This show is about 20 inanimat household objects living in an old dump of a place until and random Xbox Controller tells them they can have a competition to see who gets a mansion it's Household Hilarity!

btw F means Female and M means Male of course 

also btw only 16 episode's have been done the rest


if a characters name is bold it means they are out

Team Kitchen

This team consists of objects that you find in the kitchen and a toothbrush 
Ggggggy 021

Toothbrush, Knife , Fork and Broom

(F) Broom : (The Weird Girl) :who does weird things     

(M) Fork: (The Bully) : A mean utensil who likes to mae people miserable especially toothbrush

(m) Knife: (The Follower): Doesn't have a mind of his own and usually follows forks lead

(m) Cereal Box: (The Friendly Guy): A friendly guy who always says hello

(f) Water: (The Silent One) : A glass of water who never talks        
Ggggggy 022

Cereal Box, Water and Plate

(f) Plate:(The Nice Girl): A nice girl who never gets angry (armless)

(m) Toothbrush (The Annoying Guy): The annoying guy who never stops talking

Team Cool

This team consists of cool objects cool people use

Ggggggy 023

Phone,Laptop,TV Shoe, Comb and Football

(m's) Football, Comb and Shoe (The Cool Guys) : The cool ones who are in an alliance football and shoe are armless

(f) Laptop (The Dumb One) : Constantly says idiotioc things

(f) Phone (The Mean One): The evil one who does bad things to win always likes to take advantage of that dumb laptop

(m) TV (The Big Emotionless One): Is very big and always has the same face expression (armless)

Team Other

This is the other team

(m) Kitchen-Sponge: (The Crazy One) : Has Taurette syndrome , never says proper sentences only random outbursts (armless)

(f's) Pen, Pencil and Crayon (The Alliance) : The gossip girls who are in an alliance  
Ggggggy 019

Pen, Pencil and Crayon (The Alliance)

(f) Toilet Roll (The Scared One ): Occasionly says her famous catch phrase "I'm Scared!"

(m) Soap (The Clean Freak) : Always likes to keep clean (armless)

(f) Book (The Smart One): A super genius who gets annoyed by everyone

Ggggggy 020

Book and Kitchen Sponge (no soap because nobody likes him)


 Episode 1  : The Messy Introduction

X :Hello I'm a random X-box Controller and this is household hilarity. I will be seeing 20 inanimate household objects who live in a dump and make them compete against each for a huge mansion, But first , whats a reality competition show without teams . Three out of these 20 random contestants shall pick the teams and i sayh those three should be um, that Pen that TV and Fork GO

Pen : Well I choose Pencil and Crayon because they're like totally in my alliance!

Pencila and Crayon : YAY

TV: Shoe and Comb

Fork: Knife definatley

Knife: YEAH! pic cereal box he;'s delicouis

CB: Please do:nt cut me

X: Hurry up

Crayon: Book she's smart!

Book :Yeah crayon you 99.999999 reapeating percent right

CB: ;Plates a nice person we choose he

Plate: Thank you

Shoe and Comb : FOOTBALL OUR FRIEND! :)

Book; Toilet roll for reasonns.....

TR: I'm scared

Plate: Water and broom


Broom: Goobalicious

Football : The Evil phone and the dumb laptop we have to have girls right?

Phone and Laptop : Hey!

Knife: Toothbrush

Fork : What not that loser

Knife: Its either him , soap or the deranged sponge plus if we pick the other to who will pick on Toothbrush

Fork: Oh yeh

Paintbrush: no!!!!

Pen:  Guess we get the sponge and the soap

Soap :Ew the books not clean enough

Book: Hey I am 100.000000 reapeating percent germ free

Kitchen-Sponge: POTATOE FARM!

X: First challenge is a mudslide

Soap: Ew no way im not doing it

X: Fine your eliminating moving on 

(2 hours of objects drowning in mud later)

X: And that was the first episode off household hilarity see you next time

Phone: That was the worst pilot episode ever!

X: Shut UP!

Episode 2 : An Obstacle of an Event

X: Guess what guys

Kitchen-Sponge: CRACKER FARTS

X: Today's challenge is an obstacle course  first is a Hurdles race , rock climbing , roller coasting water slide and building blocks GO!

(Hurdles Race)

Phone : Out of my way! (throws  toilet roll in the air)

Fork : Toothbrush is in 1st lets kick him away

Knife : Yeh ( le kick)

Toothbrush : Ahhhhhhh, (Toothbrush loses)

TV: I'm so big I cant jump (loses) Book : Obstacle courts aren't my strenghts i quit (Book loses)

(Everyone else wins)

Current placings

(Football and Comb currently in first)

Comb :Yeah rock-climbing easy

Football: Easy  for you to say you have arms (Football loses)

Shoe: Yeh arms would be usefull right now! (Shoe loses)

Broom : I feel sorry for armless people

Laptop: What a armliz?

Plate : Awww

(Kitchen-Sponge and Plate lose cause they have no arms everyone else climbs the rocks)


Phone: I deserve to win you guys are out (slaps Fork and Knife of the coaster) you too broom 

Broom: I hate cream cheese (loses)

Phone: (tries to get comb but he ducks and laptop loses after being slaped)

Comb: Hah  missed (slips of)

Phone: yeh! in 6th(gets knocked of by a flying toilet roll

X: And all of team cool is gone


Current placings

Place Name what they say
1st/2nd Pen and Pencil Alliance-
3rd Crayon Power! (only to fall trying to save TR)
4th Cereal Box Hello!
5th Water ................ (spills dies and loses)
6th Toilet Roll Im scared (Falls in water gets soggy dies and loses)

(Last stage is to build blocks to get a key and open a door)

Pen; We have to win for crayon!

Pencil: Totally that cereal box is outnumbered 

CB: Hello

(Pencil and Pen get blocks and key the win because power in number right)

X: Pencil and Pen(Team Other) win the challenge, despite CB coming so far someone from his team is getting eliminated and that is Toothbrush for losing first

Fork: bye bye (kicks Paintbrush into the Loser Lounge)

Episode 3: Dumbatvaphobia (The fear of stupid episode names)

X: Teams talk a about your fears because today's challenge might be of that

(Team Other)

Pen: My fear is wearing a skort they're like hideous like yeh

Pencil: Totally my fear to I wouldn't be seen dead in those things

Crayon : Yuck

Book: My fear is getting an A on a test I always get A++'s 99.9999999 repeating percent of the time sponge whats your fear


Book : and your's Toilet Roll

TR: This conversation , I'M SCARED

(Team Kitchen)

Broom: My fear is not having toothbrush and it came true

Fork: Me and knife have no fears and with toothbrush gone we can pick on you!

Knife: Yeh, CB has no fears eather he's cool

CB: Hello!, Water whats your fear


Plate: My fear is being mean

(Team Cool)

TV: My fear is expanding into more modern day evoluntionary technology become to big like 5899877 inch and then becoming a sun and exploding in the vaccuum of time and space

Football : That's a pretty long fear but cool people like me , Comb and Shoe dont have fears


Phone: Only wimp's have fears whats your fear Laptop

Laptop: What a smear is it a movie or something

(Challenge Time!)

X: After hearing all your conversations most of you are so fearless , so the challenge people are , K-Sponge,TV, Plate, Toilet Roll

And since we cant make TV's fear come true lets go on with Plate

X: Now plate if you want to win you have to say one mean thing to someone

Plate: I hate this challenge I'm not doing it

X: Plate wins, K-Sponge for your challenge touch this manky phone without being scared

(le touch)

Book: Im pretty sure manky phones was an outburst not a fear

X: Watevs  Toilet Roll your challenge is-

TR: NO! I'm  to scared to do anything

X: and toilet roll is eliminated

Episode 4: Vote for Armless People

X: Today's challenge is a test of strenghth

Football: Yeh!

X: An Arm wrestling contest

Football: Hey! armless person over here

X: Well just hope that this mini TV doesn't pick you

TV: Wannabe's                    ^

(mini-TV picks TV, Laptop (Team Cool), Cereal Box, Fork(Team Kitchen),Pen and Book (Team Other)

X: First is TV vs Cereal Box

Comb: TV you've got to beat that Cereal Box!

Cereal Box: Hello! 

TV: I have no arms

Shoe: Use your legs

TV: I'm too big I cant strectch them that far

X: CB wins by default,  Fork vs Book

(Fork wins because book is to smart to be strong)

X: Pen vs Laptop

Laptop : Wait what are we doing

Pen: Arm wrestling contest

Laptop: What's that

X: Pen gets immunity into the final  2 of this challenge because she actually knows what we are doing, next is fork vs Cereal Box, whoever wins faces Pen in the final 2 of the challenge

(CB wins)

Pen: Your going like down!

Cereal Box : Hello, (wins)

X: Cereal Box wins for team kitchen, Laptop and TV are up for elimination and the eliminated person is .............................. TV because he blamed his bigness on him losing the challenge see you next time

K-Sponge : ROCKY TACO'S!

Episode 5: The Final Beatdown

X : Welcome back to Household Hilarity today's challenge is boxing challenge, like the  arm wrestling contest we can only choose a few people can compete the mini tv will pick

(Mini TV picks Shoe, Phone,Comb, Sponge, Crayon,Knife, Plate and Broom)

X: By the way teams don't apply in this challenge winner gets something to help their team in the next episode though first match is Knife vs Phone

Knife: Hah you think I'm going to lose to a girl (Phone severly beats him up)

X: Phone wins immunity  to round 2  , next Match is Shoe vs Kitchen-Sponge

Shoe : Any last words or outbursts Sponge?

K-Sponge:(yells SUUUUGAR GLANDS so loud it blasts Shoe away)

X: Kitchen-Sponge gets into round 2 next  is Broom vs Plate

Plate: NO way I'm to nice to fight Broom she's so cool

Broom : Thanks! :)

X:  Fine Broom wins by default , last battle of  of round 1 is Comb vs Crayon

Crayon: Alliance power! (le wimpy punch to comb's stomach)

Comb: (Punches Crayon in the air)

X: Now for round two!

(In round two Phone tricks Sponge to forefit,  then it was Comb vs Broom Comb obviously won)

X: Now round three! Phone vs Comb no matter who wins their team get's the prize

Comb : I'm too cool to lose to a girl (punches Phone out of ring)

Phone: (le snatch) hah (snatchs ring swings back and kicks comb of )

X: Phone wins the prize ,and sponge and plate are up for elimination and the eliminated contestant is..................................Plate , you both forfitted but Plate's was intentional , see you next time on Household Hilarity!

Episode 6: Silence or I'll Eat You

X: Teams talk all you like because today's challenge is a no talking contest

(Team Other)

Pencil: So she was like yeh and I was like way way 

Pen:  Really likt totatally she was all like way way I dunno?

Crayon: Seriously was she like for real

Pen and  Pencil: YEH!

Book: How do you stand them


Book ; How does that help (plugs in faulty wires in her ears) yes now I cant here them

(Team Kitchen)

Fork: Ok losers you have to do good in this challenge don't get eliminated 

Knife: Yeh , you too Cereal Box 

CB: Hello, water are you excited for today's challenge


Broom: You know what they say silence is verlitude

Fork: Theres no such word you weirdo

(Team Cool)

Phone: Great with that stupid TV gone  I have elbow room

Football: Shut up Phone TV was cool wasn't he laptop

Laptop: Who?

Shoe: Thank God the challenge isn't an IQ test

Comb: or a memory contest because Laptop you would fail for both

(Challenge Time)

Phone: hey whats my prize I was ment to get

X: Ducktape

Phone : Really this is stupid

X: Silence starts now

Everyones quiet so far

Fork (Kicks Broom) , (Broom mouth ow!) HA HA

X: Fork is the first to lose and is up for elimination

Book; Serves you right

X: And Book is up for elimination with him

Knife: No not Fork

X: Knfe just filled up the last spot for eliminateion

(Three hours of silence later)

Pen: This is like boring

Pencil : I know like right

Crayon : Totally

X; And the Alliance are eliminsted

Football: Unga those alliance people are so annoying

Shoe: Yeh their not cool but Comb and Football you guy's are cool

Comb : I know right

X: And the boy alliance are eliminated

Broom: Unga (broom loses)

Phone: You know what I quit (loses)

X: Cereal Box and K-Sponge are left

CB; Hello

X:K-Sponge wins the prize to help them next episode, Knife, Fork and Book, and                              knife is safe fork and Book are eliminated


X: See you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 7: IQ you Q  we all for IQ's

X: Today's challenge is a test of Basic knowledege and memory , good luck you'll all definatley need it

(Team Other)

Pen : OMG this is terrible the Book was eliminated last episode and now we need her

Crayon: We can  use this headphones that Kitchen Sponge  won  to contact book from the loser lounge (contacts book)

Book: Hello , can you hear me the answer to the question is-

Pencil: (Breaks headphones) We dont need that bossy boot blabber mouth were smart enough right kitchen-sponge

K-Sponge: SUN MILK!

Pencil: See genius's

(Team Kitchen)

Knife: Sure wish Fork was here he was smart he'd know what to do

Broom: No he was a real jerk 

CB: Hello

Broom: I didn't even say your name Cereal Box

CB: Watevers, How you doing on the test Water


(Team  Cool)

Phone: I'm done the test,not only am i strong and beatifull I'm also smart, Laptop you haven't even started

Laptop: I cant figure this question out

Phone: It says whats your name!

Laptop: I know right it's so hard

Phone : What about you cool guys

Shoe: Nah tests are too lame 

Comb: Yeh only lame  people do tests

Phone: If you dont do the test i will take that cool and shove it down your throats

Football: Dont threaten her guy's she'll actually do it

(Challenge over)

X: times up show me your test , here are the test results

Name           Score              

Name Score Name Score Name Score
Pen 13(Dumb) Water 21(Smart) Phone 20(Smart)
Crayon 13(Dumb) Broom 19(Average) Shoe 16(Average)
Pencil 13(Dumb) C-Box 17(Average) Football 15(Average)
K-Sponge   1(Dumber) Knife +14(Average) Comb 14(Average)
Laptop 0(Dumbest)
40(Overall) 71(Overall) 65(Overall)

X: Team Other if you would have had a Book you would have her get 25(Genius) but you still wouldn't have beat Team Kitchen, anway  K-Sponge and Laptop had the lowest scores so they are up for elimination and the person eliminated is                                  Laptop!, Atleast Kitchen Sponge knew what his name was on the test

Laptop: What is a name anyway

X: See you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 8:Losers Lounge

X: Today we've  come to the losers lounge were the losers reside , but you've had enough of these eliminated contestants come back next episode for some real actionn


X: Kitchen-Sponge get out of here  your not  even eliminated

Episode 9: Eye'm Watching You

X: Today's contest is a staring contest but only 8 out of the 12 of you can compete so Comb, K-Sponge and Phone and Knife,because they have already had chances  to/or won challenges


X: First match is Crayon vs Broom

Broom: Sorry I can't go a few seconds without blinking or I get warts, I'm just weird like that

X: And Broom is up for elimination anyone else want to forfit( silence) ok next match Shoe vs Football


Football : Loser dont blink

Shoe: (blinks) darn it you always get me with that trick

X: Next is Cereal Box vs Water

(CB blinks after saying Hello and Water wins)

X: Pen vs Pencil

Pencil : Well Pen you always seem to win challenges and get publicity and it's not fair for the alliance I think I should win this one

Pen : ok (le blink)

X : Ding Ding round 2!

(in round 2 its Water vs football , water wins , Pencil vs Crayon and Pencil wins)

X; The final match is Pencil vs Water

(34567878 hours of staring later)

Pencil : (le  blink) darnit!

X: Water wins the prize and Broom is eliminated

Broom: But who else was up for elimination

X: YOu were the only one!, See you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 10:Swallow Fest

X: Hello peoples today is gonna be your last challenge until the merge, a merge is where you split teams and everyone plays for themselves, so speaking of todays challenge there is a giant monster here right

Knife: Yeh so?

(le monster swallows them)

X: Your challenge is to escape him there are 4 stages ,go-

CB: Hello, by the way weres water with our prize

X: She kind of got spilled and is lost here so yeh no prize for you Team Kitchen go-

(Stage 1: Passing the Pit of Lava Digestion)

Knife : ahhh (slips, falls in lava, snatches Pen to save himself but both die)

Pencil : Pen I'll save you( jumps in and dies)

(K-Sponge, Cereal Box, Shoe, Comb ,Crayon , Phone and Football still in it to win it)

(Stage 2: Moving Spikes and Platforms of Bellybuttonville)

Comb: Stand back guys I got this

K-Sponge: GRANNY BANANA'S (runs into Comb and both die on the spikes)

Crayon: Cereal Box your a brave guy you show the way

CB: Hello? , (stands on platform wich springs him in spikes)

Shoe: Oh look a bridge to the next stage was here the whole time lets go

Crayon: Out of my way! (pushes Shoe in lava and falls of bridge and dies with shoe)

(Football and Phone progess to the 3rd stage)

(The 3rd stage the Riddle monster with guards the 4th stage the Pole out of the butthole)

Football: What the f-? A monster inside of a monster

Monster: Yeh so here a riddle wha-

Phone: Shut up and let me win the challenge monster!

(le monster eats Phone and phone starts beating him up from the inside)

Football: Whiles Phone is beating her way out I can win the challenge (climbs pole)

X: And football wins the challenge, now let me get all the dead contestants back poof! (le dead contestants back)

Football: Wait how did you-

X: Knife for dying first you are eliminated , so  Pen , Pencil, Crayon , Water , Cereal Box ,Comb, Football,Shoe,Phone and  K-Sponge you all made it to the merge!, see you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 11: Two Returners, Sitting at the Merge (No more Teams)

X: Ok contestants today is the merge!

Contestants : Yeh

X: I'm introducing new things, one instead of me choosing who gets eliminated you guys will vote of someone every episode, and I'm also introducing 2 old eliminated contestants back in the game and a new one to join

Contestants: (le gasp)

X: So lets bring out the votes we got 300, the two with the most are rejoining the game

Name Votes
Toilet Roll 75
TV 46
Plate 43
Book 43
Broom 43
Soap 16
Toothbrush 16
Knife 1
Fork 0

X: Toilet Roll and TV return now time for that new contestant  here are the votes

Name Personality Votes
Mirror The Self-Absorbed One 45
Teddy-Bear The Bipolar One 22
Scissors The Manly Lady's Man 21
Picture Frame The Pretty One 21
Money The Arrogant One 6
Purse The Spoilt One 5

X: And mirror joins the game

Mirror: It's because I'm beatifull right?

X: Whatever

Phone: Wait a second its the merge and there's too much people

X: Don't worry next episode will be a double elimination , but for today vote for who you want out

Pen, Pencil and Crayon: TV because he already had a chance and got eliminated and Toilet Roll is like cooler

Toilet: I'm scared

Shoe, Comb and Football: Crayon because the alliance is annoying


Phone: I vote that stupid K-Sponge he is getting on my nerves

X: Mirror cast the last vote

Mirror: I vote                            crayon because her ugliness is bad formy personal needs

X: And crayon is out!

Pen: grrrrr , you got crayon eliminated how did you get the most votes!

Mirror: Don't hate me because im beatifull

X: See you next time on Household Hilarity!

Episode 12:Choose Your own Adventure (Wood's Edition)

X : Who loves choose your own adventure storys

Contestants: Me!

X: Well thats today's challenge 

Pen: Um can you please explain it

X: Nope (everyone blanks out and wake up in the woods)

(The  teams are all lost in the woods  they hae to find there way out , they are all split up into pairs, Water and Cereal Box, K-Sponge with Phone,Toilet Roll with TV, Shoe with Football,Pen and Pencil and Comb and Mirror ,there will be many fates and unnecessarily bad challenges to make them lose winners win immunity so no one can vote for them)

(TV and Toilet Roll)

Toilet Roll: I'm scared

TV: Ok so were in the woods were scary things happen try  not to faint for from scaredness

(le Toilet Roll faints)

TV: Can things get any wor-(falls in a hole)

(Pen and Pencil)

Pen: Oh no two paths Iike tottally Hate choose your own adventures do we go in like  the path with flames or with leaves?

Pencil: In these things the safer answer is always the best one lets go on the leaves (turns out the flames were fake and the leaves were deadly poisonous so Pen and Pencil die)

(Cereal Box and Water randomly walking through the woods)

(le monster pops out)

Monster: I'm hungry!

CB: Hello, My name is cereal box and I'm Hungry to, how about you water

Water  : (le scared face)

Monster um nom num (drinks water and eats cereal box's cereal) I is hungry for more contestanz!

X: so three contestants teams have either died or are lost now let's check out the suprises in store for  the next contestants

(Shoe+ Football)

Football: Dude this is kind of scary

Shoe: Dude dont say that your cool and being afraid is totally not cool! (fires randomly appers and engulfs him ) AHHH!

Football: (Runs away like a baby into Comb and Mirror)

Comb: Dude what the heck is wrong with you

Football: Theres, Theres , Therse

Mirror: Like shut up we have problems of our own

Monster: RAWR I eatz you's

Mirror: take this comb just anyone but me (Monster eats comb)

(le mirror and football run away)

(Football gets stapped by a flying spike)

Football:Help me mirror I'm dying!

Mirror: Sorry but touching that spike will like destroy my pedicure

Football: Are you really that self absorbed!

Mirror: Watevs bye!

(Phone and K-Sponge are randomly standing near a big pile of monster feces)

Phone: You stupid Sponge why did I have to be paired up with you your so usele- 

Mirror: Out of my way (pushes Phone in feces and Phone drowns in feces)

Mirror: You sponge do you know how to get out of here?

K-Sponge: Groovy Spasms!

Mirror: I'll take that as a yes let's go (le sponge and mirror escape the woods)

X: Mirror and K-Sponge have immunity, so contestants vote(le dead contestants randomly pop up)

Pencil: Wait a second were is Cereal Box, TV , Water and Toilet Roll

X: Well there not dead so I couldn't bring them back to life so yeh vote

Shoe, Comb and Football: Pencil the Alliance has got to go

Pen and Pencil: Comb the boy alliance has to go!

Phone: I would vote for mirror but I guess toilet roll she's a wimp

Mirror: That phone she hates me and how can you hate ME , I'm so cool like

X: Sponge cast the last vote

Sponge : uh-

Comb: He said Pencil

Pencil: No he said Comb

X: Dosn't matter either way your both eliminated,see you next time on Household Hilarity!

Episode 13: The Final 10 (A Maze Edition)

X: Guess what guy's it's the final 10! As a reward today's challenge will be short , chat amongst yourselves

(Boys- Shoe, Football, K-Sponge ,TV AND Cereal Box)

Shoe: So like football now that comb is gone the cool alliance is kind of dead now what are we gonna do

Football: I know we can like get new members, hey sponge want to join


Football: I'll take that as a yes

Shoe: How about you Cereal Box

Cereal Box: Hello, and yes

Shoe: Great the cool alliance is now stronger and better

TV: Hey what about me

Shoe:Um you can be an alternate if one of us get's eliminated


Phone: Mirror you are such a jerk who only cares about yourself I hope you get eliminated

Pen: I agree with Phone and nobody likes her

Phone: HEY!

Mirror;Its not my fault I care about myself isn't it Water


Toilet: You guys are fighting too much I'm scared!

(Challenge Time)

X:Todays challenge is a maze you will be put in 3's K-Sponge is excused from this challenge because he won the last one and has automatic immuninity

Mirror: but i won too!

X: Nobody likes you

X:In the maze you have to answer questions to pass go!

(Shoe, Football and Cereal Box)

Shoe: This is easy

Football: Oh no dead end

(le talking wall)

Wall: Answer this question what has 5 letters , enimies of leaving and a great conversation starter

Cereal Box : Hello (wall lets them pass)

(Phone, Pen and Mirror)

Mirror: I'm claustorphobic and  being scared is not permitted wall let us pass

Wall: answer the riddle

Mirror: NO! (Throws Phone and breaks the walls)

Pen: Not like I care but you just cracked Phone I think she's dead

Mirror: Watever as long as I'm ok!

(Toilet Roll, Water and TV)

TV: This challenge seems like fun doesn't it Water


Wall: The riddle is-

Toilet Roll: I'm scared

Wall: That wasn't the correct answer you lose

TV: Why does my team always have to lose

(the second questions were pretty hard and football was trapped for some reason so now Mirror,Cereal Box, Shoe,Pen are still in it)

(Mirror and Pen)

Wall: You shall not pass!

Mirror: Sorry pen but I'm gonna have to throw you for my personal needs

Pen: No mirror your attitude is ruining everyones lives, You killed/ let things kill Football, Comb, Phone and nearly Me, you also caused Crayon and Pencil's my alliance members elimination , you are a very terrible person I dont care if this gets me 7 years of bad luck but I'm throwing you!

Mirror ; AHHHHH! (le breaks wall and herself and dies)

Wall: Ha I have a replacement and you lose

X: and Cereal Box and Shoe win by default and have immunity it's voting time!

Mirror; Pen she said I am a terrible person but I'm so great

Pen: No your not I vote for you

Shoe, and Football: Yeh we vote for Mirror

TV: Mirror

Toilet Roll; Mirror

Cereal Box : Mirror

Everybody else: Mirror

Mirror: No I cant go I'm so awesome

X: And mirror is eliminated ,see you next time on Household Hilarity!

Episode 14: So You Think You Can Handstand?

(Warning: This is a short episode just skip to the end to see who's eliminated unless you dont feel like it so yeah)

X:Todays challenge is a handstand contest (K-Sponge, Football, Shoe and TV glare at him) ok a headstand contest too , armless people are so hard to please were doing this like before the merge loser of this challenge is eliminated

(le 4556565 hours of handstanding later)

TV: (le stops headstanding le falls and loses)

X: TV is eliminated see you next time blah blah blah

Episode 15: Cliff Wars

X: There seems to be a mess up in the episodes  and elimination turns out mirror was never ment  to be on the show

Phone: So your telling me we lasted 3 episodes with that thing that we wern't even ment to! 

X: Yeh so were gonna have a double elimination , but you wont vote the viewers will whoever has the most vote is eliminated and the second eliminination will be after the challenge here are the votes

Name Votes Fan's Reasons
Pen 59 She voted of mirror!
Phone 32 She's  mean!
Toilet Roll 25 To scaredy
Shoe 20 Thinks he's so cool
Football 17 Thinks he's so cool
Cereal Box 2 Is good enough but gets annoying
K-Sponge 1 Is crazy fun but crazy stupid
Water 0 No problems with her

Pen: No! now the whole girls alliance is gone!

X: And Pen is eliminated, Todays contest is a cliff dive best dive wins , get in single file line, by the way you have to land in that kiddy pool land in the rest of the water and you lose winners get immunity

(Football up first)

Football: This is easy (about to go into the kiddy pool but hits of the side)

X: Shoe up next

Shoe; What! but I'm like designer shoes I cant get wet

Phone; Then out of my way! (pushes shoe away jumps, lands in kiddie pool and electrecutes herself)

X: Despite Phone being dead she wins immunity

(le water and cereal box win immunity)

Toilet Roll: I'm scared

X: Then let K-Sponge go first then

K-Sponge: RHINO BLADDERS! (gets immunity, le is a sponge so soaks up all the water)

Toilet Roll: Yay now I wont fet soggy! (land in kiddy pool and gets immunity)

X: Everyone gets imunity except for Shoe and Football

(Voting Time)

Cereal Box: They are both great friends but I vote Football, Shoe invited me to the alliance first

Phone: Football because shoe is designer

X: Football is eliminated because Sponge, Water and Toilet Roll can barely speak at all, see you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 16: Island Innendo

X: Guess what guy's you made it to the final 6!

Shoe: Nothing really special about that

Phone: Yeah you stupid Xbox controller, wait  I was wondering are you an Xbox 360 controller or a 720

X: Both and everybody please shu-


CB: Hello!

Toilet Roll : I'm scared

X: QUIET, aren't they all so rude Water

Water ;

X: Anyway today's challenge is Island Innendo!, there will be 3 islands on island one you have to run a race over on a litte bridge susppended over a lake of lava,  next island you have to look in safes to find a code on a peice of paper, then you have to swim to island 3 to show the code to open the door if the code is wrong you have to go back to island  2 and if you die you have to start again  , now quick get into twos

(K-Sponge and Shoe , Water and Cereal Box, Phone and Toilet Roll)

(Shoe and K-Sponge)

Shoe; Come on Sponge with Football gone our alliance is shorter theres no time to be Mr Nice Guy( trips Phone and Toilet Roll into the lava)

(Phone and Toilet Roll)

Phone : Unga now we have to start again!

(Water and Cereal Box at Island 2)

Cereal Box: (loking through three codes safes)The codes not here  or here or here, Aha it's here!

Water : - (Cereal  box  accidently locks her in a safe)

Cereal Box: (Swims to Island 3) I win

X: Not unless you get water back go!

(le Shoe and Sponge and Island 2)

Shoe: Yeh what a lucky guess got the right code on first try lets go Sponge

(le swimming to island 3)

Phone: That Shoe is a right Jerk we need to teach him a lesson

Toilet Roll: But the codes are gonna be hard and we cant swim

Phone; I've got an idea! (picks up toilet Roll,jumps on shoe and sponge , steals their code and reaches Island 3)

X: Phone and Toilet Roll win and have immunity go

(le sponge and shoe drown and have to start again)

Shoe: Hurry up sponge were last we have no time to lose

(back to Water and Cereal Box)

Cereal Box: Finally Water I found you  in a safe,now quick we fell to last place but now were second lets go

(le swin to island 3)

X: Cereal Box and Water win 2nd place and immunity , Shoe and K-Sponge are up for elimination

(Voting Time)

X: So contestant vote for either Shoe or K-Sponge

Phone: Shoe  he made us fall to last place

Toilet : Yeh Shoe

CB: They're both good friends but K-Sponge is nicer I vote shoe

X: and shoe is eliminated which leaves us  with the Final 5 , Water, Phone, K-Sponge, Cereal Box and Toilet Roll , see you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 17: Yo Mama made it into the Final 5!

X: Today's the final 5, The challenge is not to be get eliminated

Cereal Box: Your mama's challenge is not to get eliminated 

X: What?

Cereal Box: Oh its these your Mama things I found on the interwebs

X: First of all your doing it wrong second of all eat this cheese as a second challenge

Sponge: YUMMYN CRETINS (eats  cheese)

Water:(eats cheese)

CB: (eats cheese)

Toilet Roll: (eats cheese)

Phone:(eats cheese) what was the point fo that challenge!

X:  None of your buisness,Now the fans will be voting of someone again lets see the votes

Name Votes Fan's Reasons
Water 40 She never talks its getting old
Phone 39 She's mean
K-Sponge 30 He's crazy
Toilet Roll 25 too Scardey
Cereal Box 2 He's a nice guy but terrible at yo mama jokes

X: Sorry Water you were my favourite character mostly because you were the only one who never talked

Contestants: HEY!

X: So water any first words


X: Contestants back you beack stuff were going to the beach for the final 4!

Contestants : YEH!

Episode 18: Beach Party

X:Were having a beach party to celebrate the Final 4

Contestants : YEH!

X: Yeh! See you next time were having so much fun, see you next time on-


Episode 19: Sandcastle Mania

(le everybody still at the beach)

X: Everyone loving the beach

Contestants : YEH!

X: Well to bad challenge time but dont worry it's beach themed, you both have to build sandcastles for me to judge , you can form teams or work together if you want to go

(Challenge Time)

Cereal Box: Want to work together Sponge?


CB:Yeah let make it big and cool

Phone: I've never made a sandcastle before

Toilet Roll: Really it's like you had no childhood and thats scary

Phone:(le decides to trick TR for fun) Do you know what scarey ,  CB and KS are planning on eliminating you

go show them who's boss

(le toilet roll walks over)

TR: You wanted to eliminated me!

CB: No we dont thats scary

TR: I know but thats not nice, and theres no time to be miss nice girl (pours water over their sandcastle which ruins it) hm!

CB: Aw now we have to start again!

X: Times up

Phone: That was a pretty short challenge

X; Whatever, anyway, those are the 3 crappiest sandcastles I've ever seen no one gets imunity time for voting

(Voting Time)

Toilet Roll: K-Sponge he wanted to get me eliminated and CB is nice

CB: Toilet Roll she was mean

Phone: Yeh I vote TR

X: And TR is eliminated again, which leaves us with the FINAL 3!!!!!!! , K-Sponge, Phone and Cereal Box!, see you next time on Household Hilarity

Episode 20: Loser Lounge 2

X; Here is the losers lounge but you dont want that you want to know who wins Houshold Hilarity

so screw these losers see you next time

Episode 21: The EPIC Challenge Part 1 (Final Three)

X: Today is the day everybody's being waiting for the final of HH! this is the final three and  today's challenge is every challenge ever done in order the last person to do up to episode 9 loses, go! If you die you lose!

(le Phone is 1st)

Phone: (Go's down mudslide episode 1) yes in first

CB: No I can't let the evil phone win!


(Episode 2 - Jump over hurdles)

Phone: yAH!

Cereal Box (le jump)

(Episode 3- Touch a manky phone)

Phone: That is so offensive!

CB: Watever

(Episode 4- Arm Wrestling)

(le Phone and K-Sponge arm/leg wrestling)

CB: If I go slowly they wont hear me

Phone: We hear you and  your not gonna win!

(le CB in first place following him is Phone then Sponge)

(Episode 5: Boxing)

CB: (Le box's Phones Cardboard cutout and runs away)

Phone:(Le boxes K-Sponge's cardboard cutout and moves on)

K-Sponge:(Le kicks CB's cardboard cut out and runs away)

(Episode 6 - Silence contest)

(le 3 silent for a few moments)

Phone: Wait what am I doing here with you loses theres a prize to be won

CB: Sorry K-Sponge but she's right I'm going


(Episode 7-Write a test then go)

Phone: Easy!(passes)

CB: Hello (passes)

K-Sponge: (FAILS and has to stay back)

(Episode 8 - Nothing to do)

Phone: Finally that sponge is eliminated

CB: Actually he is just kept back there your only eliminated if you die rember

Phone: Oh yeh! (kicks CB all the way to challenge 10 were he falls in lava)

X: Halt! CB is dead and K-Sponge is still back at episode 7

Phone: Does that mean I win!

X: No it means CB is eliminated but K-Sponge is still in it to win it, so here folks we have our final 2! Phone and K-Sponge

Phone: Your going down you DUMB SPONGE!

K-Sponge: pantihose, 

X: Ooh looks tense find out who will win the mansion in the next episode of Household Hilarity

Episode 22: The EPIC Challenge Part 2 (Final Two)

X: I'm your host  and this is the final of Household Hilarity  we are down to only 2 (K-Sponge and Phone) the challenge to win is every challenge ever done in order the first person to finish episode 10-19 and cross the finnish line wins! GO!

(Episode 10: Escape a monsters butt using a pole)

Phone: I will winyou stupid kitchen cleaning supplie crazy sucking object


(le both clim the poles)


X: Sorry for the interruptions but for this episode we have every inanimate object in the world watching this event , they are all put into 2 groups the ones who want sponge to win and the ones who want phone to win

X: Let's just say the sponge fans to phone fans  ratio is 300 (sponge) to 3 (phone) 

Toothbrush : Yeh got sponge!

x: shut up!

(back to challenge which is episode 11 escape a maze)

Phone: I have no time for this (rams her head into all the walls breaking them making a passage for her and songe)

(Challenge 12- Go through the Woods)

Phone: Easy I know the way out me and you stupid sponge did this challenge together


(Challenge 13-Vote someone off)

Phone: I vote Sponge!

Sponge: PANTIHOSE! (votes Phone)

(Challenge 14-Handstand)

(Le two of them hand/headstand)

(Challenge 15-Jump of a cliff)

Phone: Dont bother even trying anymore, I'll just win!




Phone: GRRR (kicks sponge) he's probably dead now I'm just gonna go win HAHA

(Episode 16- Swim to Island 3 which has the next challenge)

Phone: HAH good thing I have the new waterproof app!

(Episode 17- Nothing to do her so 

Episode 18- Dance at a party)

Phone: These challenges are so simple (le builds sand castle from episode 19)

Phone: Yes I've been waiting for this day (about to cross finnish line when)

(Sponge who she kicked earlier flys and knocks her away and wins!)


Sponge: OH YEH!

X: and sponge win Household Hilarity!

(le randon cheering and happy ending music)

Sponge: Yes thank you thank you , I'm so happy I'm so proud!

Shoe: You can actually speak proper sentences!!!!

Sponge: I'm just so overjoyed the proper words just spilled out!

Water: Yes thank god that Phone didn't win

Everyone: WATER YOU CAN TALK to!

X: this episode was full of suprises , sponge now has a mansion , but who wants 1 million bucks!

Everyone : ME!!

X: Well that can all be won on Household Hilarity 2! See you next time!


Phone: Yes I have to go get ready to win season 2!

Book: Yeh I 9999999999 repeating percent agree with phone

Comb: I'm so pumped come on guys lets goo

X-box: But wait! only  12 of you can make it so see you on our special episode The Vote Reaveal (HH)


Name+Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21/22 HH2
  6th:   Football  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  8th:   Mirror**    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???  OK OK   OUT    FAIL 
  9th:   Pencil  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  10th:   Comb  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    FAIL 
  11th:   Crayon  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  12th:   Knife  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    FAIL 
  13th:   Broom  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    FAIL 
  14th:   Laptop  OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  15th:   Book  OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    FAIL 
  16th:   Fork  OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    FAIL 
  17th:   Plate  OK OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  18th:   TV * OK OK OK   OUT    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???  OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  19th:   Toilet Roll * OK OK   OUT    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???    ???  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK   OUT    PASS 
  20th:   Toothbrush  OK   OUT    FAIL 
  21st:   Soap    OUT    FAIL 

Green number: this player made it tothe merge

Red number : this player didn't make it to the merge

Red name = Team Cool

Yellow name = Team Kicthen

Green name = Team Other

OK = this contestant was not eliminated

  • means that TV and Toilet Roll returned but technacilly didn't make it into the merge

grey ???'s : This contestant was not present for these episodes but joined/rejoined

  • TV and Toilet Roll returend but technacilly never made it to the merge
    • Mirror debuted during the merge so was never on a team
    • 2ND- This person came in 2nd place
      WIN- This contestant won Househol Hilarity!
      PASS= This player made it to Househild Hilarity season 2
      FAIL= This player didn't get enough votes to go to season 2

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