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Killer Apples
Over Nine Thousand
Swagged Out Citrus Fruits
Hopalong Ralphcakes



Gender Female
Hair color Golden blonde
Episode Eliminated "Language Farts", "A Little Night Fishin'" and "Bocce Brawl"
Place TDS: 9th
TDTJ: 6th
TDSS: 12th
Relationship Wolfgang
Family Mom, Sisters
Friends Chrissy, Julia, Wolfgang, Gary, Estrella
Enemies Meg, Trey, Amanda, Arthur, Sharissa, Trick, Ori, Devin, Layla, Elena
Fear Bad books
Talent Reading
Helga, labeled as The Reader, was a contestant in Total Drama School on the Killer Apples team. She returned for Total Drama: Tiki Jungle and was placed on the Over Nine Thousand team. She later returned for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, and was placed on the Swagged Out Citrus Fruits before being switched to the Hopalong Ralphcakes.


Helga grew up in a family with a single mom and twin sisters, who always hung out with their friends. Helga's mom works at a bakery and had to leave early and come back really late, so Helga is sort of used to being home alone. She doesn't care, because the only thing she really cares about in the world is a really good book. At school, Helga is one of the "boring" people who just blends in with the crowd. She doesn't have many friends, and sits by herself at lunch, just reading. Helga ignores all of that "status" stuff, because she doesn't need friends. Her favorite book series is "The Thirsty Games" and she camped out in front of the book store the night before "Mockingbird" came out.

Total Drama School

Helga is the 4th person to arrive in Chapter 1, and comes out of the bus about a minute after her cue, because she was reading a book. She introduces herself, but trips over Carson, who was unconscious thanks to Ricky. Later, Emilee compliments Helga on her shirt, and Helga is put on the Killer Apples team along with Meg, Alex, Sharissa, Ricky and Gary. Helga continues to be a background character for the rest of Chapter 1.

Helga did not do anything of importance in Chapter 2 until the tie-breaker. Helga is against Carson in a game of rock, paper, scissors. The game drags on and on because Helga keeps using "gun", which, according to Alex, is cheating. Carson wins, so Helga's team will have someone eliminated. At the elimination, Helga is safe, and when Ricky gets voted out, she doesn't seem to care.

In Chapter 3, Helga explains how she doesn't ever play dodgeball and just sits on the bleachers reading. Of course, Meg gets extremely mad at Helga, because Meg's sporty habits conflict with Helga's reading lifestyle. As soon as she walks onto the field, Devin throws a ball at her, giving her a black eye. During the relay race, Helga is picked to run for some reason. She is reading her book, and doesn't even notice when it is her turn. So Sharissa throws her, and she wins it for the Apples, so Helga is safe for the night.

Total Drama: Tiki Jungle

After Total Drama: Tiki Jungle

After TD:TJ, Helga returned home and decided that she would go to college to become a writer, since that was her number one dream in life. She hasn't interacted at all with any of the other contestants in either of her seasons, or anyone really at all. She did join a book club, but quit after the first meeting because of the others' "paleozoic" taste in books. She is still her snide and rude self, and she decided that she would lose some weight because she didn't want to be made fun of. Helga joined an exercise program, and eventually lost 100 pounds in about two years. Now, people don't even really recognize her, and she likes it like that, because she doesn't enjoy signing autographs, even though she has the second-smallest fanbase out of any of the contestants, only in front of Manty.

Helga was picked to be in the fifth season because of her sarcastic and grumpy attitude, and she initially refused, but she then agreed to do it when she was allowed to bring her books again.

Audition Tape

Helga is in a beanbag chair, reading, when she looks at the camera and says, "Huh? What's a camera doing here?" She then introduces herself and continues reading. Loud noises are coming from the other room. Helga says those are her twin sisters who are having a wild party with boys. She smiles at the camera, goes back to her book, and the camera turns off.


  • Helga's body design in School and Tiki Jungle is based off of LeShawna's, and her personality is meant to be similar to a much ruder and female Noah.
  • The red star on Helga's shirt is meant to be a parody of brands like Abercrombie, American Eagle, etc.
  • Helga's sudden morph in personality in Total Drama: Tiki Jungle was implied to be a result of her early elimination in School.
  • Helga was originally going to be the first boot in Tiki Jungle (before I had created the character of Manty) but I realized that that would make bringing her back in the first place pointless, and I desperately needed a snarker character. I didn't expect her to become a fan favorite whatsoever.
  • I deeply regret eliminating Helga right before the merge in TDSS, mostly because I was actually looking forward to writing her plot with Wolfgang. Even, if nothing else, just switching her and Estrella's placings was something I probably should've done, looking back.
  • Helga and Wolfgang's relationship was first decided when I noticed that both of them had German names, and then realized that they would actually probably click very well. I also have to give a shout-out to Rhonda for helping me develop this relationship. Thanks, Rhonda!


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