run into the cave, but something was missing: the diary page that showed me who she really is.

" Oh, don't worry, at least I still have the promise ring you gave me."

But she quickly realized that she left the promise ring outside too. I couldn't stand seeing her personal things make her more malignant, so I ran outside to try and find them. Sierra tried to pull me back, but she knew I wasn't going to head back in until I get those two things. I kissed her, whispered a soft " I love you", and ran out into the storm. The rest of that night was a foggy blur, but all I remember when waking up was that my scar from the bear attack was bleeding, I had the dairy page and ring in my hand, and a tree that was covering the entrance was sliced in half.


I got worried for a moment. What if Sierra went out searching for me and got injured too? I raced across the valley yelling her name. Searching with no hope, I heard my name faintly. Sierra! It had to be her. I ran further to the halfway point and saw a girl with tear stains and dirty purple hair. It was Sierra! I ran and embraced her.

" Sierra! You're alive!"

" You're alive!"

" I was so worried! What happened last night?"

" The tornado picked you up and took you to farther back into the woods and I angrily sliced the tree and braved that storm to find you."

I smiled and said,

" I believe these things belong to you."

Smiling at those treasures, she smiled widely and we shared another tender kiss.

Chapter 4: Fantasies are Real

" Well, I guess the finish line is over there." I sadly cheeped.

Sierra put her arm around my lanky shoulders and said,

" Let's agree to split the money when we cross."

" Good, we can use the some money to afford a house."

" What?"

" Sierra, these have been the best and most romantic 4 years of my life, and it also gave me the opportunity to make this."

I was about to pull out something major, but then Shadow appeared behind me; I could tell cause my bones felt like Yukon ice.

" Hello, there, Cody. I've prepared a little breakfest for you."

" I had berries for breakfest."

" Well, did you have a berry strudel? I thought not."

Sierra smacked the strudel out of his hands and scolded,

" You think we were born yesterday? It'd be a painful birth. We've heard of you, you're Shadow the serial killer. I've read all the newspaper articles about you and your weapons! You probably poisoned the food."

He stepped back angrily and said,

" Huh, you're a bright girl, and since you are, guess where the gang is."

" I don't know."

" Well, travel through this and find out."

When he handed her a map, she questioned,

" Wait, how can there be a bombed desert behind an icy mountain?"

" I guess you don't read all of the articles."

As he disappeared, Sierra facepalmed herself.

" Of course! In the 1980s, he killed a voodooist and stole a fantasy book filled with spells on how to make fantasies reality!"

" What was the name of the book?"

" Making Fantisies Into Reality For Dummies."

" Well, we gotta try and face the fantasy if it'll get our friends back."


We climbed up the mountain with trembling might. The ice was frosted ridgid onto our benumbed fingernails; the good thing was that the promise rings would be frozen to our fingers so we wouldn't have to lose them. Before it could get worse, an icicle sliced across the scampula part of Sierra's chest and the storm got harsher. She looked so weak as if she was about to faint. I sped things up by grabbing her and ran past snow boulders and at the peak, I once again felt like a crumbled statue. At least Sierra was still awake cause of the heat from the desert.


Even without our shoes, the heat sponged into the sand made the Alice blue ice melt. We chit-chated and laughed about a few things like the old 70s show WKRP in Cincinnati and how silly Katy looked in her California Gurls video, just like before. Yet, soon, the convo was interupted by a giant bomb.

" Come on! We gotta get moving." I yelled.

The faster we moved, more and more bombs fell to the ground like sacks of wet cement. When we got through that, we were delighted to hear the sound of a waterfall nearby.

Chapter 5: In The Jungle

Even though we loved hearing the waterfall, too bad we couldn't swim in it cause we had to walk across a loooonnnng bridge; at least the few droplets were able to soothe our charcoal black soles. Tripping over the creaking wood, I found a note from Shadow saying,

" I left you a little present in the water for you wet blankets.

-Shadow "

Oh no, I thought. Then before we were even halfway, a ferocious crustacean-like fish gave a good bite and the bridge collapsed, leaving us literally hanging from a thread.


Our feet may have felt good in the spring water, but that was no time to compete in a swimming contest. No, this was a true test of survival. I never thought I'd do that, but Sierra had to grab onto my ankle while I was climbing away. Just when we were about to climb up onto the ledge, that crustacean fish bit my arm and made my grip more wobbly, but knowing that Sierra needs the will to live, I still succeeded.


" That was the most scariest moment of my life!"

" Well, I'm afraid we're not done yet." I whispered.

" Thank you for saving my life."

" No prob."

Grabbing onto the "major item" in my pocket, I asked Sierra,

" Do you want to be the happiest woman alive?"

" Of course."

" Well, I think I can give you that dream."

" How?"

" Sierra Ilene Rodrigueez, will you mar---"

Before I could finish, a humongus palm tree was about to fall right on top of Sierra if I didn't pull her out of the way.

" Was there something you wanted to ask me?"

" Hey, uhh, I think it's getting late, so let's get some sleep and I'll ask tomorrow."

" Okay. I love you, Cody."

I smiled my gap-toothed smile and said,

" I love you, too."

Chapter 6: Bumpy Ride

Durring our placid snooze, a spaceship-winged plane landed in front of us. This man with his face covered with a helmet helped us up and said,

" Need a lift?"

We were a little unsure, but when our bones felt like Yukon ice, we quickly rushed onto the plane. Being airborne was pretty cool, but I still didn't understand why my bones still felt like ice.

" Umm, driver, do you have the security alarms turned on."

" Lemme guess, you think Shadow's around?"

" How'd you know?"

" All my passengers ask that."

Then a huge cage fell from the ceiling, trapping us.

" What's going on?! Driver Guy, what are you doing?" Sierra scoldfully questioned.

Tearing off all the gear, Shadow yelled,

" Suprise!"

" Shadow?!"

" Who else, cottoncandy-head?"

Furious, she kicked his shin and yelled,

" Why are you doing this?!?!"

" Darling, this is just what I do; it's my most favorite hobby. After years and years, day after day of being Chas Tarrance the CEO manager and trying to be a father and a husband, I need to let of steam."

" Then go to a spa!"

" Look, I've been a serial killer nicknamed Shadow since I was 23 and I am not going to give up all that just for a family. And if I kill celebrities, I'll be the most famous serial killer of all time. So when I drop you off to the labyrinth, you'll be history and so will your friends."

Reaching in her pockets, I pulled out the EpiPen and said,

" Hey, Shadow, did you see the Amazon episode?"

" Yeah, and your little Gothic crush became a Macadamian nut."

" Yeah, that was cause of the EpiPen, and I think you should know how it feels."

With just a jam in the arm, he went crazy and broke the lock, unleashing us. We tried to run up to the cockpit to head to the X spot (an ash-covered battlefield) where our friends are, but with a gunshot, Shadow broke into the cockpit and started choking me. Sierra took a dagger and stabbed him in the back (literally). Suddenly, the plane became out of control and was about to crash. Shadow let out a maniacal laugh and said,

" Time to land!"

Next thing you know, we were falling from 2,000 feet and water in the cave saved us. We turned and saw a sign that said,

Labyrinth Ahead!


There have been flesh-eating zombies, lava, and death traps reported. Unless you have no friends and are bullied 24/7, go to Florida instead.

" What kind of fantasy is this?!"

" A nightmare."

Well, our friends were on the other side so there was no going back....

Chapter 7: Labyrinth

Sierra pulled out a glowing gold ball of yarn and ties it to a hook on the wall.

" What are you doing Sierra?"

" I read a mythology book once and it's said that if you are stuck in a labyrinth, use a glow-in-the-dark yarn, tie it to something so that when you're lost, you can follow the yarn back to the begining."

" Cool!"

We traveled through the first part with ease, but then when we fell in a water pit, that's when the zombie's appeared. Luckily, Sierra knew martial arts and I knew.... how to get another EpiPen. Who knew that EpiPen could kill zombies? Well, when we climbed up the cliff, that's when we ended up in the valcano section.

" How are we gonna get across?"

Sierra smiled, looked at the yarn and said,

" I got an idea! I'll take this yarn and.... Oh snap! We're out of yarn. No worries! I'll just take my old, dirty tube top and use the loose strings and tie it to the yarn."

Thank goodness it wasn't the one she was wearing.


We were almost out, close to our friends. All we had to do is go through the death trap. I took a piece and put it over the spining blades.

" Quick, before the wood gets chopped up."

On our cheetah-feet. we weren't totally injured, but we narrowly escaped a swinging sword from decapitating us. We cheered and embraced for we made it to the battlefield. Shadow looked at us in disbelief and said,

" No. It can't be. NO ONE has ever traveled through my labyrinth and came back alive!"

" Well, I guess things change, buddy. Now, hand over the gang."

He just stood there, as if a part of him had died. He was soon in a state of anxiety. He picked up a katana sword, then slahsed my sweetheart's back and yelled,

" No one will ever escape me!!!!!"

" Sierra!"

I tried to run to her, but then he took some of the lava and threw it at me, knocking me out.

Chapter 8: With You

I woke and there was no sight of Sierra, and I'll that was left was a pool of her blood with the message,

" If you try to save your friends, your purple-haired soulmate with be BATHING in blood! "

He stood in fron of me laughing and said,

" Bet you didn't expect a CEO manager doing this, did ya??!?"

But, I wasn't the only one experiencing the sad moment: his wife Stella was there too.

" Chas!"

" Stella! Hi, honey. Can you believe this guy is trying to be a murderer?"

" Don't play Coy, I saw you slash that poor 22-year-old woman and knock out this man. How could you lie to your family?!?!"

" You'd do the same thing if you were me."

" Yeah, and I'd use my steak knife on you! That and a divorce file, Shadow."

He paused for a moment, then quickly punched her and ran off. She looked at me sheding a tear on the prickly, brown grass, knelt down and said,

" I think I know where he took...."

" Sierra?"

" Yes, Sierra. She's probably in the basement."

" How do you know if you never knew about Shadow Man?"

" Well, some nights when he wasn't "going out" without me, he'd go to the basement where his "office" is and a lot of strange and loud noises come from in there so I bet that's his torture room. Allow me to escort you there."

" How'd you go through the labyrinth?"

" I didn't, I took the road over here."

I laughed and as we rode off, I saw the fantasy path disappear....


I broke into the basement like a military man.

" Where are you, Shadow?!"

I turned around and saw my friends and Sierra tied to a wide pole.

" Well, looks like someone is trying to save their friends,"

He pulled out his AutoMag, put it up against Sierra's head, turned to me, and said,

" Don't say I didn't warn you."

I insidiously looked at his weapon collection and shruged,

" Okay, then I hope you don't mind me throwing this wonderful bokken sword in there."

Almost immediately, he dropped the pistol and said,

" Hey, don't touch that! That's my most recent weapon!"

" Oh, don't worry. Since I've actually been to Japan before and speak a lot of psuedo-Japanese, I just thought I'd---"

Then I "accidentally" dropped in a pit of toxic waste. While he tried to recover it, I released my friends and held Sierra closely, not caring about the blood on my hands. I leaned in, about to give her a kiss, but then he screamed a spine-tingling angstful scream, grabbed his blood-cached katana, and crazily blustered,


He tried to slice across my stomach, but Sierra saved me, but destroyed her.

" No!" I cried.

I shot him down, stood up, and shot him with a machine gun. While unconsious, I embraced her with saline sorrow.

" Sierra! Please, speak to me, Sierra!"

" I always wondered where my place in the universe would be, and I was correct all along: my place is here, right here in your arms."

" But, should it really end like this? Why couldn't it be me?"

" When I gave you a second chance the Angel of Death did too., but don't worry. Soon we'll be together and I'll be in your arms again, Cody."

The dying Hispanic handed me her diary page with the promise ring taped to it, kissed my cheek, and said,

" It's like a piece of me."

Before I kissed her one last time, I felt like I could already taste the blood on her shaking lips. She'd probably kiss me too, but her lips turned lifeless like the rest of her...

Chapter 9: A Poem

To her soul, it must've felt like the rain from my widened eyes was as cool as the waterfall from before. Gwen put a hand on my shoulder and said,

" Sierra would've wanted to leave for you."

Shadow's laugh at my misery finally made me snap. I grabbed the dropped AutoMag and started living through a real life shoot-the-bad-guy video game. Before I could finish him, Stella came down in a leapord-printed cocktail taffeta to catch his eye.

" Chas, I called the police and they told me to give you something special."

He turned to us and said,

" Here's real education. Bring it on, sweetheart."

" Gladly."

Then, instead of a new version of love, she took a dha sword and swung at him unsuccessfully. He threw the sword aside, cornered her with a Browning pistol, and said,

" If you were a real wife, you wouldn't lie about lovemaking and reveal of my secret life. You think I'm above killing my own wife, well I'm not, so prepeare to handle a divorce the Chas Tarrance way."

Before the trigger-happy maniac did his job, a beautiful shadow creeped up behind him and decapitated him. Sierra! She was alive! Everyone cheered as I embraced my love. We turned to Stella and she explained that she called the police and they said the only way to stop a murderer sometimes is to murder him. Chris clapped his hands.

" Wow! That was the greatest Total Drama finale I have ever ever EVER seen!"

He rubbed his stubled chin and said,

" Since you guys came all this way for us, you guys should BOTH get the reward."

Before everyone cheered, I raised my hand and said,

" That's not the real thing to cheer about. Sierra, remember when I said I'd make you the happiest woman on Earth? Here's what I've been waiting to give to you."

I pulled out of my pocket a gigantic golden heart with the inscription in cursive,

To Mine, With Love

She opened it and an acrostic poem was inside.

W is for woe when she's upset

I is for intelligent and sharp, I bet

L is for limerence like it has never been

L is for love stronger than sin

Y is for young and fertle and cute

O is for very optimistic to boot

U is for unknown if I'd survive without her

M is for might that's stronger and stronger

A is affection that makes me smile

R is for rapture that stays for a while

R is for release I feel when we kiss

Y is for yearning for leisure and bliss

M is for my love, gentle like a rose

E is for eyes that moves all souls

S is for summoned to me from above

I is for intention to fall in love

E is or emotion felt like no other

R is repelling a girl that's just another

R is reputation saved foreva'

A is amazing girl named Sierra

She smiled at me and said,

" Oh, Cody, what a wonderful gift!"

" Look at the back."

On the back, there were two golden wedding rings. She looked confused at first, but I pointed out what the poem said:





















She cried burning tears of estacy and just kissed me while everyone cheered.


So that's my story of me and Sierra, and everyone that was a major part of it were affected.

We all know Shadow is probably enjoying burning in Heck, but the police examined his body so that they can make a wax figure of him. Stella was so impressive with planning the murder-retaliation, she put his old weapons (and a new bokken sword) and became the head policewoman. She told Lola and Jake about their father when they were 16 and they were greatly effected: Lola became a toxicologist and wrote a book on how to tell if something's poisoned and Jake followed in his mother's footsteps and became a CSI agent in Florida.

As for me and Sierra, I became this year's new tech desinger and billiards champ while my loyal beautiful wife became a nurse and also got a part-time job as a photographer for Billboard mag. We also had three beautiful girls named Felicia, Sally, and Sierra Jr. Back to my wife, she could've had the scar on her stomach removed, but she kept it as a reminder about how we loved, almost lost, and kept the golden reminder on our fingers.

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