Screaming Beavers
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDW: The Lakeside Story"
Place TDW: 16th
Family Oprah (sister)
Friends Oprah, Kyle, Rena, Tanya

Harpo, labeled The Twin, qualified for Total Drama Woods and is on the Screaming Beavers.


Total Drama Woods

Harpo is the nineteenth camper, along with Oprah, to arrive on the island. Harpo signed her sister, Oprah, up for Total Drama Woods. She is very optimistic, the opposite of her sister. She joined Total Drama Woods to get out of the house.

In Here and Now?, she immediately falls in love with the boys on the island, especially Kyle. Harpo refused to jump out of the plane and got no points.

In Fame Is the Name of the Game, Harpo tried to convince Oprah to audition with her, but didn't.

In Canoewrecked, Harpo and Oprah both want to be paired with Kyle, but they end up getting paired with each other.

In The Gold Meddle, Harpo wants to compete in the swimming challenge because she thinks she looks hot in a bathing suit.

In Cirque de Stupide, Harpo doesn't talk, but she is not eliminated.

In Jeopardy!, Harpo had to dress up as Tweedledee. Harpo thinks the challenge is easy, until Chris says that Adam will be throwing bananas at them. While cleaning the car, Harpo bumped into Oprah, causing a major argument. Harpo and Oprah both want to compete in the trivia show, so Rena chooses both of them. They both survive until the end and spin the Wheel of Fortune.

In The Lakeside Story, Harpo says that she wants a bed away from Oprah. Rena says that they make a good team, but they continue fighting. Harpo was there when Michael walked in to their hut naked. Later, Harpo and Oprah get into a fight over Kyle and can't even be pried apart by their entire team. Later, Harpo is in the bottom 2 and is eliminated. Before she leaves, she asked Kyle who he liked more, and he reveals he likes them both as friends. They then realize they were fighting about nothing and apologize before Harpo has to walk down the Dock of Shame.


  • Harpo's appearance is an edit of Katie.

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