Tenacious Titans
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "To be determined"
Place To be determined
Family Mother, father,
Friends To be determined
Enemies To be determined
Fear Going bankrup
Talent Spending money on loose women and lots of champagne

George, labeled The Pompous Affluent, is a contestant on Total Drama: Mount Olympus, and a member of the Tenacious Titans team.


George was born into a rich household, and he’s not afraid to let everyone know that. Despite being underage, George has more worth to his name than some people will have in their entire lifetime. He owns several mansions across the country, an island, and has even paid to name a star after himself. During the weekends, when he’s bored, he’ll regularly fly to a foreign country and make it back in time for his dinner party. George goes to an elite private school, which he of course paid to get into, and isn’t afraid to arrive in a limousine. If he gets a bad grade in a class, he’ll bribe the teacher with millions of dollars to change the grade. Although he hasn’t worked a day in his life, he still thinks highly of himself. To him, he doesn’t think that bragging about how much he has in the bank makes him pompous. In fact, he thinks quite the opposite. He’s happy to throw money at people if they need it. He’s not selfish, he’s just cocky. He realizes that money is something he can use to get ahead in life. George knows that it makes the world go round, and thinks of his wealth as a sign of power.


  • George's picture was drawn by BrunoSomebody and used with permission. Thanks, Bruno!


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