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Welcome to... Featured Stories! Each month a new story becomes featured. If you'd like to nominate your story, enter it below. See the Rules section below for voting instructions.

EDIT (1 November 2015): All story nominations deleted to eliminate clutter and start over fresh. You are free to re-nominate your story if it hasn't already been featured.

Featured Story List

See Forum:List of Featured Stories


  1. You must have an account and 100 total edits to vote. There is no edit minimum to nominate a story.
  2. You must be logged in to vote and you must sign your vote, so the administrators can verify voter eligibility.
  3. Nominated stories must be at least 50 percent complete. This does not apply to story collections where each chapter stands more or less alone and there is no fixed endpoint.
  4. Please put new nominations at the bottom of the page.
  5. A nominated story must have at least four Support votes to win, or six votes if running unopposed. If no candidate gets enough votes, there will be no Featured Story for that month. Disallowed "winners" are eligible to run again.
  6. Nominees receiving 5 or more Oppose votes may be removed from the ballot at the discretion of the Administrators.
  7. Vote on as many stories as you wish, but only once per story. You may not vote for your own story.
  8. The following rules must be followed when opposing a story:
  • You must provide a reason for your vote. "No" and "Sorry" are not reasons.
  • Oppose votes that appear to be needlessly harsh will be removed. If it's worth saying, it can be said politely.
  • Please try to provide constructive criticism. This is the whole point of the Oppose option, because Oppose votes aren't actually counted.
  • "I want another story to win" votes will be removed. If you want another story to win, then cast a Support vote for the other story and leave it at that.
  • "I like another one of your stories better" votes will be removed. The only stories you should be comparing a nominee to are the other nominees.

In the event of a tie, the ballot will remain open until the tie is broken.


Enter nominations below, with new nominations at the bottom of the page.

Total Drama World Warriors:

25 Oc's Battle it out Around the World in this World Tour Themed Season, Three Teams with Over 26 episdoes and lots of places to Visit Even including exclusive clips after the Drop of Shame, I hope everyone enjoyed it As Much as I did :)  Made by Owen Hardy.


  1. Jay JLOM There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row. xD 18:11, November 27, 2015 (UTC)


Total Drama Action... Sorta

Total Drama Action... Sorta is my second addition to the '...Sorta' series. It is my reimagining of Total Drama Action, and I'm proud to say that it is finally finished! Thank you for all my supporters, and what better way for TDA...S to go out with a bang, than have it win Featured Story! Made and nominated by TheBlackBlur.



Total Drama Teens 2.0

Total Drama Teens is my second story so far. It is a competition story with 20 original characters staying at Camp Wawanawkwa, hosted by Chris McLean. It is not finised, but it is over halfway through the series. I have worked very hard to improve this story from my last one, and I have definitely enjoyed writing it so far. Made and nominated by Whitney12.



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