Gender Male
Place 1st
Teammate Kenyatta
Relationship None
Friends Kenyatta, Clay, Jorge, Phineas, Sylvia, Kermit, Evelyn
Enemies Rainer
Hometown Des Moines, Iowa
Original Pyramid Piece Luck
Grover Flame was a character competiting on Endurance. He was labeled The Shy Follower. Grover won the competition.


Grover was homeschooled growing up. He lived right at the bottom of a huge hill of a fancy neighborhood. Grover's grandfather designed a house at the bottom of the hill, and the house was given to his family. Since Grover was homeschooled, he never had many friends. His only friends were either children that his father worked with, or children that lived in the rich neighborhood at the top of the hill. Grover liked his friends that lived in the neighborhood, but rarely got to play with them, since they were all active in sports. When Grover was eleven, his mother died in a car crash. Since his father worked, Grover couldn't be homeschooled anymore, so he was moved to a public school. Grover was very shy at his new school, and even the friends he did make, he tended to just follow them around. Grover auditioned for Endurance because he felt like maybe he could be more social and make lifelong friends in the game.

Chapter Guide

In This Is Endurance, Grover went overboard when Charlote and Cealey knocked him off the boat. When he get back on the boat, Kenyatta accidentally slipped and her smoothie flew right on Grover. When they picked bunks, Grover sat under Clay. He believed what Evelyn, Cealey, and Charlote told him were true about the fake teams. He was placed with Kenyatta on Team Asia. He was perfectly fine with that as he felt that Kenyatta was nice. When they picked pieces for their team, Kenyatta and Grover picked the Luck piece because Grover was 100% Irish. They picked the African Safari trip because Kenyatta wanted to explore her native home. He was confused about what a Samadhi was.


  • His image was drawn by Sprinklemist.
  • Grover and Kenyatta were the only team to not have won a challenge up until Chapter Ten. They were also the only team not to be sent up to Temple, or receive a Samadhi.

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