This is a one-shot dealing with Geoff and Bridgette.

Written by KvngDragon.

His lips touched mine as we frolicked through the garden at the park.

“I love you Bridgette,” he told me with his gorgeous blue eyes.

“I love you to Geoff,” I respond as we reach the part of the park that enters to the road.

“We have to cross the road to get to the ship,” Geoff told me pointing to the ship a few minutes away from leaving at the harbor.

The road is very busy today and it’s very dangerous to cross. Cars pass by every second ad there’s maybe one time every minute where the cars don’t come, but that only lasts for a short time.

“No, it’s dangerous,” I command.

“Its fine,” he tells me with a look of confidence in his eyes. “Come on.”

I lean on his chest as we walk across the street. Luckily, no cars came down the street.

We are now standing in the middle of the road. “See, its fine.” He pulls me closer to him as we wait for a clearing in the busy street to happen.

After a few minutes, a clearing happens and we walk across. “You can trust me,” Geoff whispers in my ear.

“I know,” I murmur back. I turn my head to my right and see a silver car going at a very fast speed heading straight for us.

“Geoff!” I exclaim in terror as he raises his head and spots the car. He pushes me to the side and in an instant his defenseless body is hit with massive weight of the silver car.

“Noo!” I exclaim in rage as the car continues to speed down the highway at a reckless hustle.

I sit it the grass for a short time sad at my boyfriend’s death.

He toke his life for me. For me, Geoff life is gone. For me, and I thank him.

The scene of the impact is behind me as I head into the sunshine.

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