Eliminated in
Courtney, Scarlett, Max, Mal.

Heather was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. The Queen Bee of the show and the evilness. She is starting dating with Alejandro. She has problems with Courtney. She has a lot of fight with her.

Total Drama All Over Again


Heather is angry on Courtney

Heather's first appearance is in the first episode of season one. When Chris called her the Queen Bee, she is angry. But she has problems with Courtney. She has a lot of fight with her. But Heather has a relationship with Alejandro.

In All Over Again she arrived as "The Queen Bee". Chris called her as the queen bee. Heather was angry about it and pushed Zoey away, cause she was angry on Chris. When Zoey told, she was hurt by Heather, Heather said: "It's not my problem, isn't it? If you are hurt, leave this island because you will suffer more pain". Heather is back! When Alejandro and Courtney arrived, Heather is more anrgy. She looks angry to Alejandro. When Courtney arrived and does dramatic, Heather said to her: "Girl, shut the f*ck up. I'm 5 minutes here and you act as a bad b*tch. Please go away". Duncan agreed with her. Heather was so angry on Courtney. Later she was called by Max the evilness girl. She likes Max, cause he's an evil to, but she doesnt said that. Her team was Strange Owls, with her enemies Alejandro and Courtney. That evening in the girls cabin there was a fight between Heather and Courtney. "So, you think you can get all male contestants here? You are so dumb." she said to Courtney.

Courtney was so angry. The next morning, Heather and Alejandro are alone in the bathroom. "So Alejandro, we are alone. You can tell me your evil plans.". Heather said. But Heather hated Alejandro while she loves him. "Well my sweet, sweet Heather. I have no plan or something. Only a heart, for you.." Alejandro said, to Heather. Heather was happy to hear that but she wanted vote him off.  "You wish, and now go away i need a shower." Heather said and pushes Alejandro away. She didn't want to used by him. "Sure my gorgeous lady.


Courtney is angry on Scott and Duncan.

hink about it, we can make a great time. We are hot, smart and evil." Alejandro said and blows a kiss to Heather. Then he walks away. When he was away Heather was so happy about it. She said later in the confessional:  "Alejandro is sooo nice. He's so hot and i- what am i doing? Am i falling in love with this girl tester. But I need to play with Alejandro. He need to think, i stand behind him. And when he doens't think about eliminating, I will eliminate HIM!" Heather said with a evilness voice. Later at the challenge, she found a wooden piece. Scarlett looks there hundred times, but can't find them. Heather looked one time and found one. When the team walks to each other, they made a plan. Courtney doesn't want to walk with Duncan. Heather said "So .. Duncan isn't on this team, girl. Dawn, Max and Scarlett left side. Alejandro, Courtney and me on the right side. " Heather tells to her team. But when they finished, they look at the other team. They are already painting.Heather was so angry. That evening at the elimination, Alejandro, Max and she has a alliance. She will vote for Scarlett, cause she didn't do the challenge that good. She voted for her, and when Courtney was happy about it she said: "You are lucky tonight, girl. But if you will continue act as a drama queen, you are the next." And she walked away.

In Gonna Get 'Em All she sits in the cabin in the evening. Courtney knocks on the door, but Heather didn't op it. "Let me in, now!" Courtney screams angry. Heather walks to the door and open it. "Oh, are you here Courtney. Well, i dont care. You can sleep in the forest or whatever" Heather said and close the door again. "HEATHER! YOU ****" Courtney screamed and walks angry away. While she walked back. The next morning she walked to the cabin of Alejandro and Max. "Well, the evil four. We need to talk right now." Mal said. "And why? For what we will do it, then?" Max answered to Mal. "Good. I'm in a different team. But i have a idea. If you three the next challenges lose for your team, then can you vote for the other team members. When you are with these 3, i will lose the challenges for mine team. Are you three in?" Mal told and asked to the three. "What do you think, Heather.. if you agree with him, i'm to." Alejandro said. "Let's say this in a friendly mood. I will do my best this season, and i'm not gonna lose for someone that has nothing. I'm out of this alliance, you can work for yourself." Heather said and when she said this she kissed Alejandro. "But i'm in, Mal." Max said to Mal. "If you lose this challenge for us, you are the next person that will be voted out." Heather said angry to Max. "Ok then Heather, but i'll get my revenge on you." Max said with an evil laugh. Heather doesn't care about that. At the challenge she was as first caught. "So the only th-" Heather want to say but is caught. "Heather! Where are you? HEATHER!" Alejandro screamed. At the end of the challenge she was back. At the elimination ceremony, she voted for Max. He was the person that has to go.

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