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Foreman (SS)
Soaring SeagullsForemanSSTD
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Relationship Inna
Family Daughter
Fear Disappointing his daughter
Talent Intimidating people, Physics, Weightlifting

Foreman, labeled as The Intimidating Guy, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Since he was a teenager, Foreman's biggest dream was being a detective. He was already in top physical shape, and studied very hard to accomplish his goals, mostly focusing on physics. Weeks prior to his test to become a detective, Foreman fell off the stairs of his apartment and had a serious injury on his left leg. He was hospitalized and ultimately had to put a pin in his leg. He was never able to take the physical test, thus, prevented to ever become a detective. After leaving the hospital, Foreman became a sedentary person and and put on lots of weight, but kept his upper body strength. Foreman's only hope now was to teach physics in a high school, his appearance, combined with very low voice and always serious mood were so intimidating that scared some students away. When Foreman got tired of being feared by his students, he decided to teach in a university, where he still works as a professor.

Foreman joined Total Drama to prove one doesn't need top physical shape to win a reality show.

After S.S. Total Drama

After S.S. Total Drama, Inna and Foreman are now living together. She dedicates herself in helping him with lose weight on his free time, as he continues working as a Physics teacher. Foreman managed to lose quite a few pounds during those two years by doing aerobics. He also practices karate, and as of now, is a blue-belt. Foreman accepted a request to return to Total Drama, and can’t wait to see how he will do now that he won’t quit for anyone.


  • Foreman wasn't intended to be in a relationship with Inna, but due to the amount of readers shipping them, I made them a couple.
  • Foreman is inspired by a Physics teacher I had in 11th grade.
  • Foreman calling people "my little friend" is also a reference to him.
  • Foreman was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. He would have gotten 9th out of 22.


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