A one shot of Mike and Zoey, in Mike's narration after they break up. Due to his "new" personality. Made by Gurerich

How it happened

I was fourty-five.My girlfriend Zoey, the most beautiful girl in the world just broke up with me. How did it happen. It all started when I signed up for Total Drama Revmge of the Island. I met Zoey and we were quickly in love. When I finally told her my love I was eliminated because of a dirty redhead named Scott who recently became involved in a car crash. I don't think he survived, deserved that all right

Anyways back to the story, me and Zoey started to have some relationship problems the next season. My personalities were coming back and I wasn't even knowing. I was trying so hard to keep them in focus, it didn't work out. Cameron still tries to help me. He's a good friend because he ignores my evil personality. I shouldn't have tried to hurt the four friends that were my personalities from when I was a small infant.

They ... they were trying to protect me.Once I realized this my new evil personality who called himself "Rob", a drunk man who was a bartender and would try and murder people in their sleep.He was the cause of me and Zoey breaking up after he ruined several of our dates. I didnt want to tell Zoey about this but Cameron told her about Rob and she thought it'd be best if we broke up. I still remeber how she looked that night. Red crimson dress, purple heels. Hair in the usual pigtails. I was upset then. She asked about how I thought our relationship  was going so far.

I asked Rob if he was happy towards himself, happy that he broke up one of the most beloved couples, he said "Yes I am very, now my work is done". Then there was a bright flash of light in my head. When the light disappeared, he was gone and it was just me again.

Well there you have it, now that I know Zoey will never take me back. The only thing I have to look forward to is the end of my world otherwise known as my death.

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