Gregory "Greg" Shevinalski
Screaming Gophers (had he been accepted into TDI)
Gender Male
Hair color Green/Blue
Episode Eliminated "The only sign of rejection was his audition tape back, but we figure he didn't make it on."
Place approximately 192,000
Family Nina Shevinalski (sister)
Friends Noah, Cody, Nalyd (formerly), Gigi
Enemies Matt Tollin
Fear Heights, Vomiting

Greg Shevinalski is one of TBTDIF's characters. He is the most used character in fanfiction and camps, and is even considered of a fact to being TBTDIF's alterego. This article is about his life story.

Early Life

Greg was born Greg Jason Shevinalski. Greg didn't spend much of his very early life around other children, but when he turned three he met a boy named Nalyd Renrut. The two became friends easily, but Greg turned into somewhat of Nalyd's assistant, and the badge "second in command" stuck with him.

Total Wikia Elementary

The years went by, and Greg enrolled in Total Wikia Elementary, where he once again was known as the second in command to Nalyd.

(To be continued)

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