This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
I Love Total Drama is a crossover, competition fanfiction between Total Drama and I Love Money by Kgman04.


It's been a year since Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race first aired. Now, Chris and Don have gathered 22 of the most competitive, ruthless, money-hungry contestants from all seasons past to pit them against each other for another million dollars - but the game's completely different this time around.

For each challenge, the two teams will be assigned captains to guide them to victory. The team that wins is safe from elimination, as usual. The team that loses votes three of its members blank checks into the strongbox, with the losing team's captain automatically being one of them. The captain from the winning team, now called the paymaster, gets to hear their pleas on a power outing before they select which of those three is going home.

But of course, there's twists and turns in every show. What good would sticking to the same formula over and over be? Stay tuned and keep up with every single chapter of the new series, I Love Total Drama.


I Love Total Drama Contestants
Player Past Seasons Summary
1 2 3 4 5 6 R
Alejandro After losing to Heather and getting shafted by Mike, Alejandro's got his sights set on the grand prize. He plans to win "as honorably as [his] opponents allow," which probably means not very.
Amy Amy tried to sign up for this season alone, but her parents forced her to do this with Sammy, who thinks she's cool enough to use her real name now. Not that it matters - she doesn't have to speak to her twin sister whatsoever.
Brick Our cadet's pumped to be back after his wipeout in Season 4. A man of his morals, Brick intends to make it as far as he can using his own skills, respect, and teamwork. As long as he isn't on the same team as Jo.
Brody He's still adjusting to the whole Reality TV thing, but as long as he's with his Geoff, it's all good. He's here to have a good time! And winning the money along the way, again, would be pretty dope.
Courtney This is going to be Courtney's season. The past four seasons were just minor flukes. At least, that's what she said in the audition tape. We'll see how far she can go without Duncan around.
Emma Emma and her sister are back, with a bond stronger than ever, and far more determination than last time. Plus, now that she and Noah are going strong, this could only mean a healthy, strong alliance. Right?
Geoff Geoff couldn't say no to hanging out in a mansion with a bunch of his friends - that's a recipe for a good time. He's good at not letting the negative vibes get to him.
Harold In his fourteen-page long argument as to why he should have been considered an "all star," Harold mentioned using more of his superior intellect this time around. And he knows to stay away from trouble when he senses it.
Heather Even with one victory under her belt, Heather's still not content. It's not that she's greedy per se, but the idea of being the first two-time winner on Total Drama is certainly appealing. And she knows it'll be hers.
Jo Getting booted so early in All Stars was embarrassing. Jo's back for revenge. It's not like she'll have to play dirty to get to the end anyway - no one can touch her if she wins every challenge. Which she will.
Kitty What can she say? Being on TV was pretty fun. While she won't be traveling the world with her big sis this time around, spending the summer in a mansion full of reality TV stars isn't half bad either.
Leshawna The only thing bigger than Leshawna's hoop earrings is her desire to win this show. She knows not to let her emotions get the better of her anymore, and how to keep her mouth shut. Just don't get in her face.
Lightning He's sha-back! That's all Lightning sent us to write. He also sent about ten pictures - nine of his biceps and one of him looking startled at his phone's front camera.
Noah As a seasoned reality star, Noah figured it was his duty to not let Owen do this alone. And with Emma and Kitty, he's got three allies to make it to the end with, assuming he can keep his head in the game.
Owen Another season with his buddy Noah! And all of his friends from the past! If there's anything Owen loves more than having fun, it's having fun on TV. And the mansion's pantry is sure to be stocked with some prime cuisine.
Ryan Ryan's relationship with Stephanie has been going a lot better since the Ridonculous Race. They were even offered their own spin-off, which didn't take off after the pilot episode. Unlike Stephanie, he's played it cool.
Sammy This is Sammy's chance to shine. Ever since she got home from Pahkitew Island, people have started to notice her! And they're actually noticing her, not thinking she's Amy and then being disappointed.
Scott Scott "totally got cheated out of All Stars" by Zoey so he's determined to win this time around. In a game of lies and deceit, he thinks he can definitely take the upper hand... assuming he can keep a level head around Courtney.
Sky Sky knows she has a target on her back after winning Pahkitew Island. And everyone's right to be worried! Sky's got a winning attitude and she won't let a couple of new faces intimidate her.
Stephanie Stephanie knows that she let her competitive - uh, passionate attitude get the better of her in the past, but not this time! She's sure to take control of the competition, just like she controls Ryan.
Sugar Our pageant queen is back! If the producers know what's good for them, they'll make sure to keep her around as long as possible for their ratings. Sugar's making it to the end this time -- all the way to the end.
Topher Chris's number one fan is back! Except, he's also Don's number one fan. We don't really know what the term "fan" means after he tried to steal Chris's job. Whatever the case is for this wacko, he's back in the game.


Chapter One: TBA


Elimination Chart

I Love Total Drama Elimination Table
Rank Player Team Chapter
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
TBA Alejandro TBA
TBA Courtney TBA
TBA Harold TBA
TBA Heather TBA
TBA Leshawna TBA
TBA Lightning TBA
TBA Stephanie TBA
TBA Topher TBA

Color Code

     GOLD: This player was on the Gold Team.

     GREEN: This player was on the Green Team.

     WIN: This player was the paymaster for the episode.

     WIN: This player was on the winning team.

     IN: This player was on the losing team, but their check was not placed in the strongbox.

     LOW: This player was in the bottom three.

     LOW: This player was in the bottom two.

     OUT : This player was eliminated.

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