Gwen, labeled The Loner Goth, was a competitor on Total Drama: Destruction Island.


Gwen (Total Drama: Destruction Island)

Team: None

Hair: Black with teal streaks

Eyes: Black

Eliminated: No Teams, 2 Dodgeballs, and 34 Contestants

Place: 34th/33rd

Relationship: None

Friends: None

Enemies: Lightning

Total Drama: Destruction Island

Gwen hadn't done anything really in the first episode, but she was in the bottom three at the elimination ceremony. Gwen becomes bummed that she is the first out, along with Lightning. She says it was unexpected and was ready for the Cannon Of Shame, but Chris interrupted her, telling her and the rest of the contestants that it was now the Volcano of Shame. When Chris asks if Gwen or Lightning have any last words, Gwen just says "good bye", and is launched out of the Volcano of Shame, losing the competition.

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