Gennifer, The Smartie, was competing in Total Drama Popstars and was on Team Sopranos and The Stealing Racoons.

Gennifer (TDPS)
Team Sopranos

Stealing Racoons

Merging Survivors

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "The One With The Big Merge"
Place 6th
Relationship Bryan
Family Mother, two younger Sisters, Step Father and three Step Brothers
Friends Tia, Ulrich, Priscilla Joanne and Bryan
Enemies Chris, Victoria and Avalon
Fear Rats
Talent Babysitting


Gennifer is smart but not scary smart like other brainiacs she knows at her high school. Gennifer comes from a blended family her mother and her two younger sisters were intoduced to her new father and three even newer brothers, one of which is her age. Gennifer dubs her familiy "The Modern Day Brady Bunch" and is fine with it. Gennifer gets along with her step brothers and often babysits them, which she hates since they get on her nerves. Gennifer saw an ad for Total Drama Pop Stars online and thought it'll be fun since she loves to sing. Gennifer went to audition after school one day and made the cut beating out just one other girl since the rest were boys.


Meet The Singers: Gennifer arrived along with Sam and told Chris it was an honor to meet him which made him smile. She smiled when Tia walked up hinting a possible friendship between the two later in the game. She, along with everyone else, got annoyed when Victoria boasted about herself. She also got annoyed when Chris lied about the season's concept. She along with Tia cheers when they were the winners of the challenge and were happy their team was safe that week.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Gennifer voted for Avalon due to her attitude but other than that showed no remorse when Marissa left. Gennifer faced off against Nina and won causing Nina to hit the ropes and fall to the mat. Other than that Gennifer didn't do anything of importance but was happy no one else is going home.

Wild It Up: Due to Xavier quitting Gennifer was placed on the Stealing Racoons team by Chris and asked where the confessional was when they arrived at Camp Wawanakwa. During the challenge Gennifer unwillingly agred with Victoria staing that it was impossible to train a moose. Gennifer, along with the rest of her team, was excited when they won their challenge and got first dibs on the cabins.

Hide 'N Shrink: Gennifer met up with Priscilla Joanne when they decided to hide together in the ceramics cabinet when they enter the Arts and Crafts building. After being caught Gennifer was surprised to see Bryan being smart and later kissed him when he was eliminated claiming she didn't vote him off.

Fear Fabrication: When Chris revealed his helper Gennifer question the helper's age when the helper said she was a fan of Total Drama. Gennifer was the last contestant to reveal her fear before Chris remembered William wasn't around before. She took part in a Saw-like challenge which the helper said she saved the poor guy from being hanged but refused to touch him to get over her fear of blood.

Blah Blah Land: She didn't do much but cheered when she got a marshmallow at the elimination ceremony but was sad when Priscilla Joanne went home.

Screw Balled Up: During the challenge she read the note Chris left for the teams to instruct them on how to get back to camp. She took on the job as rower for her team along with Richard and cheered when she won the challenge and got to be in the final six.

The One With The Big Merge: Gennifer is seen enjoying volleyball with the other contestants she's on a team
Gennifer 2.0

Gennifer (after her makeover)

with either Nina and Ulrich or Victoria and Nick. She later tells Richard talikg about her being kinda mosuy when it comes to the other contestants. She takes Richard's advice and gives herself a makeover and wants to be called "Jenny" instead of Gennifer. She fails at the surf simulator challenge by coming in last place after Ulrich. She later gets into a fight with Victoria and ends up getting slapped in the face by her which Chris later found out about. She was the one who was eliminated from the game after Victoria, Nick and Nina voted her out and after she made a big speech Richard commented on it being beautiful.


  • Gennifer's name is pronounced the same way you'd pronounce Jennifer the more common spelling
  • Gennifer calling her family the modern day Brady Bunch is cause her family and The Bradys are blended families
  • Gennifer's nickname "Jenny" is a common nickmane for someone with her name another nicknames I considered using was "Jenna" or "Jen" but I like "Jenny" more

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