Holly is a character from the series Total Drama X. She first appeared in Total Drama X: Sunset Valley along with thirteen other competitors. She is given the label of "The Brit".


Holly is an only child and moved to Massachusetts from Great Britain when she was two. She was spoiled from birth and usually had a bad relationship with any boys she came in contact with.

She doesn't exactly know why she is competing on the show, and has often blamed her parents for being too bossy and forcing her to join, but it is thought that her parents wanted to be alone for a while.


Holly is a pale female with long blonde hair. She has large blue eyes and lipstick on her mouth. She wears a necklace with three maroon colored gems.

She usually wears a dark pink skirt that goes down to her knees, and tall white socks. She also wears purple flat high heels to make her look taller. Her shirt has dark pink frills on the two sleeves and at the bottom cut.


Holly is shown to be very demanding and snobby. She is constantly commenting on other people's looks and attitudes, and she can get angry very easily.

She also constantly boasts about her homeland, Britain, and continues to look down on people if she learns they're from the United States.

She has a strange relationship with her parents. At times, she will boast about their status and act like she really looks up to them and admire them. Other times, she comments and whines on their bossiness and how they don't ever give her what she wants.

Sunset Valley

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Audition Tape

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  • Holly is the only contestant in Sunset Valley not to be born in the United States


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