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Hannah (TDIOT)
Team C
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (dyed)
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends Bobby, Layson
Enemies Zara
Fear Negativity
Talent Fashion Designs

Hannah labeled The Cheerful Beauty is a contestant on Total Drama Isle of Terror.


Almost all of the girls who are incredible beautiful knows it and acting like that. They wanna be the princess, the queen bee or just the populair girl. But Hannah doesn't want to be populair at all. She is sweet, wants the best for everyone and loves animals. Of course she likes shopping, singing and all other girl things but if she can help someone she is going to help them.

Audition Tape

A girl looks to the camera. She is beautiful. Long blonde hair, baby blue eyes with long black cilia's. She wears a pink shirt with a white belt and a black skirt. She wears purple/blue earrings. "I know you think an annoying girl that thinks she is everything is talking now. Everyone does. But I'm totally not. My name is Hannah, I live in New York. I'm on a college for designers. My dream is to be a Fashion Designer. And I always wanted to be in Total Drama. Even if I may a beauty, I dont care about my appearance. And the number one thing I really hate is bullying. Anyway, I'm really serious at the moment. And I love to talk every day. I'm very social, but not really confident. If you want to pick me, ofcourse you can. But I understand that I can be boring or something." Hannah stated and looks to her teddy bear. She cuddles it and turns the camera off.

Total Drama Isle of Terror




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