Note: It is just based on my life 

I was just a 12-year old Filipino. The only shows I watched were Survivor and Phineas and Ferb. I watched Total Drama on TV one day and I found it very good. I even dubbed it "The Canadian animated version of Survivor"

"Maki Salonga" voices hear me when I go to bed. I think I need a calling. So I checked the Total Drama Wiki, I logged in (I forgot my password so I had to make a new one) and I saw that season 5 has been confirmed. I was like "Season 5? This IS like Survivor after all" I thought after that "How about I create a roleplay/fanfiction about what has been confirmed so far." A few months later, I finally started to gather information.

Chapter 1: Trapped in a Fiction World

I was thinking about going beyond the confirmed storyline when suddenly i got Ideas from Total Drama Roleplay but I noticed some major differences:

In TDA The names of the teams were the Screaming Gaffers and Killer Grips

There were 3 teams in World Tour

The name of season 4 was REVENGE OF THE ISLAND

I looked at its version of season 5 and IT WAS ON A CRUISE? R U SERIOUS?

Then I went to sleep and I had a strange dream when I woke up on a boat and the captain said "'Heading for Camp Wawanakwa in 30 minutes" I was like "WHAT? Where am I?" I realized I WAS ON' A BOAT FOR TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!!!!!! I screamed "Get Me Out of here! This is a nightmare!" But it was to late for me to react!

Chapter 2: Who did I replace?

The First Question that was on my mind was there were 22 contestants. "Who did I replace?" The answer was Noah. The reason: I broke his arm and replaced him on the Screaming Gophers. We won the first challenge: jumping off a cliff into shark-infested waters. I made friends with Owen, Cody and Trent and got along with everybody EXCEPT Heather.

I attended the first campfire ceremony to see who the Killer Bass voted off (Chris sends an observer from the winning team to the ceremony). To my shock it was Eva who was voted off INSTEAD of Ezekiel (who Eva voted for). I told my fellow campers the following day "That is a shocker" said Harold.

"I know everything!" I said. Our next challenge, the "Awake-A-Thon" was so hard and challenging because we could not sleep for 24 hours. We lost, despite all of my efforts.

Chapter 3: The Blindside

I formed an alliance with Owen and Trent. We looked at the biggest threat to our team. We asked all of our teammates and it was obvious that Heather was the biggest threat. We voted her off, but the rest of the team saw me as the biggest threat. However, it was clear that my alliance was in good motion and Heather was blindsided by a 6-5 vote. (She was shaved bald by Lindsay)

Voted for Heather: Me, Owen, Cody, Justin, Trent and Lindsay

Voted for Me: Heather, Izzy, Leshawna, Gwen and Beth

Chapter 4: The Hungry Games

We were so hungry form the last challenge that we begged Chef for food. I told Duncan, who was the observer, his reaction to Heather's elimination. He punched me and we got into a fight. Our next challenge was Dodgeball. We won, 3-1.

Once again I was the observer at the next bonfire ceremony. Like usual, Ezekiel was Eliminated by a 5-3-1-1 vote

Here were the voting results:

Voted for Ezekiel: Geoff, Courtney, Harold, Duncan and Tyler

Voted for Duncan: Katie, Sadie and Bridgette

Voted for Courtney: DJ

Voted for Geoff: Ezekiel

Chapter 5: The End (and Beginning)

After some trial,error,extreme challenges (and elimination that has mimicked the actual elimination) we had the final 3: Duncan, Owen and Cody (I was eliminated in the final 5).

The last challenge was "I-triple-dog-dare-you" My dare was to lick their own foot. Duncan took it. Cody was eliminated after failing to defuse a bomb. Like the actual TDI, Owen wins, but gave it up for 1 Million Dollars!

In the End I didn't qualify for season 2 (What, you wanted a short story?)

Chapter 6: The Second Season

Season 2: Total, Drama, Action. My Version is the same as the usual, with Ezekiel replacing Geoff and Courtney replacing Izzy, as she is still under arrest by the RCMP and won't return until season 3.

My new job was to host the Aftermaths with Geoff. It wasn't easy, since it came after the show, but I took it. Ezekiel was the first to leave, follwed by Courtney, then Trent.

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