Frank (TDHI)
Team Emily
Gender Male
Hair color Unknown
Episode Eliminated "ParaNewman"
Place 10th
Relationship None
Family Queen Elma-Beth II
Friends TBA
Enemies Emily, Jasper,
Fear Planes
Talent He can eat lots of hot peppers without drinking water.
Frank, labeled The Young King, is a camper/contestant on Total Drama : Happy Island


Frank is a 16 years old teenager that is the cousin of Queen Elma-Beth II. He is spoiled and has a rich family. But when it comes to the competition, Frank only cares about himself and all he really wants is the money.


He is bossy, mean, selfish and rude.

Time on Total Drama : Happy Island



  • His favorite colour is red.
  • Queen Elma-Beth II is a parody of Queen Elizabeth II
  • He is the only TDHI contestant wich hair colour is unknown
    • It is unknown because he wears a crown wich covers his hair.


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