Girl Roomates is a realiaty show created by Sierra almost Jameson Anderson. It is about bonding and creating new friends and having fun. Unlike TDI, the group members and location are American. It takes place in Arcata, California.





Group 1 season 1: The Friendly Foxes

Girl Roommates Friendly Foxes part 1

Rosa, Michelle, and Flora

Girl Roomates Friendly Foxes Lina


Group 2 season 1: The Cool Chihuahuas

Girl Roomates Cool Chihuahuas part 1

Molly, Maddy, and Trisha

Girl Roomates cool Chihuahuas Mina



Season 1

  1. Welcome People!
  2. To The Movies We Go!
  3. Tell us Something we Don't Know!
  4. Dinner at Denny's.
  5. Our Viral Video.
  6. Let's Get Some Joe at Starbucks.
  7. Lazy Day.
  8. Meet Cody!
  9. Mall Madness!
  10. Harry Potter vs.Green Latern
  11. It's Raining and Pouring and Trisha is snoring with no heater charged.
  12. Sleepover with Cody.
  13. Wii time!
  14. Let's get this party started!
  15. How was school today?
  16. I LOVE Hollywood!
  17. Our Neighbor, Cody.
  18. Maddy Potter and Sierra's stone
  19. Shoppin' at K-mart
  20. Molly's book idea
  21. Bye! See ya' soon!

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