Vital Visions
Team Heather
Vital Visions (II)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Endurance...of Your Fears"
Place 14th
Friends His Translator, Glory, Gladys
Enemies Lucks, Cedric
Fear Le Dauphin (The Prince)
Talent Running

Gabriel, labeled The French Athlete, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Gabriel is French. Over in France, he's an athlete who runs track. He's set high school records. He usually doesn't have many friends, as he attends an English immersion school. He really wanted to do Total Drama when he saw it on TV, and that was his way of learning English. The season came around, and he doesn't know English yet.

Gabriel wants to show off his skills and make new friends on Total Drama Flashback.


  • Gabriel is an edit of Justin.
  • Gabriel cannot speak English, nor does he understand English, so he has a translator who is bilingual.
  • He does, however, slowly speak English sometimes.
  • GOOF: The author usually forgets about the translator, and sometimes there are captions. Sometimes the author even forgets those.

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