Heather (OC)
Gender Female
Hair color Blue(dyed)
Episode Eliminated "???"
Place  ???
Relationship None
Family Sister, 2 Brothers
Friends  ???
Enemies  ???
Fear Puppets
Talent Yoga, being Quiet, Reading, Dancing
Heather, labeled the Quiet Girl, may appear in Total Drama Loaded.


Heather is the oldest of 4 children. when she was little, she wasn't that shy, but once her brother, Nathan, was born, shyness took her over. Despite this, she likes danciong, and some surfing. With her two other siblings, she usually fights with them. She joined TDL, because her brother, Nathan, dared her.


  • She is an edited version of Zoey.
  • Despite the fact that she's related to Meaghan, they don't look alot alike. Heather is pale, and has green eyes, and Meghan is tan, and has blue eyes. The only things they have really in common is that they both have thin eyebrows, and both have dyed hair.

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