Gianna, labeled The Sexist Jerkette on Total Drama Forest.

Battling Bears
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Bottom Chef"
Place 24th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Older Sister
Friends None
Enemies Toto
Fear Yoga
Talent Yelling


Gianna has always been a feisty girl. Unfourtunately, she is also very sexist. She can be sassy with girls, but completely loses it with boys.More often then not, she attacks the boy, which is hard to do when you're extremely smart and have zero muscle mass.

Gianna joined Total Drama because she finds it sexist that no girl has won yet, and wants to be the first one.

Total Drama Forest

Gianna didn't do much in The Boring Setup Chapter, however she did much more in her elimination episode,  Bottom Chef. In this episode, she "took charge" of her team by forcing all of the boys to do the work. This sexism is what led to her elimination.


  • Gianna was the first person eliminated and recieved zero marshmallows
  • Gianna was eliminated early because I had no good ideas for her character, and she was quite similar to Gian.
  • Gianna was a character that I thought would be hated, but ended up being rather well-liked by the audience.

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