Hugo, labeled as The Rich Snob, is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Fluttering Robins
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Three: Water Guns, Well, Freezing Water Guns, To Be Exact"
Place Twentieth
Friends None
Enemies Ned, Erin, Derrick, Arianna, Nikki
Fear Filth
Talent Bribing People

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: He never made it up the tree, costing his team the challenge. He bribed some other team mates so that they wouldn't vote him off. He was given the final marshmallow for this challenge.

Challenge Two: He yelled at Arianna, Derrick, and Erin. Pam and Kristen tried to wake him up but he yelled at them. Hugo cost his team the challenge again. He received the final marshmallow.

Challenge Three: He was going to bribe Lyle to let his team win the challenge, but he was shot by Nikki before he could. He tried to bribe his team, but they wouldn't listen. He was voted out at the campfire.


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