Team B
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Two: What Are You Waiting For?"
Place 12th
Relationship None
Friends Mother Nature
Enemies Vince
Fear Zoos
Talent Releasing Animals
"The Animal Activist", Hellen's love for animals dates back to her very first pet, which also spawned her hatred for Zoo and pound like establishments. Since she witnessed the cruelty befalling animals in places like these, she has set out to improve the animal's releasing them back into the wild. Hellen ended up in the McLean Correctional Facility after a failed attempt at indroducing a newly "rescued" alligator into the sewer.

Total Drama: Second Chance

In Chapter One, Hellen steps off the convoy and critisizes Warden Hatchet for wearing leather. He flings her towards the wall after she berates him. Hellen was placed on Team B.

In Chapter Two, Hellen refused to give Vince a bucket to put his captured scorpion in, stating it was wrong to disturb the animal's natural habitat, even going as far as to call scorpions beautiful. She also berates Vince when he carelessly dropped a scorpion into a bucket. At the end of the challenge, Hellen releases all the captured scorpions, calling them her "animal friends". She was eliminated, and screamed that she didn't need a Second Chance, because in Mother Nature's eyes, she had done nothing wrong, and that it was Warden Hatchet and Vince who needed to change.


  • Sprinklemist saw the saying on Hellen's sign on a T-shirt, once.
  • Hellen was the first contestant eliminated.

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