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Not So Happy Campers

All the campers arrive on the island. Everyone seems to be getting along but it is only day 1 so who know what is going to happen. Harold and Duncan start fighting and no one want to be by either. Courtney starts lecturing both of them about how we need to get along. The teens start mingling when Chris arrives and informs them of the team and their first challenge......jumping off a cliff. All the campers jump except DJ, Courtney, TF, Justin and Beth who were either too afraid or didn't want to hurt their bodies. Holden and Heather both laugh at them and the Gophers win the first part of the challenge.

Part 2 begins with the Gophers pulling into a huge lead with the help of the handcarts. To make things worse for the bass Bridgette sprains her ankle which slows everyone down even more since she cannot pull a crate. Courtney lectures Bridgette how she should be more careful and how since she is a CIT she knows what she is talking about. The bass arrive finally to get back to camp and see the gophers hot tub is already completed and they have won the challenge.

The team starts thinking who they need to cut. the non-jumpers and Bridgette are put onto the hot seat for costing the team the challenge. But soon it is just selected on two campers, Courtney for not jumping and being annoying and Bridgette since her ankle might cost them future challenges. DJ was seen as too strong to get rid of and TF was stronger than Bridgette and less annoying than Courtney. After fighting and bickering for a while the Bass was divided in half with Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler and Eva on one side and Harold, Ezekiel, Sadie, Katie and Courtney on the other. TF and Duncan were the swing votes in the middle and were the deciding votes.

At the campfire ceremony Ezekiel starting making sexist comments but everyone was to busy fighting to notice. The camper went to the confessional and voted. Chris gave marshmallows out until there was one left. It was between Bridgette and Courtney and the final Marshmallow went to...............................Bridgette. Courtney started swearing and looked over to TF and Harold and called them traitors. In the end Courtney was forcibly removed from the island after a 7-5 vote.

TF (CONF) Well I had to vote for Courntey. Duncan and I both realized that Courtney was a scary person. She was going to get some votes and I thought that down the line it would be easier to work with Bridgette and with her messed up ankle she is less of a threat to me. Goodbye Courtney. I hope I never see you again.

The Big Sleep

The episode opens with Duncan harassing TF and Harold for voting out Courtney after telling him they were voting for Bridgette. The bass are very divided and the Gophers who are still at the hot tub party are very happy to see this. With conflict brewing on the Bass, and internal battle is beginning on the gophers, both Holden and Heather think that they should be the team captains. The tribe is divided on this front but pushes this little fight off until another day so they can enjoy the party.

In the morning with tensions rising Chris call the campers in for the next challenge. He has them go on a 20 km run around the lake. The gophers easily win since Bridgette had to limp the entire race. The gophers are cerebrating until Chris mentions that isn't even the challenge and make them eat a feast. Most of the camps dive right into the food except Bridgette since she is a vegan, TF because he is weird and Izzy since she doesn't want to eat anything except her special food. The campers are full and ask Chris is they can post-pone the challenge so they can take a nap.

Chris starts to break out in laughter and says that and the run were sabotages for the real challenge. It is called the Big Sleep and the last person to stay awake win for their entire team with the losing team having to eliminate someone. The teens start to groan when Chris mentions there is a catch. The first person to fall asleep out of everyone will be sent home, No campfire, no marshmallow, no vote. Everyone gasps at this and does everything in their power to stay awake.

The teens try to stay awake with no one wanting to be the first causality. Unforgettably a little bit after 8 pm, only 5 hours into the competition the first person does fall asleep. As DJ collapses onto the ground he tells everyone that momma never let me stay up past 8. With DJ's elimination the campers quickly start dropping like flies till only Izzy, Gwen and Duncan are left. Duncan looks like he is about to fall asleep and the gophers are going to win. Suddenly out of no where Izzy starts talking to a bunny. Everyone is wondering what is going on when she injects herself and Gwen with sleeping medication, "The Bunny says the gophers need to lose this one.". With that the Bass win the challenge.

Everyone is ticked off at Izzy and plan to send her home for the betrayal. Though Heather has another plan, she creates an alliance with herself, Lindsay, Izzy and Beth to take out Gwen for letting Izzy inject her. Heather tells the others of her plan but Justin isn't buying it. He wants Izzy to leave for being a lose cannon and costing the team the challenge. Heather and Justin start campaigning for their respected person to go home.

At elimination everyone has received a marshmallow except Gwen and Izzy. No one knew what was actually going to happen. Heather seemed pretty confident but Justin did as well. Gwen and Izzy were nervous and Noah was getting irritated. finally the last Marshmallow went to.............................................Gwen. Izzy by a 8-4 vote you have been eliminated. Heather cleary ticked walked off muttering how she hated everyone on this stupid island. Izzy went crazy and happily ran to the boat of losers.

Chris (CONF): DJ my man your momma wouldn't let you stay up past 8. That is really lame and I hope you like being eliminated because of it. Enjoy the Playa de Losers you loser.

Noah (CONF): Yes, the psycho Izzy went home. She has been nothing but trouble from day 1. Why did she have to switch with Sadie. I would have rather had that crying fat blob on my team than Izzy. Well i guess everything here is for the best now. Hopefully that drama queen Heather won't hold onto a grudge for this since she wanted Gwen gone but i could care less since we have the votes to can her at will. Write the first section of your page here.


The episode starts with the gophers coming back from the elimination ceremony. Heather is fuming at the loss of her alliance member. On the contrary, Gwen, Holden and LeShawna seem pretty happy Gwen did not go home. Holden, Justin and Noah are hanging out in the background and see the other alliances form around them. The night runs pretty smoothly with only 2 fights breaking out both involving Heather, LeShawna and Gwen.

The next morning people quietly walk in for breakfast with the Bass noticeably notice the absence of Izzy. They are mostly glad because she was nuts except for TF who liked her for throwing the last challenge. There is not much talking except Owen practicing his burping and farting.

Suddenly a dodgeball flies into the room and hits Beth in the face and knocks her out cold. Chris comes into the room laughing and explains that today they are going to play some dodgeball. Most of the teens groan and start walking towards the field.They arrive and the invincibility challenge has begun.

The game starts with everyone present except for Beth who they left in the dining hall. The game quickly ends when Owen crushes the competition and wins round 1 for the gophers. Round 2 has the same result. The Bass see they need to come up with a new strategy. They start teaming up on the other players 1 by 1 and win the next 2 rounds. With the game tied 2-2 the team send in their last 5 players. For the gophers it is Owen, LeShawna, Gwen, Heather and Holden. For the Bass it is TF, Harold, Zeke, Bridgette and Katie. The rounds starts and Holden hits TF and gets him out. Bridgette with her ankle and Katie who tired to help her quickly get out too. Harold and Zeke remain and see like easy pickings. The only casualty for the gophers is Owen who dropped a dribbler form Harold. Gwen smacks Zeke wit a ball when suddenly Heather hits Gwen with a ball.

"Both Gwen and Zeke are out" Chris screams. Leshawna frustrated takes a ball and smacks Heather with it. already out Heather take one too and hits Leshawna with it. "Those two are out as well" Chris shouts. Frustrated that his teammates are idiots for getting out and them throwing the challenge Holden steps out-of-bounds and eliminated himself. The Bass win the challenge.

The gophers then try to come to a decision on who to send home. Heather thinks they should vote LeShawna off for hitting her with a ball. LeShawna shouts and says that they should vote off heather for hitting Gwen first. The fighting ensues. In the middle of it all Trent and Cody try to mediate and say since Beth is still knocked out in the dining hall and might be dead they should vote her off to keep the team strong. Holden and his alliance seem to be in the middle and Owen off by himself not trying to get involved.

At the elimination ceremony Beth is still no where to be found and the remaining teens cast their votes and everyone received marshmallows except for Heather, Leshawna and Beth. Chris then talks and the teen that is going home is..........................................................LeShawna. "What the hell are you talking about hosty." LeShawna pipes up. Chris says "You got 6 votes, Beth got 4 votes and Heather somehow didn't get any". Leshawna being irritated leaves and walks off to the boat of losers.

Holden: (CONF): Well It was either keep me strong or the team strong and LeShawna would be a threat to the keep me strong category. I actually thought it could of been a tie but I guess Owen voted for Leshawna like I planned. all i had to do was let him touch Justin's abs and he was my little puppet, Easy as pie.

Owen: (CONF) I vote LeShawna since Justin's abs are the sexiest thing i have ever....... Wait I didn't mean that he is a cool dude and I love him in a brotherly way....... wait I do not love him at all........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Not Quite Famous

The episode starts with Heather rubbing the fact LeShawna is gone into Gwen's face. Gwen seems to have fallen into some sort of despair because of this fact. She is also mad at Justin, Noah and Holden for flipping on her and voting out her closest ally. She falls asleep consumed in her own misery.

In the morning, Chris calls all of the contestants down to the outdoor auditorium and says that for today's challenge each team will need to put up three campers to preform a talent. Chef will judge each talent on a scale 1-10 and the team with he most points will win and the losers will have to go vote someone off. The teams separate and go to host their own auditions.

A few hours later, the Bass and the Gophers return. In the first round Noah and TF preform, Noah recites PI to a thousand place and score 5 points while TF eats a spider but throws it up and score 1 pt. Round 2 occurs with Heather preforming ballet scoring 8 pts and Zeke naming random birds but it only scores 4 pts. The last round occurs starting with the Gophers, Cody starts reciting poem about how he loves to stalk Gwen, he only scores 1 pt. The bass are down by 9. Geoff preforms really cool skateboarding tricks but is it enough.....................Yes he gets a perfect score and the Bass win 15-14.

Initially when the Gophers return to their cabins Heather says they need to can Cody for failing and making the team lose. She also makes comments that Noah should go as well if they have the chance since she did the best. Gwen is very creeped out by Cody as well and wants to eliminate Cody as well which makes him cry and he runs out of the room. Heather takes that as Gold and says its time for that runt to go then.

At the elimination everyone has a marshmallow except Cody and Heather. "Of course people target me, I guess I am too beautiful." Chris holds up the last marshmallow and it goes too..................................................Cody. Heather was eliminated by a 7-3 vote. "WHAT!!!!!" she screams. She is about to turn and scream something else until Chef picks her up and throws her onto the Boat of Losers which sails off.

Gwen (CONF): Why did I keep Cody and target Heather . She is a threat plain and simple. She thought she had those boys eating out of her hand and that Cody Trent and I were the next 3 to go. She was wrong, making that comment about eliminating Noah too ruffled a few feathers and made her a huge target. Something that at that time i couldn't pass up on. will it bite me in the butt later, maybe but those boys will be begging I send them home soon.

The Sucky Outdoors

The Gophers return form the campfire ceremony and seem to be in a good mood. Lindsay and Beth seem to be oblivious that their alliance leader was just voted off. The gophers spend a night talking to each other and act as a team for the first time in a while. Well that is everyone except for Cody who is still absolutely crushed by being denied of a relationship with Gwen. He mopes in the corner while everyone else is having a good time.

In the morning the teens gather for their usual breakfast slop provided by chef and being eating in peace and quiet. That is until Chris runs in and tell everyone it is time for the next challenge. He tells the campers that the have to stay the night outdoors and then they have to race back from their designated campsites to the totem poll. Last team to be back will be going to eliminate someone.

Later, We see the Bass and the Gophers at their campsites. At the Bass's site everyone seems to be happy. TF is trying to start a fire, Katie and Sadie are collecting wood and Duncan is carving a skull into a tree. Bridgette on the other hand is not having a good time because of her fear of being in the woods and her ankle is still hurting form the first challenge. She is afraid of what is going to happen at the racing part tomorrow and hopes it does not cause her team the race.

At the Gophers camp without Heather, the team is operating very smoothly as well. The tent has been pitched and Owen is grilling fish that he caught in a nearby stream. Cody though is moping again in the corner. Gwen goes over to try to talk to him that she appreciates him being on the team and then need him for a win. Cody then tries to kiss her only results in a slap to the face and more moping. Justin Laughs at him and say "Better luck Never loser." With this both teams fall asleep.

The morning commences with the teams packing up and racing back to the totem poll. The Gophers have the lead and are near the finish line. As feared Bridgette is slowing the bass down because of her ankle. Zeke shouts "You are going home if you make us lose eh." The gophers all cross the finish line.............well except for Cody who stops short of the finish line. The gophers are telling Cody to cross the line and help the team finally win a challenge. Cody replies " I will if Gwen tells me how she actually feels about me." Gwen is frustration shouts "I do not like you, I will never like you, now cross the finish line." In response Cody runs into the woods the Bass catch up and cross the finish line and win invincibility.

The Gophers now later try to find out who they are going to vote off. Justin speaks up and say "That ugly dork who cost us the challenge should go home." Owen agrees and Holden and Noah follow suit and the team agrees to vote off Cody. Gwen though does not fell good about this since she thinks it is all her fault that Cody is acting this way. She runs off to find Cody when the scene goes black.

"Its elimination time" Chris shouts "and everyone but Cody and Justin have received a marshmallow. Cody is very nervous know that his actions cost his team the victory. In the end the last marshmallow went to..........................................................Cody. With a 5-4 vote Justin was a goner :(. "Wait what the hell.... What happened to getting rid of Cody" Justin says. Gwen talks and says "Justin, Cody is someone that this team and I need in order to beat the Bass, you are not and with that I got people to vote you off and hence you are going home." Justin in a state of stupor walks off to the boat of losers and leaves the island.

Cody (CONF): Gwen found me crying in the woods. She told me she was sorry for the way she was threatening me. Even though that I knew she was being horribly mean to me, I still like her a ton so I made up some story about it wasn't her it was really Justin. We made a plan to get rid of him and now he is gone. Finally, Gwen is talking to me again and are one step closer to the F2 and marriage.

Phobia Factor

The gophers are coming back form elimination. Noah is fuming over the loss of one his allies. Cody is not crying for once and everyone is glad for the peace and quite. Pretty much this was another peaceful night until Holden comes in and sets the Gophers cabin on fire. It burns to the ground quickly and forces everyone to sleep outside. It puts a big target on Holden's back.

In the morning Chris voice comes over the microphone and he wants to know if the campers are ready to take on the biggest fears. The campers groan and do not want to see what tortures that Chris has up his sleeve today. He tells the campers that he was going to have all of them face their fears but unfortunately he spent all of this challenges money on a espresso machine this morning so he only has enough money for 5 people from each team.

He announces that it will be Gwen, Lindsay, Holden, Cody and Noah for the Gophers and TF, Eva, Katie, Zeke and Duncan for the Bass. The gophers go first and Noah loses a point when he cannot burn all of his books. Gwen refuses to get buried alive and Lindsay runs away when she learns that she would need to get a bad haircut. On the bright side Holden and Cody score points when they teach stupid people math and defuse a bomb respectfully.

The Gophers scored 2 points, things look really bad for the Bass when Katie also refuses the haircut, Eva won't admit she is weak, TF won't delete TDI Camps Wiki pages and Duncan runs away from the Celine Dion standee. With only Zeke left it looks like the gophers have won. Chris shouts though "What the hell Zeke if you win this challenge i will give you 3 points and the win." Nervous all Zeke has to do is, tell his parent they suck at life. Zeke's mom and dad walk in and stand by. Zeke is nervous and he starts refusing to do the challenge. In that second Duncan starts beating him up and refuses to stop until he does the challenge. In fear of his life he shout" I hate you mom and dad, you suck." The bass win the challenge 3-2.

The gophers go back and are really tired of voting people off. Without Justin Owen abandons Holden and Noah to Lindsay and Beth since they have girl scout cookies with them. Holden is the first name that is thrown out for burning their cabin down to the ground. He rejects that saying "I am the strongest member of the team left, so if you vote me off you are all screwed." As much as everyone hates it they know he is right. Trent then bring s up that people need to carry their own weight and he feels that Lindsay isn't doing that. Lindsay retorts saying the Gwen is just as strong as her but she is much uglier so that should send her home. Holden and Noah are right in the middle.

At the campfire everyone has their marshmallows except Gwen and Lindsay. The last marshmallow went to...............................Lindsay..............No actually it went to Gwen. Lindsay was sent home in a 5-3 vote. "Aw come on" Lindsay stammers. Lindsay goes and picks up all 16 of her suitcases and leave the island.

Holden: (CONF) Why did we vote for Lindsay when I usually vote for the stronger people. Well it occurred to me that if we keep losing these challenges it will not matter who is left on my team at the merge. The Bass will pick us off one by one. I can't have that so to win a few challenges Lindsay had to go for my good.

Up the Creek

The gophers return from yet another elimination ceremony. The team is coming together even more. Though Beth is alone in the corner for the mean time that her best friend was eliminated. Though she gets over it quickly and the team vows to win the next challenge and finally beat those bass again.

In the morning Chris announces the next challenge, a canoe race to Boney Island. For the challenge they must canoe to the island, race across it, build a large fire and canoe back to camp. the first team to do all of it first would be safe from elimination. The teams here the go buzzer and start racing for the canoes. The teams are neck and neck as they head towards Boney Island. Everyone arrives on the island with 2 canoes slowing everyone down. for the Bass it is Katie, Sadie and TF while for the Gophers it is Owen and Cody. Katie and Sadie are arguing who is more likely to marry Justin while Owen's fatness slows him down.

The Bass's final canoe gets to the island first and off they race across the island with Eva in the lead who takes out the woolly beavers in her team's way. The remaining gopher's finally dock and race into the woods as well. During the race the gophers catch up and thee two teams starts building their fires at the same time. Being a some sort of scout Beth quickly builds a fire for the Gophers. They cheer and start canoe back to camp. No one knows how to build a fire for the for the Bass so Duncan steals some of the Gophers's fire and Chris says they can continue. TF wants build it the right way and is about to tell Chris that his team cheated. He starts walking over when Eva knocks him out. His body crumples and his team leaves him on the beach.

The gophers have a huge lead and look like they are finally going to win a challenge. That is until Owen's weight finally sinks his canoe and he and Cody have to drag it to shore. The bass are really close to overtake but the gophers are at the end as well and the team who crossed the finish line first was the ......................BASS. It looks like they won again. This was until Chris realized that someone was missing. "Uh where is TF" Chris asks. "Knocked out on Boney Island" Eva smirks. Chris then declared the gophers the winners of the challenge since they had all their players.

The Bass immediately re-split into their 3 alliances in order to vote someone off. The Jocks want to take out Sadie for being slow on the canoeing. The Rejects want to vote off Eva for knocking out TF and costing the team the challenge. Eva becomes enraged at this and beats up Zeke and walks off. Everyone then stares at TF and Duncan who are once again the deciding votes.

At elimination the time had come to send another camper home. Marshmallow had been given to everyone except for Eva and Sadie. Katie seemed the most nervous since she didn't want her BFFF to go home. Eva seemed confident. The final marshmallow went to..............................................EVA. Katie and Sadie both break down and start bawling as they don't want to be separated. Security comes and separates the two, throws Sadie on the boat and is leaves the dock. Sadie left by a 6-4 vote.

Duncan: (CONF) Why did did Sadie go home. She is a weakling plain and simple, we need to win a few team challenges and if her weight and Katie keep her mind out of the game then she had to go. The Bass rule and we need to keep playing that way. No fat blubbering babies aloud. Yeah TF wanted to send Eva but i reminded him that I am scarier than Eva and he does what I tell him to do.

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