• The Friendly Foxes group and the Cool Chihuahua group walk in Sierra's house.*

Sierra: Welcome guys! You know me!

The Friendly foxes and Cool Chihuahuas: Hello Sierra.

Rosa: Where do we sleep.

Sierra: In rooms!

Michelle: Basic or Prenium cable?

Sierra: Prenium.

Molly: Next to our highschool?

Sierra: Yup.

Lina: Can we decorate our room or part of the room any way we want?

Sierra: Yup.

Trisha, boredley: Do we have to bond.

Sierra: YES, but in different ways.

Flora: Will we get do social stuff with other people?

Sierra: Yes, espicially *romatically*Cody.

Mina: What will the group names be?

Sierra: Well, you Molly, Maddy, and Trisha with be the Cool Chihuahuas while Lina, Rosa, Michelle, and Flora will be the Friendly Foxes group. Now who wants to watch TDRI on the Reality Teen channel?!

The Friendly Foxes and The Cool Chihuahuas: I do!

The End

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