This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Have you ever wondered if Lindsay, from the hit show, Total Drama, was born the way she was? Pretty, style savvy and dim-witted? Well, I don't think that. I think Lindsay was born smart, knew nothing about style, and was less attractive. Till' one day. When everything changed...

Cast list: There is a very very short cast list. With only two people.

Lindsay's Mom (Name Not Revealed)

Lindsay can be seen in her bedroom, with glasses and a completely new nerd-like outfit. Her bedroom had many science posters of Albert Einstein on them, she had her own lab in the back of her bedroom, and the biggest model of the solar system hanging on the ceiling above her.

She made that model when she was only 8 years old. It was so amazing, she appeared in broadcasts and always got interviewed about it. She was simply known as "The Young Female Albert Einstein".

As Lindsay read a physics book on her bed, she let out a laugh and said, "Oh physics, how you always entertain me with your wisdom."

Soon after, Lindsay noticed that the sun on her solar system was about to fall off. So of course, she had to immediately fix it before disaster struct.

She grabbed some clear tape from her dresser, grabbed a small ladder from her closet and placed the ladder under the solar system model so she had easy access. She had to precede with caution though since the only object available to make the sun for her model was a bowling ball that she had used before.

Lindsay slowly reached for the sun, but suddenly, the sun came down on her, crushing Lindsay's head. She soon collapsed.

Everything went pitch black for her.

An hour later, Lindsay woke up. No one was home at the time since her dad was at his workplace and her mom was at the grocery store.

Not remembering what recently happened, Lindsay stood up, rubbed her head because of it aching, and wondered what just happened. "What just happened," Said Lindsay, " I feel like, different."

Lindsay's mom then came in the door and called out for Lindsay, "Lindsay, I'm home. Come help me put the groceries away!"

Not caring, Lindsay looked over to her bedroom floor, and saw some lipstick that her mom dropped before leaving for the grocery store.

Curious, she bent down and retrieved the lipstick and held it in her hand until she stood back up.

She slowly opened it, examined how it looked, took a sniff, and slowly put it on her lips. Instantly loving it. She smiled, and asked her mom,

"Hey mom, can we go to the mall after, I wanna try on some new lipstick!"

The End.

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