This is a new season of household hilarity , 12 old contestants and 6 new, who will win the million euro? stay tuned to find out


bold name means this contestant was eliminated

Team Bedroom

Shoe (The Cool Boy): Shoe is back with new shoes! (armless)

Football (The Cool Guy): Him and Shoe are in an alliance and are gonna kick it this season (armless)

TV (The Big Emotionless One): Your big loveable lump of technology is back (armless)

Laptop (The Dumb Girl) : Laptop is here and dumber than ever

Deoderant (The Sadistic One) : A new contestant who likes when bad things happen to people

Picture Frame or PF (The Pretty One): The new pretty girl who always gets help  and attention fro guy's 

Team Cuisine

Water (The Silent One) : Guess what water can talk now! but only a little so yeh,,,,,

Cake (The Fun Girl): A girl who always likes to have fun  and party (new)

Cereal Box (The Friendly Guy): Yay it's your favourite box again! or you only box again

K-Sponge (The Nonchallent Sponge) : Yes we changed his personality but now that he won season 1 he really doesn't care about anything

Cheese (The Brittishly Mature One): Cheese, he is self proclaimed "Highly qualified british dairy product" yeh he's fancy like that (new and armless)

Pizza (The Awesome Guy): A very awesome food with the ability to make everybody like him (new)

No Assigned Teams

Team Alternate

Pen, Pencil and Crayon (The Alliance) : Well like the like alliance are like totally like in season 2 now like

Plate (The Nice Girl): She didn't get  as far as she deserved to last season lets hope she does in this one (armless)

Toilet Roll (The Scared Girl): Oh brother she's in season 2, i guess im scared

Ruler (The Bossy Dude); Ruler is a bossy guy who thinks he's the ruler of everyone (get it?)

No Assigned Teams

Teddy Bear (The Bipolar One):A  Bear of a girl who has random mood swings which makes her good and optismistic and bad and angry at the same time

Soap (The Neat Freak) : The first eliminated character who debuted in episode 13  who is obsessed with whether things are clean enought to go near him yet does nothing about it (armless)


Episode 1: A Stupid Introduction

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Household Hilarity" Said XC (X-Box controller) "and welcome back to Household Hilarity , 2 this time!" ok you 12  you made it to season 2 quite an achievement chat amongst yourself whiles I get a suprise ready!"

(Chat time)

"Yeah season 2 it's so cool we made it here!" said Shoe

"But I sure miss Comb he deserves to be here with us" said Football

"Yeh ;(" said Shoe

"Really I like think not" said Crayon, "He was like always thinking he was so cool!

"Mhm girl!" said Pen and Pencil

"I sure wish you three weren't in this season your like 3 people with the same brain , your like just one character!" said Football

"Guy's please stop fighting this is a new season time for new beginings" said TV

"Whats a begining is it like a type of soda" said Laptop

"Yes laptop it is (sarcasm)" said TV

"Oh" said Laptop (everybody else facepalms)

"Season 2 seems awfully hard I'm scared :(" said Toilet Roll

"Dont be scared Toilet Roll theres a nice beautifull prize up for grabs so go grab it :)" said Plate

"Hey Water I'm excited for season 2 are you" said Cereal Box

"yeh" whispered Water

"Meh I really don't care" said K-Sponge

(The Suprise!)

"I guess your all pretty excited to see the prize right!" - XC

"No actually were not" - TV

"Well whatever time to meet new contestants , Ruler, Cheese, Cake, Pizza, Deoderant and Picture Frame!" - XC

"Ok contestants time to pick teams, since you all read the new contestants online profiles you probably know what they're like so old contestants Toilet Roll , Water and  Laptop pick teams!"

"Ok I pick Pen, Pencil and Crayon they were with me last season they make me feel less scared!"- TR

"Water who are you going to pick" - Cereal Box

"you and him and her" said Water pointing at the super fun cake and the awesome slice of pizza

"I pick that Tennis Ball, that giant phone and the short thingy!" said Laptop

"I'm a Football he's a TV and that's shoe" said Football

"Who?" - Laptop

"Hurry up!" - XC

"Plate she's nice  and worthy to be on our girl team!" said Pencil

"Ooh how about that that  armless triangular pism-ish yellow thing!" - Pizza

"I'll have you know that I'm an adequete and highly qualified british dairy product!" said Cheese

"YEH we are going to  have so much fun!" said Cake

"Lets pick this deoderant guy he may like love seeing people get hurt but well that's all ok!"  - Football

"Yeh! I do love that!" said Deoderant

"Lets pick that ruler he seems like a great leader" said Plate

"YEH I'm not only your leader I'm your boss! so do what I say and know one gets eliminated girls!" said Ruler

"Oh brother!" said Pen

"Hm I pick-" - Shoe

"Pick her Pick her Pick her!" said Football pointing to the Highly attractive picture frame

"WOW!" said all the guys

"Meh, I really don't care" - K-Sponge

"Um hi?" said Picture Frame

"So CB and Waters team get K-Sponge!" said XC

"Waters team are Team Cuisine, Shoe's team is Team Bedroom and the other people are Team Alternate!"

"Really!?" said Ruler

"Oh no I just got contacted by the producers of the show theres only ment to be 17! of you guys here so one of you's is going home and since K-Sponge won last season  its him , how do you feel?

"Meh, I really dont care!" - K-Sponge

"See you next time on Household Hilarity 2!" - XC

Episode 2: The Playground

"Last time on HH2 we picked teams and there were new people now time for todays challenge" - XC

"Already"- TV

"Yep todays challenge is a playground area first you have to run across then swing on ropes, hop on toadstools across Acid ,Jump over a big hole in the ground, climb a wall then ring a bell five times to win!" - XC

"Half of that stuff isn't even in a playground" - Plate

"Whats a playground?" - Laptop

"Shut up everyone and start!" - XC

"Ok guys lets go!" -Shoe

"Halt!, Team Bedroom you have the most members causing an advantage half of you have to stay here and count to 100 before you start!" - XC

"WHAT!" said Shoe

"5 , 2, 345" said Laptop counting (her, TV and Shoe stayed back , Deoderant, Football and Picture Frame went on)

(At the start running)

"We excuse ourselves from this challenge!" said Pen ,Pencil and Crayon

"Um whatever ok you guys lose!" - XC


"Come on Plate and Toilet Roll if you want to win you have to go faster!" - Ruler

"I'm scared!" - Toilet Roll

"That wasn't a nice thing to say!" - Plate

"This is fun!"- Cake

"Everythings fun for you Cake isn't it Water" - Cereal Box

"Um, yeh" - Water

"Guys I really think we should stop having this intruginly wonderfull conversation and just get on with the challenge!" - Cheese

(Rope Swing over Acid)

"Simple" - Cheese (swings across)

"Yeh!" - Cake (gets across)

"Oh no!" - Cereal Box (falls of rope and loses)

"Come on Toilet Roll we can do this" - Plate

"Not so fast as the ruler and leader of this team, I think I should test it out first and-" - Ruler (gets knocked down by Football, Deoderant ,Picture Frame who swing across along with Plate and Toilet Roll, Ruler loses)

"Come on water lets get across don't you want to win?" - Pizza (le swing)

"Um yeh" - Water (le swing)

(In the hopping over toadstools over acid challenge Cake loses everyone else doesn't)

(Big hole in the floor time)

"Ahh" - Toilet Roll  (runs to fast then falls in the hole)

"Oh no I don't think I can get across, this is a PRETTY hard challenge for a PRETTY girl like me" - Picture Frame

"I'll help you hot-stuff!" - Deoderant

"No I'll help you I'm stronger!" - Football

"No I'll help you atleast I'm not armless!" - Deoderant

"Well atlest I'm not!-" - Football

"GRR" - Deoderant (pushes Football into the hole) "Grab my hand PR!" (Fails to get both of them to cross, but Plate, Water, Pizza and Cheese jump over it)

(Climbing Challenge)

"Really a climbing challenge does he hate armless poeple or something, this is  appallingly racist!"- Cheese

"This is just like season 1 episode 2!" - Plate

"Yeh water lets just go on must suck to be armless right?" - Pizza

"Um yeah" - Water

(le both climb)

"Pizza and Water  you guys win the challenge for Team Cuisine!" - XC

"What about the bell challenge" - Pizza

"Ain't nobody got time fo that" - XC 

"100!" said Shoe "Finally lets start the playground challenge

"Times up Team Bedroom follow me to the elimination area

(Elimination Area)

"Wait one sixtieth of a minute our team has the same amount of players as the others!" - TV

"Well oops anyway, this season the viewers will be voting lets see who the fans voted for!" - XC

Name Votes
Shoe 13
Deoderant 12
TV 7
Football 4
Laptop 2
Picture Frame 0

"Guess the number 13 is lucky shoe is eliminated!" said XC

"NO!" said Football

"See you next time on Household Hilarity 2!" - XC

Episode 3: Lights , Camera , Not Action , Action is too Mainstream how about Donut?

(Teams Talk)

"No! with Shoe gone my alliance is already gone!"- Football

"Don't worry there's still me, hm hm hm!" - Deoderant

"I don't know you kind of have a weird obsession with seeing people get severly injured" - Football

"What do you mean!" - Deoderant (dunks Laptop into water which electrecutes Laptop)

"You know what I actually don't care you can be in my alliance" - Football

"Hey what about me!" - TV

"Um, Alternate?" - Football

"Ugh not again I'nm starting to think I'm unwanted or unwa for short"- TV

"Yah you are totally unwa!" - Crayon

"Mhm" - Pen

"Coolness!" - Pencil

"Hey guys were is X-box Controller guy?" - Picture Frame

"Being the boss  and ruler of you pretty lady I say he's over there!" - Ruler (points left)

"Actually he's over there" - Plate (points right)

"Hello contestants ready for today's challenge!" - XC

"I'm scared!" -  Toilet Roll

"So what is the challenge?" - Pizza

"I hope it's fun!" - Cake

"HELLO!" - Cereal Box

"SHUT UP everyone!" - X-box Controll

"Yes the poor explanitorius chap finnish his sentence!" - Cheese

"Thank you Cheese anyway todays challenge is lights camera play time!"- XC

"Anyways you all have 10 minutes to think of a play to perform for me and two other judges to judge go!" - XC

(Team Alternates practice)

"Ok guys we have to think of like a play to do and I like totally think that Glamour Girls would be great!"- Pencil

"No! as leader, boss and ruler of the team I say were play should be the day George Washington came to town to meet Ryan Bablobor!" - Ruler

"Well I'm the leader and I say -" - Ruler

"You know what girls I'm tired of him throw him in the acid pit!" - Crayon

"What no! I do not permit you to do that AHH!" - Ruler (Pen and Pencil throw him in the acid pit)

"Okay girls where doing the Glamour Girls musical ,me , Pencil and Crayon will be the lead Glamour Girls , Toilet Roll and Plate  you guy's wil be the backup singer gang!" - Pen

(Team Cuisine practice)

"Okay I think we should do the folk story of old Granager mah who, do you think so too Cake?!" said Pizza

"I guess that play is really fun to do right?!" - Cake

"Hm a perfecty mature and adequete play I'm impressed, aren't you water!" - Cheese

"Um yeah" - Water

"Eh yeah me too hehe" - Cereal Box (starts whispering) " Water you know I'm bad at acting, this is going to be bad isn't it!"

"Um yeah" - Water (in a sad voice)

(Team Bedroom)

"Well I think we should do a play about a pretty damsel in distress and three princes who save her!" - Picture Frame

"And I'll be the lead prince!" - Deoderant

"Hey me too!" - Football

"I can't participate guy's i have to go to the dentist to check my bones I can't hear a thing" - Laptop

"What?!" TV

"Ignore her let's reherse!" - Picture Frame

(Judging time)

"Okay lets judge the other two judges are my good friends Wii Remote  and Wii U!" - XC

"Wait were are they?!" - TV

"Hah I tied them up and threw them away, I guess I shall judge!" - PS3 (PlayStation3 Controller, X-Bbox Controllers      arch nemesis!)

"Whatever and Ruler you judge too since your too hurt to participate!" - XC

(Team Alternates performance)

"This is glamour girls, we are glamourous!, we love glamour all the time,cream is for losers cause were glamour girls!" - Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Plate and Toilet Roll

"Ok just stop" - XC

"Byt there is still 44 more songs left!" - Toilet Roll

that wasn't very good 4" - XC

"I love that musical despite your bad singing 10!" - PS3

"You put me  in an acid pit so 0!" - Ruler

(Team Bedrooms performance)

"Warning this will be a short play!" - Laptop

"I'm a princess and I need to be saved!" - Picture Frame

"I'll save you" - TV (carrys PF with his leg until Deoderant punches him away)

"I'll save you instead!" - Deoderant (Football kicks him)

"No I will! - Football (the three boys beat up eachother)

"Okay well I liked the figtht scene 7" - XC

"Well I dont like balls !" - PS3

"Hey!" - Football

"So 3" - PS3

"Um well 6? - Ruler

(Team Cuisines short play performance)

"This is the short play of Granegar man enjoy!" - Cake

"I'm a poor Granaboy  and this is my poor friend Granegirl!" - Pizza

(Water forgets her lines and doesn't say anything)

"WELL  - UM - POOR - KIDS- HERES - SOME - MON-EY" - Cereal Box (in a bad acting voice)

"Graneger man you saved us yeh" - Cheese

" 2" - XC

"1" - PS3

"0" - Ruler

"Team  Cuisine  with the least amount of points you're up for elimation but Cake, Pizza and Cheese get immunity for actually having good acting so Water and Cereal Box lets wait for the viewers to vote someone

"Oh no we'll get seperated this is going to be bad!" - Cereal Box

"Um yeah" - Water (sad voice)

(Votin Time)

"Lets bring out the votes!" - XC

Name Votes
Cereal Box 109
Water 108

"And CB is outy see you next time on Household Hilarity 2!"- XC

Episode 4 : Groundfly 0056 (Skyfall 007)

"Last time on wait what is that AHHH!" - XC (Gets kidnapped by PS3

"Nyahahahahaha!" - PS3

(Team Talk)

"Guys seriously I'm your leader and you hurt me badly is that how you'd treat House, leader of all the Household Objects!" - Ruler

"First of we don't really know who he is!" - Pen

"Second of all he actually gets our respect!" - Pencil

"And third of all he isn't a stupid bossy poo poo pants like you!" - Crayon

"And also he doesn't have limbs or a face makes you feel sorry for him" - Plate

"Ugh! I hate how you all agree on the same thing, I will get you all! - Ruler

"I'm scared!" - Toilet Roll

"Seriously how do you guys put up with a guy like that on your team!" - Pizza

"We stick together him being the only boy so we dominate him and soon eliminate!" - Crayon

"Speaking of dominate and eliminate Cereal Box, is gone how are we going to cope!" - Cake

"Please Cereal Box was a mere member who doesn't neccesarily affect our performance as an outragwous and courageous team , we don't really need him isn't that right Water!" - Cheese

"Um no" - Water (sad voice)

"Don't mind Cheese ,Water me and Pizza will be your new friends and alliance members!" - Cake

"Yay!" - Pizza

"Hey ALLIANCE MEMBER want to see a funny joke"- Deoderant

"Here I don't have time for this but what is it anyway" -Football

"This" (trips Football) - Deoderant "Hah hah laptop isn't that funny

"Sorry funny isn't in my voccabulary" - Laptop

"What is in your vocabulary!" - TV

"Vocabulary" - Laptop

"Really" - TV

"No" - Laptop

"Hey weres the X-Box host guy!" - Picture Frame (everyone sees a sign that says follow this arrow to find out)

(They finnally walk into a room with a big TV on it and see PS3 in it)

"Haha contestants I've hid you're host in my lare your challenge is to use spy knoweledge to get him back!" - PS3

"Also the two  teams who didn't lose last episode get two prizes , Team Bedroom gets a code to help them and Team Alternates don't have to compete, your challenge starts now!"

(Team Bedroom getting ready)

"Okay due to me and Football always watching spy movies on me were in charge so first we need an agile person to sneak in the window and get XC!" - TV

"Well obviously Deoderant no offence but the rest of us are to fat to do the job!" -  Football

"Yeh, the names rant, Deoderant! - Deoderant

"Um Picture Frame you are the distraction distract PS3 with your looks, Laptop you be a watch-out to see if the other team is ahead!" - TV

"And me and  TV will operate and view your performance on TV now everybody GO!`- Football

(Team Cuisine)

"As I'm British I know how the James Bond spy things work so you guy's can stay back except you water you come along for some odd reason!" -Cheese

"But our alliance yo!" - Pizza

"We have to stick together you know!" - Cake

"Alliance smalliance, look the other team is going already lets go!" - Cheese

(Team Bedroom finally get to PS3's lair and commence they're plan)

"Football and TV it's me laptop I'm at the the back entrance the other team aren't here yet" - Laptop

(Picture Frame comes in and distracts PS3)

"Um Hi?" - PF

"What do you want my pretty lady!" - PS3

"Well I was thinking of going in and- " - PF (le tells PS3 her fake plan

(le Deoderant hanging from a rope goes in and carrys  a fat and unconcious XC and puts a replacement dummy in his place and escapes out the window again)

"Well that plan's probs not gonna works so-" -PR

(Laptop at the front with Cheese and Water who finally came)

"Let us in you bombeling fool!" - Cheese

" No!" - Laptop (gets contacted that the mission is over) "Um ok bye

(Cheese walks in flips over PS3's head gets the XC dummy and escapes out the window unnoticed, Water is doing laptops old job)

(Team Alternates)

"You know what I'm bored I'm going to do the challenge anyway" - Ruler (does the challenge but fails)

(Challenge Over)

"Team Bedroom win for bringing me back and Team Alternates lose and are up for elimination!" - XC

"But we didn't compete!" - Plate

"Yes , but Ruler did anyway and lost , but since he did something he wins immunity! - XC

"Wait so he loses for us and gets immunity!" - Crayon

"Whatever let the viewers vote now!" - XC

(Voting Time)

Name Votes
Pen 100
Crayon 99
Pencil 53
Toilet Roll 12
Plate 0

"And Pen is eliminated see you next time on Household Hilarity 2!" - XC

Episode 5 : FIOFA 14

"Last time on Household Hilarity 2 , that stupid PS3 controller captured me in his base for a spy challenge anyway Team Bedroom won, despite Cheese's awesome attempts and Team Alternates lost despite the fact that they weren't ment to compete anyway tune in to find out more!" - XC

(Team Talks!)

"No Pen is gone how will we cope!" - Pencil

"We still have to stay strong and lose todays challenge so we can eliminate Ruler that would make me feel better" - Crayon

"Guys Ruler may be mean but everyone has to be nice or we might get the boot!" - Plate

"Whats wrong with me!" - Boot

"What is that I'm scared of it!" - Toilet Roll

"Stop talking about me if we lose I'll be sure to get all of you's out!" - Ruler

"So like guys wanna play frisbee" - Pizza

"Cool, um yeah" - Cake and Water

"You guys made us lose last challenge with your highly un-riveting conversation of an alliance accomplishment!" -Cheese

"What?, why are all your sentences so long and boring!, anyway guys lets play frisbee again" - Cake

"Hey guys!" - Picture Frame

"Picture Frame tell Deoderant that I'm your boyfriend!" - Football

"No Iam!" - Deoderant

"No I am!" - both 

"Anyone want to be my sloygend?" - Laptop

"No" - TV

"Okay contestants who likes the Football computer game FIOFA 13?" - XC

"Me!" - Everyone

"Whats a FIOFA?" - Laptop

" the Federation of International Object  Football  Association!" - XC

"I love that game my favourite character is star striker Soccer -Boot!" - Deoderant

"I was on that game before this challenge will be  easy!" - Football

"Okay teams decide positions and report back to me" - XC

(FC Bedroom)

"Okay guys looks like I'm the leader again due to me being a Football and Deoderants athletic abilitys we'll be forward strikers" - Football

"Yeh , Picture Frame , you and Laptop will be midfielders and TV your the goal keeper" - Deoderant

"It's because I'm fat isn't it!" - TV

"No , not really , not neccesarily , yes"  - Football

"Whatever"  TV

(Real Cuisine) "Um I think I might be an attacker?" - Pizza

"Um yeah" - Water

"I'll be a midfielder and Water and Cake can be defender and goalkeeper I guess?" - Cheese

"Do any of us even know how to play football?" - Cake

"No" - Everyone

(Alternate United)

"I'll be an attacker and the rest of you's can do whatever you want!" - Ruler

"Whatever were gonna lose on purpose anyway" - Pencil

"Well Toilet Roll we can go in goals how hard can it be" - Plate

"I'm scared" - Toilet Roll

(Challenge Time)

"First match is FC Bedroom (FC Barcelona) vs Real Cuisine (Real Madrid) Go!

Match starts with Pizza and Cheese taking touch but having the ball immediatley taken  from them by Football and Deoderant who keep scoring until the end of the match the score at the end in 16-0

"That match was completely one- sided next is FC Bedroom vs Alternate United (Manchester United)

(Match time)

Ruler takes touch by himself and nearly comes into an attacking position but gets the ball taken of him by Picture Frame who passes to Laptop , then Ruler gets in an attacking position again but gets ruthlessly slide tackled by Deoderant who laughs meniaclly, Football gets the ball past Crayon and Pencil who just stand there and takes a shot on Toilet Roll and Plate who are in goals , Toilet Roll who is scare runs away from goals, Football shoots , scores but breaks Plate in the prosses,

"Okay Plate is dead but we have no substitutes so the match is over, Team Bedroom win now its time for the ,match that declares the losers (brings plate back to life) so its Alternates United vs Real Cuisine

(Match time)

Pizza who doesn't no how to play just kicks the ball widly into the goals and scores because TR ran away and Plate breaks again which ends the match

"Okay so Team Alternates is up for elimination , but Ruler gets immunity for actually trying" - XC


"Haha" - Ruler

(Voting Time)

"Lets see who gets eliminated!" - XC

Name Votes
Pencil 102
Crayon 91
Toilet Roll 54
Plate 2

"No!, now I'm the only one on my alliance who's still here!" - Crayon

"Fine we'll make it a double elimination your out Crayon" - XC

"Wait no!-" - Crayon

"See you next time!" - XC

Episode 5.5 : The Most Pointless Episode Ever

PS - This episode is pointless and random skip to the end to see who's eliminated

"Well my pretty self didn't get to say last episode so I'm talking now so yeh ok haha!" - Picture Frame

"I'm talking too!" - Cake

"Um yeah!" - Water

"Okay guys lets have a random elimination, viewers vote NOW!, everyones up for elimination

Name Votes
Ruler 209
Deoderant 191
Cheese 151
TV 147
Laptop 146
Football 145
Toilet Roll 144
Pizza 50
Cake 49
Picture Frame 32
Water 16
Plate 5

"And Ruler is out!" - XC


"See you next time!" - XC

Episode 6: A New Character to Join the Show

"Last time on HH2 it was a random episode , yeh thats it anyway contestants  no challenge today!"- XC

"Aw!" - Everyone

"Go do something else with your lifes anyway viewers we let you pick 8 out of  a load of characters to join the show lets see which 8!

Name Personality
Sausages The Conjoined Twins
Toothpick The Normal Person
Key The Optimistic Winner
Nacho The Multilangual One
Medal The Arrogant One
Teddy Bear The Bipolar One
Sugar The Sweet One
Skirt The Pretty Ugly One

"Wait there ment to be 8 people Sausage twins are you 1 or 2 people!" - XC

"Yes" - Sausages 

"In order for you guy's to join the show is to play hide or seek with my ninja's if the catch you ,you do not join the show go!" -XC

"AHHH" - characters (everybody runs away)

"I wanna go this way" Sausage twin 1

"But I wanna go this way!" - Sausage twin 2 (ninja catches them)

"Dont worry guys we will be safe (mood swing) no we won't you losers we'll die" - Teddy Bear

"Don't worry Teddy Bear only good things can come out of this!" - Key

"Oh great a bipolar one and an Optimistic!" - Toothpick

"Um TP watch out!" - Key (him and Toothpick get caught 

"Oh no!" - Nacho (Goes and hides in a hole in the ground)

"Can I hide with you!" - Sugar

"Ich hasse Rebounds, aber Ich mag Kekse!" - Nacho

"What?" - Sugar (gets captured by the Ninja whiles Nacho runs away)

"Haha I shall win this!" - Medal

"Arrogant much (mood swing) you know what your good enough" - Teddy Bear

"Oh no Medal can you save a pretty girl like me!" - Skirt

"Actually your Very Ugly!" - Medal

"RUDE!" - Skirt (Ninja sneaks up and catches Skirt and Medal whiles Teddy Bear flee's)

(Teddy Bear runs into Nacho)

"Nacho what are we going to do!" - Teddy Bear

"Tengo bongos en mis pantalones y yo no tengo miedo de mostrarlo!" - Nacho

"What does that mean!"- Teddy Bear

"Seriamente sei que está indo parar o concerto antes de facer un reto!"- Nacho

"Seriously just speak one language first English, then German , then Spanish , then Galacian were are you from!" - Teddy Bear

"Oh god why" - Nacho (ninja captures Nacho Teddy Bear joins the show!)

(Challenge over)

"Congradulations Teddy Bear for joining the show now time for todays challenge" - XC

"Yay! (mood swing) no! not a challenge I quit!" - Teddy Bear (walks off)

"Okay see you next time then?" - XC

Episode 7 : Truth or be Randomly slapped by a fish until an anvil falls on you

"Last time on HH2 we did a contest to see which newbie will join the show and that bipolar Teddy Bear did but guess what she quit two seconds later so there was no point of that really, I really wanted Nacho to win but anyway tune in for more" - XC

(Team Talk)

"Wait were the only ones on our team left what are we going to do I'M SCARED!" - Toilet Roll

"Wow thats the longest sentence you've ever said but don't worry we'll make it" - Plate

"So guys are you excited for today's challenge!" - Pizza

"No not at all, you guys will probably do an unsatisfactory performance!"  - Cheese

"Ugh!, I can't wait till your eliminated  your so boring and you talk to much you mad a fun girl like me hate competing in a fun competion isn't he unbelievable water!" - Cake

"Um yeah" - Water

"Hey guys hows it going!" - Picture Frame

"Seriously Deoderant do we have to have this conversation PF likes me better!" - Football

"No she doesn't!" -Deoderant (bursts Football out of anger)

"Seriously again" - TV

"Guys you don't have to fight-" - Picture Frame (thinking : I've being so oblivious all this time due to there extreme love for me I can make them do anything I want them to do) "On second thought fight over me you know I'm worth it!" 

"Hm something seems suspicious like this suspicious!" - Laptop (brings out a taco)

"I'm pretty sure that's not a suspicious it's a taco" - TV

"No it's definately a suspicious!" - Laptop

"Okay guys shut up and lets do todays challenge , now polls show that I'm not a cruel enough host as I should be" - XC

"No I think you're pretty cruel" 

"Well the polls don't anyway todays challenge is truth or be randomly slapped in the face by a fish until an anvil falls on you" - XC " Its like truth or dare and if you don't know what truth or dare s you must be messed up in the head cause I'm not explaining it to you anyway first will do it between the teams!"


"Okay you are always scared and you're a baby!" - XC


"And Plate you are an extreme pushover!" - XC

"False!" - Plate (is slapped by a fish randomly until an anvil falls and breaks her)


"Ok Cheese your question your boring and nobody on your team likes you" - XC

"False , cause I'm a highly excuisitive, AHHH!" - Cheese ((is slapped by a fish randomly until an anvil falls)

"HAHA" - Cake

"You won't be laughing when you here you question Cake, are you fat choclate cake who tastes horrible!" - XC

"False!" - Cake ((is slapped by a fish randomly until an anvil falls)

"Pizza  do you blush every single time!" - XC

"False these are pepperoni!" - Pizza ((is slapped by a fish randomly until an anvil falls)

"Ok um now from now on we'll call it gets SBAFUAAFed anyway Water -" - XC

"True" - Water

(Team Bedroom)

"Okay Picture Frame" - XC

"Football do this one for me!" - PR

"True!" -Football gets SBAFUAAFed

"Ok football time for you-" - XC

"False?" - Football gets SBAFUAAFed again "ow" (passes out)

"Ok Deoderant -" - XC

"False?" - Deoderant gets SBAFUAAFed

"Ok PF you didn't do your question last time so time for your-" - XC

"TV and Deoderant?" - Picture Frame

"TRUE!" - TV and Deoderant get SBAFUAAFed and pass out with multiple bruises

"Okay Laptop your-" - XC

"False!" - Laptop

"Stop interrupting me and yes" - XC

(In round 2 it was Laptop, Toilet Roll, Water go on to the next round Laptop loses)

(Round 3)

"Okay Water your question is your terrible at making conversation!" - XC

"False" - Water gets SBAFUAAFed

"And Toilet Roll you're so annoying!" - XC

"True!" - TR

"Team Alternates win the challenge and Team Bedroom for doing the worst are up for elimination!" - XC

"OH no I tried my best oh well!" - PF

"You know what Picture Frame TV, Football and Deoderant are badly injured I may be able to bring back the dead but I can't heal bruises this might cause lawsuits so they will be taken to Object hospital and you're the only one up for elimination!" - XC


"WHAT, even with only you being up for elimination 0 people voted!" - XC

"Can I stay then?" - PF

"NO!, anyway  see you next time guys!" - XC

Episode 8 : Operation Party Pooper

"Last time HH2  we did an extremely cruel challenge trust me I'm not doing something like that again anyway that pretty stupid Picture Frame who nearly caused me  a lawsuit was eliminated anyway tune in for more" - XC

(Team Talk)

"Yay Plate I won last time  even though were a 2 person team that was great I fell less scared" - Toilet Roll

"Thats great TR!" - Plate

"I can't wait for the merge tomorow I won't have to work with you imbiciles!" - Cheese

"I really hope we lose so we can eliminate you" - Pizza

"I know I can't stand him, what do you even know  Cheese your armless and yellow!" - Cake

"Uck!"  Cheese

"yeah cheese"- Water

"After my  encounter with the hospital it made me snap back into reality Picture Frame isn't worth it so Deoderant lets shake hands/ legs and refurnash our alliance - Football

"Ok!" - Deoderant (shakes hands/legs with fb)

"Deoderant your crushing my leg"

"I know haha!"

"Seriously we never do anything but just sit around and listen to the other conversations" - Laptop

"I know HAHAHAH"  TV

"Okay todays challenge may be fun throw an awesome party for my dad Xbox Console" - XC

"Did you only make this part because you forgot your dads birthday!" 

"Yes anyone begin" - XC


"Okay this is a fun challenge guys and Cheese will just ruin it so we have to stand up to him!" - Cake

" But he scares me!" - Pizza

"Hello cake I know your really fun so go into that closet to help with the challenge!" Cheese (locks cake in the closet)

"Okay guys the challenge is going my way or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Cheese

(Team Bedroom)

"Ok guys we need music, TV put MTV on yourself!" - Football

"But 16 and pregnant is on" said TV

"Nevermind Laptop put  on youtube VEVO on yourself!" - Football

"KK but whats a PEPO?" - Laptop

"Deoderant  put on  the video game Object Party 3: Centrally Dancing!" - Football

"Yeah!, I love games where  you're the controller!" - Deoderant

(Team Alternates)

"Um lets not  go through the trouble of making a party and just you know put on a movie on this random big TV I found from the thrift shop on Claire Road!" - Plate

"Ok" - Toilet Roll

(Party Time - Team Cuisine)

"Okay Dad my contestants might not have the party you need so don't get your hopes up!" - XC

"Anyway time for your party Team Cuisine

le old people music starts playing with  Pizza , Cheese and Water dancing an old 1920's dance and cake making banging noises in the closet she's locked in

"Ok first of all kids I'm only like a few months only than my son and before you ask yes video game consols are weird but this is an insult im not that old this party sucks!" - Console

(Team Bedrooms party)

Justin beiber music beauty and the beat music plays 

"Seriously guys Justin Bieber!" - XC

"Actually I like it!" - Console

"Hello console would you care for a game of Object Party" - Deoderant

"NO!, I hate that stupid Kinect Sensor guy anyway this part was ok"  - Console

(Team Alternate)

"Even though a party was instructed we made a cinema for you!"

XC , Console, Toilet Roll and Plate all watch the best movie in the world

"Even though this wasn't a part I think this team wins!" - Console

"And Team Cuisine are up for eliminaton!"

(Voting time)

"Cheese, Water, Cake and Pizza lets see which one of you's will be the last eliminated before the merge

Name Votes
Cheese 183
Cake 101
Pizza 59
Water 14

"And cheese is out!" - XC

"FINALLY!" - Cake

"See what happens in the merge next time on Household Hilarity!

Episode 9: Isn't it a little to early for the Merge

"Last time on HH2 we did a party for my dad and that stupidly annoying cheese was out but never the less its the merge and the final tenth so as a reward we're going to an cool holiday centre!

(Team Talk)

"This holiday centre is great and we made it to the merge I'm still scared about being eliminated"  - Toilet Roll

"Don't worry TR just hope for the best" - Plate

"Hey guys wanna do something awesome!" - Cake

"Ok,What do you have in mind?" -  Pizza

"Like a water slide I randomly built two seconds ago"  - Cake

"yeah!" - Water

" Guys we made it to Serge I don't know whho he is though but it's good" - Laptop

" *Sigh*" - TV

"Yes , Football I quit the alliance I want to stat acting evil like Phone did excpet in my case win this!" - Deoderant

"Start?, you ARE evil" - Football

" SHUT UP! (kicks football down a cliff)" - Deoderant

"Who wants to here  todays merge challenge?" - XC

(le nobody talks with cricket noises)

"I really need to get rid of those stupid crickets, anyway todays challenge is a friendship contest you guys have to find somone who has never being on your team before  and bond with them the pair with the most found out about the other one wins immunity, before you waste time picking pairs are Cake/ Laptop , Water/Toilet Roll, Plate/TV,Football/Pizza and Deoderant sorry guess you'll have to sit this one out  anyway go!

(Football + Pizza 4eva)

"Um can we watch Evil Killer Frog 45?" - Pizza

"Yeh that would be an awesome movie for people like us" - Football

(Water + Toilet Roll BFFS)

"Hey Water I'm glad that your here now I know you don't talk much so I'll say my story" - TR

"Um okay" - Water

"So I grew up in the Bathroom region of the Household objects with Toothbrush and a lost K-Sponge and it was all cool until I randomly became scared of everyone, this story makes me scared!" - Toilet Roll

(TV and Plate)

"Okay so like I grew up in the Bedroom region  of the place and well like I was friends with Football and Comb but not Phone or Laptop don't like them anyway thats really it" - TV

"I grew up in  the Kitchen area and I was friends with K-Sponge, Knife and Fork were kind of mean but I got over it my best friends were Cereal Box and Water and probably Broom before she moved to the Bathroom region for a weird reason" - Plate

(Cake and Laptop the BFFFFFFFSFFF)

" Well I was in the Bedroom region and I actually had no friends there" - Laptop

"Oh thats sad" - Cake

"But it was just because I was dumb whatever that means anyway one day I explored into the kitchen and found a thing that  Spongebob uses to flip burgers" - Laptop

"You mean a spatula?" - Cake

"No I'm pretty sure it was a Cake" - Laptop

"Anyway I grew up in the Fridge region with Pizza and a formely nice foreign exchange object Cheese we always found fun!" - Cake

"Wow your really cool for a Spatula!" - Laptop

"Seriously" - Cake

(Times up)

"Okay guys  times up  Water tell what you found out about TR?" - XC

"Um that she is nice but scared" - Water

"TV what about Plate"  XC

"Well she had a good childhood?" - TV

"Football your info on Pizza" - XC

"Well we didn't actually talk we just watched Evil Killer Frog 45" - Football

"And Cake about Laptop?" - XC

"That though dumb she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she is" - Cake

"Okay everybody wins immunity for all that good info except for Football and Pizza so viewers vote

(Voting Time)

"Lets see the votes" - XC

Name Votes
Football 233
Pizza 203

"And Football is booted , see you next time!"  XC

Episode 10: The Quest to Find Eggy I mean Eggly

(!!Warning!! this episode will be short)

"Guys I was going to make this a simple no elimination no challenge day but one of the new contestants from episode 6 who forgot to show up is angry and is trying to hack the show , the challenge is to catch him now be careful he's tricky and has  load of traps he is and Egg and his name is Eggy-" - XC

"It's Eggly! and you'll never catch me mwuhahahahah! - Eggly the Ugly

(Pizza and Cake team up to catch him)

"Hey Cake lets get him" - Pizza

"Yeah how hard can capturing and egg be?" -  Cake

"Haha!" - Eggly (traps them in a freezer)

"AHHH!" - Pizza and Cake

"Oops!" - Eggly (spills water )

(Plate and Toilet Roll)

"Im scared!" - Toilet Roll (runs away)

"I'll get you" - Plate (runs after him but runs out of breath) " I give up"

(Laptop and TV)

"Stop right there Eggly" - Laptop

"Im not Eggly I'm obviously a Laptop" - Eggly

"Oh ok you can pass" - Laptop

"What? you seriously let him go" - TV

"What he's a Laptop?" - Laptop


"Hahaha I'm getting away and -!" (le Deoderant kicks  him and he breaks )

"And Deoderant wins the challenge he wins immunity for episode 11,12 and 13, anyway see you next time 

Episode 11: Let's Go To Space

(!!Warning this episode is short I promise the next episode is not!!)

"Okay contestants todays challenge is too randomly jump into space now!" - XC

"Ok" - Water

"We" - Cake

"Jumped"- Pizza

"What" - Plate

"Do" - Toilet Roll

"We" - Deoderant

"Do now" - Laptop

"Well  you all win immunity so no one is eliminated, see you next time" - XC

"Hey I didn't get to talk yet" - TV

"SHUT UP!" - Everyone

Episode 12: We're Still Stuck In Space

"Last time on HH2 the contestants jumped into space and eveyone won immunity tune in to find out more" - XC

(Team Talks)

"Um are we still in space" - Toilet Roll

"No were on earth yet it just looks like space because of special effects" - TV (sarcasm)

"Really?" - Laptop

"No he's being sarcastic but TV why are you so mean this season" - Cake

"Its just a back-up personality" - TV

"Wanna play space frisbee?" - Pizza

"NO!" - Deoderant (breaks Pizza's frisbee and flings it at him)

"Hey" - Water

"And what are you gonna do about it" - Deoderant

"Um nothing" - Water

"Why are we still here!" - Plate

"Ok guys the rescue team is coming to rescue us but it takes them 45 minutes to get here so the challenge is in space assemble rockets each and blast  the other oppenents go!" - XC

(Spaceship bulding)

"Guys lets work together to make a super spaceship" - Cake

"Cool" - Water

"Yeh!" - Pizza

"Thats great" - Plate

"Can I join!" - Laptop

"Ok but just dont touch the red-" - Cake

"AH!" - Laptop (touches red button which laser zaps Laptop which kills her)

(Toilet Roll, TV and Deoderant)

"I'm going to make the best ship and win!" - Deoderant

"Whatever, anyway TR lets not bother making a spaceship and just use me" - TV

"I'm scared, but ok" - Toilet Roll

(10 minutes later)

"Times up contestants the second part of the challenge is try and kill  everyone else with your spaceship go!" - XC

(Challenge time)

"Ok everyone conforrtable?" - Pizza

"Ye-" - Water, Plate, Cake and Pizza who get zapped and killed by  Deoderant

"HAHA!" - Deoderant

"Im scared!" - Toilet Roll (gets zapped by Deoderant)

"Your left TV!" - Deoderant

"Uh oh" - TV (Deoderant zaps TV but it bounces of him)

"AH!" - Deoderant (laser hits him)

"TV wins immunity and so does deoderant because of the eggly thing" - XC 

(Voting Time)

"Lets see the votes

Name Votes
Toilet Roll 346
Plate and Waters votes combined 345
Cake 300
Pizza 295

"Sorry TR but your eliminated , but see you next time viewers

Episode 13: An Old Character to Join the Show

(!!Warning this is a short episode but I promise this is the last one ever!!)

"Ok contestants I have a suprise an old character you didn't make it to this season is joining!" - XC

"Who?" - Everyone

"Soap!" - XC

"Hurray!" - Everyone

"Please don't touch me your hands might be germy" - Soap

"OK!" - Everyone

"See you next time!" - XC and Everyone

Episode 14: A Three Legged Adventure 

"Last time on HH2 Soap an old character who didn't make it to this season joined lets see how he'll cope and tune in for even more" - XC

(Team or Merge Talks)

"Hello guys I didn't get to do much last season I hope I can do more this season" - Soap

"Ok hello Soap I never noticed you last season" - Plate

"Well I guess since your a plate your somewhat clean, you can touch me" - Plate

"Okay nice to meet you dude!" - Pizza

"Okay your a Pizza which are quite unhealthy but your awesome presence must alow me to let you touch me" - Soap

"What about me?" - Cake

"Ew a Cake" - Soap

"Seriously dude" - TV

"Sorry TV but your dirty , so is that pink Laptop" - Soap

"Whoever that is shame on her" - Laptop

"Seriously why are you all gushing over that stupid bar of Soap" - Deoderant

"Well , you're just jealous that I'm cleaner than you and Water before you ask your ok" - Soap

"Um ok" - Water

"Guys time for todays challenge its a three legged race across the island , you all have to walk around the island for a while until I say stop the two people who have walked the most distance win! - XC

"So what are the pairs?" - Everyone

"Cake and TV, Water and Plate, Laptop and Pizza,Deoderant and Soap" - XC

"No I'm with that dirty fool" - Soap (Deoderant punches him) "OW!" - Soap

"Yeah thats what they all say" - Deoderant

"Anyway contestants go!" - XC

(Water and Plate)

"Well we should probably go through the woods its nice and peaceful there" - Plate

"Um ok" - Water

(Cake and TV)

"Come on Cake lets go already" - TV

"Hey it's not my fault first of all you always sit down and never stand up, and your too heavy to move"  - Cake

"Hey just carry us ok" - TV

(Pizza and Laptop)

"So Laptop how far have we traveled through this random sheep field" - Pizza

"Um, far?" - Laptop

"But your the one who brought the trundle wheel!" - Pizza

"This is a trundle wheel I thought this was a pizza we could eat on the way" - Laptop

"You know what lets go somewhere else" - Pizza

(Deoderant and Soap)

Deoderant is tied to Soap but is dragging Soap along the ground like a dog dragging its owner around

"Ow, Deoderant, Ow, Can , Ow, You let me actually walk!" - Soap

"Nope!" - Deoderant(runs faster and drags  Soap through sheeo manure)

"Did you drag me through sheep feces!!?!" - Soap

"Yep"- Deoderant

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" - Soap (screams so loud everyone in the world can here him)

(Back to Water and Plate in the woods)

"Did you here that scream what was that all about?" - Plate

"I dunno" - Water 

(Cake and TV)

"I see you two are still at the start" - XC

"This guy is too lazy and won't help me move" - Cake

"Every scene I apper in I'm sitting down not moving I'm not ready to break that streak" - TV

(Pizza and Laptop)

"So what direction are we in" - Pizza

"Um this direction" - Laptop (points right ahead)

"Don't you have a compass?" - Pizza

"What I thought it was an awful tasting smiley face sticker" - Laptop

"Why would you eat a smiley face sticker" - Pizza

"I don't know why do you ask?" - Laptop

"You know what whatever lets just run the way there instead of having this conversation" - Pizza

(Deoderant + Soap)

"Please stop your hur-" - Soap

"NO!" - Deoderant

(Times up)

"Times up contestants lets calculated how far you've walked" -XC

Name How Far?!?
Deoderant+Soap 1000000cm
Pizza+Laptop 999998cm
Plate + Water 567897cm
Cake+TV 1cm

"Okay Soap and Deoderant win immunity the rest of you's are up for elimination"- XC

(Voting Time)

"Lets see the votes"

Name Votes
TV 405
Laptop 352
Pizza 300
Cake 246
Water 103
Plate 46

"And TV is eliminated" - XC

"What no!" - TV

"Hah you stood up!" - Cake

"See you next time" - XC


Elimination Table

Name+Place 1 2 3 4 5 5.5/6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 HH3








  10th:   Football 

  11th:   Cheese 

















  12th:   PF*  OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT 
  13th:   T-Bear    ????    ????    ????    ????    ????    QUIT 
  14th:   Ruler  OK OK OK OK OK   OUT 
  15th:   Pencil  OK OK OK OK   OUT 
  16th:   Crayon  OK OK OK OK   OUT 
  17th:   Pen  OK OK OK   OUT 
  18th:   C-Box  OK OK   OUT 
  19th:   Shoe  OK   OUT 
  20th:   Sponge    OUT 

OUT: This object was eliminated

red number - This object did not make it to the merge

green number- This object made it to the merge

gold name - This object was on Team Cuisine

lightblue name- This object was on Team Bedroom

white name - this object was never on a team

pink name - This object was on Team Alternate

QUIT - this object quit the show

grey question marks - this object was not present for these episodes but later on joins

The * means that picture frames nam had to be shortened

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