Hatcher is labeled as The Fat Guy and was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Sky High Hawks
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Whitedwight"
Place 10th
Relationship None
Friends Boomer, Lucy, Wallace
Enemies Michael, Kaitlyn, Jenika, Joe, Teresa, Todd, Paul, Ellen
Fear Tailors
Talent Streaking, Strategizing, Soccer


Hatcher never liked to where clothes. When he was a toddler, he always gets out of his clothes and streaks around his house. His father, Richard, didn't mind at all, thinking it was just a phase he would grow out of soon. Unfortunately for Richard, it never stopped. When he became a teenager, he celebrated his birthday by running around the block naked, shocking and nearly traumatizing his neighbors. After school, he was part of the boys soccer team where he was one of their best players. But he was always cocky about his plays and whenever he was the MVP of the team. After winning the championship, he told his team that he was actually gay, but unlike the kids on his block that pick on him for being gay and streaking, they actually don't mind. Mostly because he's one of their best players. When Hatcher became 16, he signed up for Total Drama Chaos to play the game, as well as streak.


Hatcher is based partially off of Owen from Total Drama Island and Richard Hatch from Survivor; both were fat and winners of the show's first installments.

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