Hailey, labeled as The Extraordinarily Nice Girl, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Movie Premiers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "New York and New Deli"
Place Twentieth
Friends Juliana, Kurt, Shirley
Enemies Jenna
Fear Discrimination Due to her Sister
Talent Painting


Hailey was born into a moderately wealthy family, and was always treated nicely by her parents. The niceness rubbed off on her, and she became quite nice, and always volunteers at homeless shelters, pet adoption centers, and other public places. At school, she is often bullied, but not because she is nerdy, geeky, or anything of the sort, but because of her sister. The bullying escalated after her sister went on a reality show, and now everyone knows that she is her sister, and is always mistreated. They mistreat her because they assume she is just as mean as her sister, and ignore all the community work that she does. She joined Total Drama: Los Angeles in order to prove to the world that, although she is Heather's little sister, she is really, sincerely, nice.

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