Georgia, labeled The Cool Chick is a camper in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Female
Hair color red
Episode Eliminated "What an asshole"
Place 14th
Relationship None
Family younger brother and sister
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Georgia used to be a cruel, mean girl, raised in an environment of cruelty and an evil atmosphere. That changed when she moved to Canada at the age of five and her mother gave birth to two twins, one boy and one girl, in the same year. Upon seeing the new members of the family, Georgia saw the light, changed her attitude completely, and became a nice girl with spunk. She began listening to hip-hop and pop music instead of heavy metal and "emo" songs. Georgia, since she changed her tune, started to enjoy making people's lives better, and with a cool attitude and spunk, can do that to anyone down in the dumps, including her own brother and sister. Georgia is also the most popular kid at her school due to her nice and cool attitude and spunk, and surrounds herself with people like her. Georgia treated Infinity as a challenge to be overcame, and joined to do just that, and to make the lives of even more people better with her spunk and attitude!

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