Heidi, labeled the Anime Lover, is a character in Total Drama the Unknown. She is on the Toxic Termites.

Heidi (TDtU)
Toxic Termites
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Lord of the Lies"
Place 4th
Relationship Eric
Family Unknown
Friends Gillian
Enemies Caleb
Fear Unknown
Talent Unknown


Heidi had loved anime since she could read, and has watched it for almost all her life. She's studied almost every anime, and has learned all of the drawing techniques for each. She's been practicing each style, trying to master them. Eventually, she hopes to make her own anime, or help make one of the animes she loves so much. She also plans to possibly start a manga. However, to do this, she needs money, and Total Drama the Unknown is the best way for her to get it.


  • Heidi is based after the author's neighbor.

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