Gretchen, labeled the Catty Girl, is one of fourteen contestants appearing on Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. Vain and superficial, Gretchen has entered the fashion world in hopes that, one day, the spotlight will fall to her and make her a star. As an added bonus, she's potentially the pettiest drama queen in reality TV history.

Killer Catwalks
Gretchen EBB
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "The Fabrics of Failure"
Place 14th
Relationship None
Friends Travis
Enemies Alfred, Karen, Spence
Full Name (Age): Gretchen McForrester (23)
Current Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Socializing, texting, acting, singing, crying for attention
Favorite Fabric: Silk

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

In A Passion for Fashion, Gretchen first appeared when Spence made a ill-fated attempt to flirt with her on the boat. She swiftly and coldly shot him down, mocking him and his attempts, stating that she was on the show for herself and herself only. When she arrived with the rest of the cast on the island, Gretchen became a member of the Killer Catwalks.

Later, in The Fabrics of Failure, Gretchen flirted with Travis, manipulating him into carrying her up the endless stairwell and inadvertently sparking animosity between Travis and Spence. During the challenge, Gretchen yelled at Alfred for cooking the noodles al dente, promising him that if they lost, he would be the one going home. When the Catwalks did eventually lose, Gretchen absentmindedly revealed to Karen that she didn't care about fashion, prompting the lawyer to plot with Alfred and secretly vote Gretchen into the Fashion Face-Off. Taken by surprise, the queen bee narrowly lost the Face-Off and becoming the first person eliminated in the process. Gretchen quickly shrugged it off, saying that she would just take her pursuit of fame to social media.

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