George, labeled The Gamer is a contestant on Total Drama Forest                                                                

George (TDF)
Fighting Frogs
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Among the Hidden and Seekers"
Place 23rd
Relationship None
Family Father, Grandfather, Grandmother
Friends Mary, Evan.
Enemies None
Fear Scientists who hate Hedgehogs
Talent Gaming


George's mother walked out on him when he was little. To fill the void, he turned to video games. He loves many franchises including Mario, Call of Duty, and Pokemon, but his favorite is Sonic. His father works at a fruit snack factory, so he gets free samples and that, coupled with his time spent on video games has means he has becomee kind of overweight.

George joined Total Drama because he's a fan of the show and wanted to see how far he could go.

Total Drama Forest

In The Boring Setup Chapter, he was the last one to arrive, with Mary. She chased him after he insulted her by saying she looked like Big the Cat.

In Bottom Chef, George was put on the Frogs. He shared video game knowledge about how the final boss of Super Mario Bros.2 was a frog. His team won.

In Among the Hidden and Seekers, he said that he was scarred by the movie Hide and Seek. He was the last member for his team in the hide and seek challenge, but lost due to playing video games. He formed an alliance with Mary and Evan, but was eliminated anyway


  • George was the second camper eliminated and recieved no marshmallows.
  • George was someone I wanted to let go far, but I cut him early in place of more important characters.

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