High-Heel Heath (or, just Heath), labeled the Drag Queen, is one of fourteen contestants appearing on Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. Heath's biggest passion in life is acting, which has led to him creating many characters, each with their own specialties. He is on the show purely to have fun and show himself off, and to potentially expose more people to the drag community.

High-Heel Heath
Killer Catwalks
Triple H EBB
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated  ?
Place  ?
Relationship None
Friends Chadd
Enemies None
Full Name (Age): "High Heel" Heath Hodgers (31)
Current Occupation: Fierce Drag Queen
Hobbies: Acting, dressing-up, making people uncomfortable, being fierce
Favorite Fabric: Satin

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful



  • Originally, Heath went by the nickname "Triple H" as a reference to the professional wrestler of the same name. This was dropped because I found it pointless after a while, resulting in the character going by his actual name, Heath.

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