Mr. McLean's Penguins
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Mascot for a Day"
Place 13th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Rufus (possibly)
Enemies Bunny, Foxface, Keetin, Betti
Fear Being broke
Talent Saving up money

Franklin, labeled The Cheapskate, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Franklin has always had a knack for money. Coins, bills, you name it. As long as it can be used as currency, he loves it. Franklin picked the doctor's pockets when he was born, showing this fascination early. Every coin and bill Franklin has been given, found, or stolen stays with him at all times. He carries literally all his money with him wherever he goes, never willing to spend any of it unless to buy more money, such as rare coins. Franklin will fight in any way possible for money, sometimes to his disadvantage. Franklin loves anything that can get him money as well, picking up anything that looks valuable to make a quick buck. Franklin signed up for Total Drama Antarctica to win the million dollar cash prize.

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