Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Luther
Enemies TBA
Fear Being banned
Talent Trolling
Griffith, labeled as The iTroll, is a contestant in Total Drama: The Australian Outback.


Griffith's life in trolling began when he was six. His parents, always away on business trips or doing work anyway, grounded him for hitting his best friend. He was to be confined to his room for three weeks. He began to mess around on his laptop, and eventually made a MyCircle account and started leaving overly hateful comments on viral videos, even if he liked them. Griffith eventually got banned after several arguments with fellow users, but he felt accomplished having broken the rules so much he was banned. Ever since, he has been making accounts on popular sites and doing things such as vandalizing, spamming, leaving hate comments, and his favorite of all, making people lose the game. Griffith deeply enjoys this, even if it is repeitive and he always seems to get banned. Griffith signed up for Total Drama Marsh just to piss off those at the Total Drama: Paradise Beach wiki, which he trolled.


  • Griffith's shirt is very annoying, in the author's opinion.
  • Griffith being friends with Luther is meant to be ironic.
  • Griffith replaced another character on the character roster at the last minute.

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