Footfriends 1

FootFriends Season One

Footfriends is a reality show, similiar to Total Drama, me and my friend came up with. So I really hope you like it! Each episode theres a challenge, and an elimination. Whichever contestants wins the challenge, is the Foot. Then the contestants vote off somebody. And the 3 people with the highest ammount of votes, will be toes. Then the Foot will eliminate one of them, the other two will be safe.


  1. Jake
  2. James
  3. Carmen
  4. Jacob
  5. Kyle
  6. Megan
  7. Casey
  8. Tiffanie
  9. Adam
  10. Mandy
  11. Will
  12. Libbie/Jesse
  13. Leslie
  14. Sandy
  15. Ty
  16. Destiny

Season One

Prologue: Okay, first of all, this is a reality show. That means people get voted off. But it’s not as simple as that.

There will be a challenge every episode, or chapter. The winner of the challenge is called the “leg” (Oh, yeah, there’s a foot theme). Then, everyone besides the leg votes for people they want gone. The three people with the most votes are “toes”. Then the leg goes on an outing with the toes and picks one person to go home. That puts the leg in a great position of power, and the toes have to try and get the leg to keep them in.

And without further ado- Footfriends…

(Oh, yeah. When you see ‘~’ followed by a contestant’s name, that means it’s a confessional- something no one else will hear).

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Episode 1- Meet the Foots

Sixteen feet! One prize! Fifteen losers! One winner! A foot theme! It's Footfriends! Each of the feet arrived at our foot mansion to compete for a foot prize. So, first arrived the girls:

Mandy- "My first thought was that I was going to go to the National School of Fashion as my reward."

Sandy- "I need to get out of my lame job, Piece 'a' Pizza, really soon!"

Casey- "A scholarship? Please, I want it so bad!"

Carmen- "I wanna go to this dance academy so I can be the perfect dancer in my band, ‘Little Feet, Oh!’"

Destiney- "I saw this girl, Mandy, she's like, my twin. I love her! She's awesome! She's a model, too!"

Tiffanie- "I'm so awesome!"

Megan- "My plan is to act idiotic, get out the strong, and move in for the kill."

Libbie- "Jesse, what should I say? OK. Hi, I'm Libbie!" Jesse is Libbie’s imaginary friend. Each of the girls has a completely different ideology. However, they're nothing compared to the guys.

Kyle- "So, the girls got here first. I saw this girl, Sandy, and I, like, had love at first sight! Forget the scholarship!"

Jacob- "Little Feet, Oh! really needs a professional. This is my chance."

Jake- "Mandy was staring at me. It made me uncomfortable."

Adam- "Megan, well there's something about her that I can't get, but I do know that she's hiding something."

Leslie- "Libbie was all, 'Jesse, should I stare at him? OK.' Then she stared at me."

Ty- "My plan is to use my awesome looks to win."

James- "I need a scholarship for my band!"

Will- "I can sing!"

I know, the guys are wrecks. Before the first challenge, we gave the contestants time to get to know each other.

"Hi, Mandy! I'm Destiney, I'm like your sister you never had!" Destiny told Mandy

"Destiney, I have a sister. Sandy." Mandy responded.

"But she's, like, not as cool as us!"

"Don't say that! It gets on my nerves how people can be like that! I don't like you!"

"Now, I hate Mandy!"~Destiney

"Libbs, it's Destiney. Want an alliance? I'll never get you off." Destiny then trotted over to Libbie.

"Jesse, should I? OK. I'm in!" Libbie questioned her imaginary friend.

"Hey, Sandy! I'm Kyle!" Kyle asked Sandy.

"Kyle. What are you here for? I'm here because I work at Piece 'a' Pizza, I think you should have heard of it. And, I, like-"

"While she's talking, all I can think is 'hot hot hot hot hot.'"~Kyle.

"Are you Will? I'm Tiff."

"I don't like people."

"Me neither. That's why I'm talking to you."

"Wow." Then he gave her a quick kiss.

"No one has ever kissed me, cause I'm sour!"~Tiffanie

Much to everyone's dismay, the Meet 'n' Greet was over too fast. Challenge time! "Alright feet, we're playing Ga-Ga. Take this ball. Hit it with one hand, NOT TWO, and try to hit everyone else's knees and below. Get hit in the knees and below, you're out! If it goes out, last person who touched it is out! You cannot touch the ground with any part besides your feet. Got it?" "Yeah!" "Go!" Tiffanie immediately goes after an unsuspecting Jake, and gets him out. Adam them targets James, and after a few shots, James is down. Tiff tries at Jacob, but misses. Will then got out a confused Carmen, "I didn't get the game!" and then got Jacob on the rebound, and Kyle as well.

Adam decides to go after Megan, since he thought something was up with her. Megan was out. He then decided that Casey should go too, and she did.

Libbie then found the ball in her hands. "Jesse, who? OK!" She got Tiff out. "Who next, Jesse?" Adam got out.

"PING!" The ball made a mighty ping as Destiney angrily slammed the ball against Mandy's feet, for not liking her. No one got the ball, so she got out Will, for the fun of it. "Jesse, who should I- OUCH!" Libbie became yet another victim of Destiney.

The final four. Sandy, Destiney, Leslie, and Ty. The ball in the middle of the court. Game time.

Ty finally got the ball away from Destiney, but, surprisingly, didn't hit her. He went for Leslie. But then he got another chance. He went for Destiney.

NOT! He got Sandy out! Is it Destiney or Ty?

Ty has the ball. Destiney has her destiny in his feet. He shoots. And misses. Destiney has the ball. "RAWR!" There goes Ty.

"I was so happy when I won! I'm the first Leg!"~Destiney

After that, the feet went to the Toe Ceremony to vote people up for elimination. The voting went in order of how the feet got out.

Jake? Tiffanie James? Adam Carmen? Will Jacob? Will Kyle? Ty Megan? Adam Casey? Libbie Tiffanie? Libbie Adam? Megan Mandy? Libbie Will? Libbie Libbie and Jesse? Tiffanie Leslie? Will Sandy? Libbie Ty? Jake

"Feet, Libbie and Will are definitely toes. But, we have a third-place tie between Tiffanie and Adam. I need you guys to re-vote, this time in silence. Adam and Tiff aren't allowed to vote. The final vote is: Tiff: Seven Adam: Six So, our toes are Will, Libbie, and Tiffanie. Destiney can send any one of these guys home. You guys will go on an outing to try and convince her to keep you. We will reveal the outing after elimination.

ELIMINATION "Alright, hey toes. Destiney is now going to choose who to send home." "Alright, Tiff, come up here. I know that you're sour, but you and Will are good together. I just wanna know, if I send Will home, will you quit?" "No.” "Then I guess I will. Or not. Libbs, you're a great ally. But, I gotta send ya home." Why would Destiney send her ally home? Because she got two new allies! Tiff and Will said that if Destiney sends home Libbie, they would be her allies. They want to stay faithful, for now. At least, for now.

Episode 2- Takedown

Hours Earlier: "Destiney. We hate Libbie. Send her home and you have us both." "Uh, I don't know." "Do it or we'll assemble an army and go after you at all costs."


"I'm sure that it'll be a wrong choice to send Tiff or Will home. Then I'll have a target on my back. But who are her soldiers? Who the heck is loyal to her besides Will?"~Destiney

"The challenge today is acne prevention. Bring in the rock hardness test! Today, we're going to test all of your faces for roughness due to acne. The number "1" means your face is silky smooth. "10" means your face is as rough as a rock. The winner, in addition to being the leg, gets to be a model in a commercial for a name-brand acne prevention." "Modeling?! I love modeling! I am determined!"~Destiney

Let's start! Destiney? 1! Jake? 5! James? 3! Carmen? 5! Jacob? 5! Kyle? 5! Megan? 4! Casey? 3! Tffanie? 4! Adam? 4! Mandy? 3! Will? 1! Leslie? 5! Sandy? 6! Ty? 1!

Looks like we have a three-way tie! Destiney, Will ,and Ty, we have a super-sensitive test waiting for you. Destiney? 1.1! That's the best you can get on this test! Will? 1.3! Ty? 1.4!

"Feet! Destiney won again, and went to shoot her commercial. Hang around for a few."

"I really want to find out what's up with Megan. I'm going to pretend to ask her out."~Adam. "Hey, Megan." "Hey, Adam! What's up, 4 face?" “What?”

“Your test- you got a 4.”

"Oh, uh, nothing‘s up. Except for the fact that I'm attracted to you." "Say no more. You're sooo romantic. I'll go on a date with you right now. Oh! How about to the rose gardens. I'll make toast!" "I'm not really attracted to her. It's all a scam to get her to tell me what's going on."~Adam "I like Adam. He's romantic, and I'll gladly go on a date any day. But, I'll still act dumb. If I trust him enough, I'll tell him my plan."~Megan

"Adam, what drew you to ask me now? Why not the first day?" "I'm really not sure. Ooh, you make good toast." "Oh, thanks. It's just a family recipe." "Feet, time for the Toe Ceremony!" The host announced.

“Oh, no! We have to cut our date short!” Megan said.

“It’s alright. I think we’ve had enough time.”

Toe Ceremony

Sandy? Tiff Jake? Will Carmen? Mandy Jacob? Mandy Kyle? Kyle "I voted for myself because I want to go on a date with Destiney. I know, exciting, right?"~Kyle Leslie? Mandy Megan? Mandy Tiffanie? Mandy Adam? Will James? Mandy Casey? Tiff Mandy? Tiff Will? Mandy Ty? Will

"So we have seven votes for Mandy, three for Tiff, and three for Will. Those are the toes. You have some time to talk before the outing." "Nice work, Tiff. We'll dominate the game with the power of manipulation."

Confused: Well, this is what happened before the toe ceremony. "Tiff and Will, go around telling everyone to vote for Mandy. Then we'll get her out. Tell everyone that I'll get Mandy out, so if they vote for Mandy they'll save their butt."

NOW: "Destiney, I want to join your alliance. You're hot, you're strong, and you're way better than Sandy. Also, if I join your alliance I'll bring along Jake and Adam and Megan. But, only if you go on a date with me." "Wow, okay. Sure, Kyle. Although, I'll go on the date tomorrow."

"My alliance now includes myself, Tiffanie, Will, Kyle, Jake, Adam, and Megan."~Destiney

Let's skip the outing. Nothing happened. Instead, we'll focus on what happened at the foot mansion during Destiny's outing. "Megan, you're a really great girl. I thought you were... not smart. But you can't judge someone by their intelligence. "You found out??!!" "What?" "I can't believe you, Adam! I can't believe you found out about what I am, and about what I'm trying to be!" Megan started to walk away. "Megan, wait! I've never actually been attracted to someone as much as I am you. I'm sorry for whatever I said. I won't question who you are."

"I have a hunch that Megan is really a manipulator. Just like Tiff. Although, this was fake. But now, I really do like her."~Adam

"Okay, one more chance. I'm sorry," then she kissed him gently and left.

AT THE ELIMENATION "We all know who I'm sending home. And we all know why I'm sending her home. It's because Tiff and Will and I got our way. And just to make it clear, Kyle, Jake, Adam, and Megan joined my alliance thanks to Kyle. So, there is no way we can lose. Mandy, get out. Now.

"I don't think I did anything wrong. All I did was stand up for Sandy. Destiny's psycho, and Sandy's going to get her out!”

“You just restated why I want you out. You rejected me, and you are just paying the price.”

"I'll never turn on Destiney, and neither will the alliance. We stand together, and we're NOT putting another person at the mercy of the leg unless we have to. So, Kyle, Adam, Destiney, Will, Megan, Jake and I are safe. Well, unless another person wins the challenge but I think Destiney is going to win more. She's awesome!"~Tiffanie

Episode 3- The Joust of Love.

“Hello feet, I am going to give you guys some time to recover and talk since Mandy left the show last time.” The host said.

"Hey Destiney, are you ready for our date?“ Kyle asked Destiney.

"Kyle, let's go right now!" Destiney said and grabbed his hand and ran to the Rose Gardens. Once they were at the Rose Gardens they started talking.

"Kyle, what is your strategy in this game?" Destiney asked.

"Um, well I am trying to just be on everybody's good side and hope they'll like me. And just be myself!" Kyle responded.

"Well I'm trying to stay in the largest alliance and try not to get my butt kicked off." Destiney said. ` "You know Destiney, you are really pretty and just a cool girl.” Kyle said. "And you are super cute!" Destiny charmed.

"You know Destiney, I really like you." Kyle said. "Oh, I really like you, too! You’re really nice and you don't think I'm just one those hot girls and nothing else." Destiney said.

"I would never think that about you, you’re independent and smart, all the things I've ever wanted in a girl." Kyle said.

"IT'S TIME FOR THE CHALLENGE!" A large siren screamed. Then Destiny and Kyle hugged and ran off to the arena holding hands. "Okay Guy's, your challenge today is jousting. The rules are you take a big inflated jousting stick and you stand on a balance beam and try to knock down your opponent. If you do you make it to the Top 5 and have a chance to be the leg! But, if you think you’re pretty confident that you won't be sent home today you have a choice of having a buffet of pizza or trying to compete for the leg!" the host announced.

"Any pizza buffet people? They are Jacob, Jake, Will, Adam, Carmen, Casey, Ty, James, and Leslie. Wow! That's a lot! Who is competing in the challenge? Kyle, Destiney, Tiffanie, Megan, and Sandy! I guess a lot of people like pizza!" the host said.

Kyle vs. Destiney: They squared off. Destiney smiled shyly and mouthed ‘fall off,’. Kyle, always obedient, proceeded to jump off the arena into the pool below.

Tiffanie vs. Megan: Tiffanie was shocked because she broke a nail and Megan knocked her down! "I should of ate pizza!” Tiffanie screamed.

Sandy vs. Destiny: It was an awesome battle but the undefeated in the whole game- Destiny- finally... Beat Sandy and made it to the final two against... MEGAN! Will the undefeated actually not get to be the leg for once? Then Megan would win and send somebody home for a first.

"Oh, that's not going to happen dude I did not just sacrifice pizza to not be the leg and send somebody home. You can bet on it I will not go down like this!" Destiney trash-talked/

MEGAN vs. UNDEFEATED DESTINEY!: The outcome of this battle was gruesome and awesome for the guys to get to watch girls in bikinis fight! There was only one winner and it issss.... MEGAN! Destiny is finally taken down after the winning streak in the first two episodes by Megan Gretchen!

Okay, feet, vote for the bottom three toes!

Jacob-Destiney Megan- Jacob Adam- Jacob Jake- Jacob Carmen-Will Casey-Will Tiffanie-Jacob Destiney-Jacob Kyle-Jacob James-Jake Ty-Jake Leslie-Jake Sandy-Destiney Will-Jake

Okay the toes are: Jake, Jacob, and Will. They will all go on an outing with Megan...

"Wait I think I know already who I want to send home tonight!" Megan ran up and yelled.

"Well hold that thought and we'll skip the lovely outing and go straight to the eliminations.”


"Hello, toes. So, let’s get to business. Let’s start with Jake, You are safe tonight because you are one of my allies and I trust you. Now lets move on to Will. Will, you are on my alliance so I trust you, and that‘s why you‘re safe. While you didn‘t vote for Jacob, that‘s okay. Jacob, you are being voted off tonight because you tried to vote off our alliance leader, Destiney, I think you were the cancer in this whole game that tries to nibble off all the pieces to get you to win. So, see ya dude!" Megan announced.

“I can't believe I was sent home tonight by Megan, the dumbest one in this whole competition! She said I was the ‘cancer’ in the group. That diva deserves to be voted off next! She irritates me!”~ Jacob

“Things are going great between Destiney and me. She rocks!”~Kyle

Episode 4: Fun Run 

"So, Jacob's gone, just another one bites the dust! I am Queen of this house! Fear me!"~Destiney "Hey, Kyle. Jacob's gone." Destiney said. “Yay-yah! Hey, I really enjoy you. Uh, I mean your company..”

“Should we go steady?" "What the crap does that mean?" "It means that we buy each other rings and say we won't ever break up. Look, your ring's right here!" "How coincidental! I bought you a ring! Cause you're awesome!"

"I'm worried about Kyle. His head isn't in this. It's in Destiney's heart. He's one of my best friends, I can't have him like this."~Jake

"Kyle, I think you should break up with Destiney." "Jake, no way that's happening. I enjoy her." “Sure, you do. So, let her down, and then you can focus on the game." "I don't even care about the game! Shut up, dude!"


CHALLENGE TIME! "Feet, the challenge is a track and field competition! This challenge may have more than one winner. If so, they become the Double-Jointed Leg. Or maybe Triple. It just depends. Anyway, the joint leg has to come up with decisions together. There are three events. The first event: Seventy Yard Dash! "Wow! Casey, Adam, and Will make a great start. This event lasts ten seconds, so one of them should be the winner. Let's see. Oh! Casey dropped behind! And it's over! The winner of one point is... Adam!" "I felt awesome!"~Adam "Next event: Long Jump! There was much soaring through the air, and many painful falls, but Leslie ended up taking the title. One for Adam, one for Leslie. Next: Weightlifting!" AFTER WEIGHTLIFTING ROUND ONE: "The following people lifted enough weight to make it to the finals: Megan, Jacob, Adam, Will, and Leslie! If Adam or Leslie win, the winner is the sole Leg! If anyone else wins, there's a Triple-Jointed Leg!

Megan's up! She lifts, and fails! Jake! Lifts! If anyone else wins, you're going to a showdown! Adam! Doesn't lift! Will! Lifted! You're in the showdown with Jacob! But will Leslie join? Lifted! Let's increase the weight by ten pounds!



"Guys, who do you want gone?" asked Destiney. "What about James? He's, like, really reserved and quiet. What if he's scheming?" Tiff pitched. "Great point. James then?"


Sandy? Destiney. Carmen? Will. Casey? Will. Tiffanie? James Megan? James Destiney? James Jake? Will. Kyle? James. Adam? James. James? Ty. Ty? Will. Will? Ty.

So, our toes are Will, Ty, and James.

OUTING: "Ty, why should I keep you?" asked Leslie. "Well, I'm not a part of Destiney's alliance. If you were smart, you'd get out Will and weaken them." "Will, why should I keep you?" Leslie asked. "You know, our alliance can help you. If you save me, we can, like, go into business." "What? You liar!" blurted Ty. "What do you mean? I said I'll help him. What's the problem with that?" retorted Will. "You'll get him out as soon as possible, you backstabbers!" "GUYS! Lemme just hear what James has to say." Leslie yelled. "I don't have anything to say. I don't like any of you."

ELIMINATION: "Guys, you've each pled your case. Now, I know that all of you want this scholarship, but one of you can't have it. Ty, Will, you guys were screaming at each other today. You're both rude, and that that made me like you less. James, you kept quiet. So, you're safe." "I'm mad at Leslie for that. We wanted James out. Now, we want Leslie out."~Destiney "Ty, Will, one of you is out of here. Ty, you're strong. You've done good in all the challenges. ALL of them. Will, you're part of the Destiney clan. You know, that puts a target on your back. Maybe, if I eliminate you, their power will go down. Will, your time is up.”

Episode 5 - Now this is a fun run!

"So far, I haven't figured out what's up with Megan, but I do like her"~Adam "If I trust Adam enough, I'll tell him my secret. I might tell him today."~Megan

"So, Will left. It's fine, though. We have to deal with loss, and only one of us can win. But, for now, let's stay true to us, so each of us will have a better chance of winning." Destiney encouraged. "Will left, and I'm crying my eyes out. I mean, I really liked him (it wasn't love) but he was my pride and joy. There's nothing anyone could do to make me feel better. Well, that is, besides the astounding Destiney."~Tiffanie

"Tiff, I know he left, but it's okay. We're not here for love. And you guys didn't even go on a date, you just kissed once and hung around each other. Please cheer up. There are other guys." Destiney consoled. "What do you mean? I'm still with him!" "You shouldn't be sad! Go out there today and try your best." "With Will gone, our alliance consists of Tiff, Kyle, me, Adam, Megan, and Jake. We're still powerful. But Leslie's going down!"~Destiney

Meanwhile, Ty was forming an alliance. "James, Leslie, Sandy, Carmen, Casey. I'm here to unite us "non-alliance" members to a counter-alliance mainly aimed against Destiny. But, this will only work if we stick together. Everyone here votes for Destiney, okay?" They all agreed, but Carmen did a little more than that. She rubbed his biceps and said, "Okay, big boy. He-he." and he didn't push her away. What an odd way to start a relationship.

"Feet! Today's challenge is a relay race! Get into groups of three." The groups were: Tiff, Megan, and Adam; Jake, Kyle, and James; Ty, Carmen, and Destiny, and Leslie, Casey, and Sandy.

"I don't know why I let myself be on a team with them. Oh, well."~Destiny

"Ready... And... Race!" Ty and Leslie took off. leaving Tiff and Jake in the dust. Ty zoomed ahead, but Leslie kept his pace. Jake caught up with Leslie. Tiff is in dead last. Ty zoomed ahead, tagging Carmen, who started. Jake kept a steady pace, and Tiff caught up with him. Leslie is in second place. Then, Tiff and Jake kept their paces, while Carmen extended her lead over a desperate Leslie, who just tagged Casey. Then, Everyone had a burst of energy and raced faster. Next, Tiff tagged Megan, Jake slowed down, and Casey caught up to Carmen. After that, Megan ran very fast, Carmen tagged Destiney, and Casey tagged Sandy.

"I need to beat Destiny, then get her off!"~Sandy

Megan did not slow down, but Jake did, out of breath. Sandy zoomed ahead of Destiny, most likely out of fury. Megan kept her lightning pace and tagged Adam, who caught up with Destiney. And Jake finally tagged Kyle. Sandy didn't speed up or slow down, and Adam passed Destiny, and Sandy neared the finish line. Adam neared the finish line, Destiney sped up, but Sandy crossed the finish line. But, for this challenge, we need a second place.

Kyle sped up, but Adam came in second place. "Will the teams of Tiff, Megan and Adam; and Leslie, Casey and Sandy come here?” They stepped forward. “Hi, feet! Both of you will pick your best racer, then they'll race! The winning team gets immunity."

"Megan, will you go, you were lightning fast. We would have made first if it wasn't for me." Adam said. "Sure, Tiff. I'll be racing!" "Okay, but who's racing from the other team?" I asked "Sandy!"

Sandy took off. Then, she sped ahead again, nearing the finish line. Megan was just behind her. Then, Megan caught up, nearing the line! Megan crossed it! That means that Megan's the leg, and Tiff and Adam have immunity.

"Guys, new plan. Me and Carmen will vote for Destiny. James and Casey, vote for Jake. Leslie and Sandy, vote for Kyle. That way we stay spread out, so we won't get noticed. Also, if we all dog pile one person, everyone will dog pile one of us, and Megan will send home that person. Got it?" Ty rallied. Once again, everyone agreed, and Carmen kissed Ty. "Guys, we all vote for Sandy, is that okay?" Destiny asked. "Sure!" Everyone responded.

Tiff? Sandy Adam? Sandy Jake? Sandy Kyle? Sandy "Oh, no!"~Sandy James? Jake Ty? Destiney Carmen? Destiney Destiney? Sandy Leslie? Kyle Casey? Jake Sandy? Kyle "There's something fishy about the way everyone else voted. It's like, two for each."~Adam "I'm screwed."~Sandy

"So, feet, Sandy is a toe, but we need to decide the other two. Vote on who you want out the most, Jake, Kyle, or Destiny.

Tiff? Jake Adam? Jake James? Jake Ty? Destiny Carmen? Destiney Leslie? Kyle Casey? Jake Sandy? Destiney

Four votes for Jake, three votes for Destiny, and one for Kyle. Jake and Destiney, your outing is waiting.

OUTING "I'm happy with the people I see here. Sandy, you know you're going." Megan taunted. "Shut up, dumbo." Sandy commented. "Uh, what?" "Don't talk to my girl like that!" Destiney said. "I can talk to anyone however I like." Sandy retorted. "Go away, Sandy. I don't need you here." Megan said, with a crack in her voice. Sandy didn‘t leave, so Megan lost it. "GO AWAY!"


Hey, kids! This is where it gets ugly, so for you baby feet out there, go away like Sandy's supposed to.

"Did you just slap me?" Megan rhetorically asked. "You don't even know what's happening, do you? You're so dumb, I could drop a brick on your head and you'd be unharmed." T hen, the producers came in and ushered Sandy away. Megan started bawling, but she wouldn't tell her secret. "I decided not to tell Adam. I don't feel guilt. I actually like him a lot, but my secret is my secret.


"Take her away, take Sandy away, before she's mean to me again," Megan sobbed.

Sandy left as Megan's friends comforted her.

Episode 6- The Trivial Pursuit

"I am going to give you guys some time to talk and decide your strategy and all that good stuff." The host said.

“Why did Will have to leave? I'm getting sick of Destiney, how come she couldn't save my Will? And how do I know she can help save me? She doesn't give a crap for me at all. I am going to ask to join Ty's alliance. Without Destiney's permission.” ~Tiffanie

"Hey Ty I need to talk to you privately, please?" Tiff asked.

"Okay, I'll come." Ty said. Ty and Tiff walked away.

"So, Ty, I think your alliance is way better than Destiney's, so can I come onto your alliance?" Tiff asked.

"No way! We're ruling this thing and we don't want you on our alliance." Ty responded. Then Tiff started walking away, until she bumped right into Destiney.

“I can‘t believe what I‘m hearing. Are you serious- Don‘t answer that! Don‘t bother trying to re-join, and go get away from me." Destiny said and marched away. Then Tiff started bawling her eyes out knowing she was a goner.

"Okay Guys, your challenge today is a trivia challenge about, YOU." The host said. "The rules are as follows: I am going to have to ask you to fill out this sheet and I will tally up the votes and whoever gets it right gets to send somebody out of this challenge. The person survives longest has immunity. You‘ll get it once we start." The host said. They all filled it out. "Okay the first question was WHO IN THE GAME IS THE MOST BACKSTABBING?"

Carmen - Destiney Casey- Destiney Leslie- Destiney Adam- Tiff Megan- Tiff Destiney- Tiff Kyle- Tiff Ty- Destiney Tiffanie- Destiney James- Tiff Jake- Tiff

"The people who said Tiff can send one person out of the challenge, since she got the most votes." Adam chose Ty Megan chose Carmen Destiney chose Tiff Kyle chose Leslie James chose Destiney Jake chose Casey

So Ty, Carmen, Tiff, Leslie, Destiney, and Casey are out of the immunity challenge. "Sorry guys. And the Next question was WHO IS THE MOST TRUSTED?"

Adam- Megan Megan- Megan Kyle - Megan James- Megan Jake- Megan

"Megan is right but since you all voted for the same person, nobody is leaving. The next question is WHO IS THE MOST ANNOYING IN THE CONTEST?" Adam- Tiff Megan- Ty Kyle- Carmen James- Ty Jake- Ty "So Ty is the most annoying out of everybody?”

Megan- James James- Adam Jake - Kyle


Megan- Casey Jake- Adam

And everybody else agreed with ... Megan! Sorry Jake so close! Megan is the Leg! Lets tally up your votes guys! Megan has immunity!

“We're going to all vote for one of Destiney's allies to finally get rid of one. But not Destiney because we're saving her for last!” ~ Casey

Carmen - Jake Casey- Adam Leslie- Jake Adam- Ty Megan- Casey Destiney- Casey Kyle- Casey Ty- Tiff Tiffanie- Ty James- Adam Jake- Casey

"Wow, we have a little war going on. Nice strategy. Tie-Break time!”

Megan- Ty Carmen-Jake Leslie-Jake Destiny- Ty Kyle- Ty Ty- Jake Tiff- Ty James- Jake

Adam's safe and Ty and Jake your taking a trip to the outing tonight!

Outing "So lets start with Ty, why should I keep you?" Megan asked.

"Well since your alliance is pretty weak right now I'll let you onto my alliance along with your friends Adam and Tiff who tried to vote me off. As long as you send home your friend over there and save me and Casey." Ty said.

"Yeah and we'll bring you guys to the final five" Casey added.

"Are you really considering this Megan? I mean, please don't send me home, I'm your buddy!" Jake said.

"Okay guys I'm in, let me get rid of this kid." Megan said.

"Nooooo! Megan! Why?" Jake yelled.


"Well as you guys know, Jake your time is up! I am moving on the dark side… Or the light side? IDK.” Megan said very stupidly.

“Why me? I don't want to go home!” ~ Jake

“I'm back in the game baby! I got on Ty's side thanks to my gal Megan!” ~Tiff

“Yeah Megan can take care of things and me pretty well. I love her so much! She is a beauty too ~Adam

“Oh, crap! I've lost everybody on my alliance except Kyle! I'm dead meat!” ~ Destiny

“Jake is History!” ~ Carmen

Episode 7- Speak Silent, Speak Deep, Speak of Alliances

"My alliance is shaky. Only me and Kyle are in it. I need to talk to Ty." ~Destiny "My alliance consists of Leslie, James, Casey, Adam, Carmen, Tiff, Megan, and me. Things could not be better." ~Ty. Ty and Carmen were making out and illegally drinking beer when Destiny interrupted them.

"Guys, can I talk to you in private?" "What could she possibly need with Ty and Carmen? This is suspicious." ~Leslie "Ty," Destiny began, "I'm here to offer a secret alliance. It will consist of me, you guys, and Kyle. We'll end up dominating the game. What do you say?" "Destiny, you're brilliant. Let's call it the Leader Alliance." "That’s not relevant, but whatever. Thanks for your time. Bye."

"Ty, what did she want with you?" Leslie interrogated. "Nothing. She yelled at me. Apparently, she hates me. Okay, 'night." Ty left in a hurry. "He may be drunk, but I'll still not buying it," Leslie mumbled.

CHALLENGE TIME "How many of you like fast food?" the host asked. "Whooo!" shouted the feet. "How many of you like serving it?" "Porquoi?" Adam shouted. He’s really a dork. "Well, that's your challenge. Serving fast food. You'll partner up. You'll pick one of these stands; Burger Prince, Lindsay's, Sublane, McRonald's or Pizza House. One of you will become chef, and one will be the waiter or waitress. Ready?" "Yeah!" "Alright. The winning team is Double-Jointed Leg. But, the teams were randomly determined. They are: Casey and Tiff Leslie and Kyle Carmen and Megan James and Adam Which leaves Ty and Destiny!" (Seriously, these were random!) "Now, each of you pick a restaurant! GO!

Casey and Tiff: "Casey, can you do chef? I'll do waitress." "Fine by me."

Leslie and Kyle: "I wanna be waiter!" Kyle announced. "Fine by me," answered Leslie.

Carmen and Megan: "We're both dumb and hot. How about we each do both?"

James and Adam: "Adam, I'm a terrible people-person. How about you do waiter?" "Sure, James."

Destiny and Ty: (duh...duh...DUH!) "My plan is to seem like I'm fighting with him, but we'll really be working our butts off." ~Destiny "TY, YOU"RE A HORRIBLE COOK!" "NOT AS BAD A COOK AS YOU ARE A PERSON!" "HOW COULD YOU GO THERE? UGH!"

After three hours of "May-I take-you're-orders" the winner will finally be announced! Casey and Tiff: Tiff was a pretty good waitress, and Casey was an excellent cook. Your total is $213. Leslie and Kyle: Kyle's waiting skills gave them extra tips, but Leslie had no cooking experience. Your total is $150. Megan and Carmen: They set up a fun station where people could see them cook everything. They were a hit. Your total is $285. James and Adam: James wasn't a very good cook, which made tips skyrocket down. Your total is $80. Destiny and Ty:Although they argued before it started, they were both superstars. Your total is $315!

"Our Double-Jointed Leg is Destiny and Ty! Bitter enemies! Interesting!" The host remarked.

"Kyle, at elimination, vote for Leslie, okay?" Destiny instructed.

"Guys, half of you vote for Kyle and half vote for Tiff." Ty told his alliance. "Why me?" "Tiff, I'll make sure you don't go home." "Our plan is to get those people in, and back stab Leslie."~Ty

TOE CEREMONY: Kyle? Leslie. James? Kyle. Leslie? Kyle. Carmen? Kyle. Megan? Kyle. Tiff? Kyle. Casey? Tiff. Adam? Tiff.

"So, Leslie, Kyle, and Tiff, you guys are to go on an outing with Destiny and Ty. At the end of the outing, they will conference and send someone home."

"Kyle, I love you. You're safe." Destiny said.

"Leslie, you're not going home," lied Ty.

"What about me?" asked a furious Tff.

"Don't worry, Kyle's going home," Ty lied again.

"Hey, don't send my baby home! I'll get people to send you home, dude!" Destiny exploded.

"Guys, we need to conference. Alone." Ty intervened.

The host appeared out of nowhere. "Guys, if you don't come up with a decision in an hour or less, the rest of the feet will for you."

"We're sending home Leslie, right?" Destiny whispered.


"Now, let's talk trash!"

For the next fifty-eight minutes, Ty and Destiny were arguing. Slapping. Arguing more. But, finally, suddenly, they said,

"We're agreed then?"


The toes were confused.


"Leslie, come up here." Ty asked. "You've been a great ally. A really good one. So, I wanna keep you here, so, man-"

"I don't want him here. Goodbye!" Destiny interjected.

"Yeah, man, I gotta send ya home." Ty said ‘sadly‘. Yeah, he wasn't sad.

"Am I sad to go home? Yeah. But I'm sure Ty did all he could to keep me here. However, it just wasn't enough, it looks like."~Leslie

Epiosode 8- A few ‘swell’ s and gasps

"Ty was being too weird at the outing yesterday, it was confusing."~Tiffanie "I don't care about Megan's secret anymore. I'm just into her."~Adam

"Hey, Feet! Glorious Feet! Wondrous Feet! Your challenge is a singing competition! It'll be judged by world-famous singing extrodinaires, Caitlin Turner and Brock Awesome! Let's start off with Destiney. This'll be good."

It really wasn't one of the best songs. It was poorly executed. 4 out of ten (ten being the best.) Casey: That was well, for a regular person. Swell, actually. 8 Tiff: Stop, Stop! That was horrible! One! Kyle: Another ‘one‘, sweetie. Carmen: Two. I thought you were a singer? "I was nervous, okay?!" Megan: Average. Six James: Six. Adam: Swell! Seven! Ty: Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Ten! Ten! Rawr! "I'm taken, Ms. Turner"

Ty is the leg! "Who do you guys want to vote for? How about Casey or Tiff?" "Casey and Tiff were in the room when I said that. I guess my brain hasn't calmed down from the alcohol."~Ty "Ty, Destiny, Carmen, and Kyle think this little alliance of theirs is a secret. I know everything about it."~Casey After the toe ceremony, Tiff, Megan, and Casey became toes. The outing wasn't interesting.

Megan was on the phone. Casey walked by and heard it all.

"Hi, Dad. Yeah, I'm doing fine. My trick is working. Who's catching on? Adam is. I'm going out with him so he'll forget about that. What? I should give it a shot with him? 'Cause we're both smart?"

Casey gasped.

"Ty! Ty! Megan's only pretending to be dumb! It's all a trick!" "Lying will get you nowhere. I've already made up my mind. I'm sending you home."


Tiff, you were calm at the outing, and you're doing great after the loss of Will. You're safe." "Ty, I walked by while Megan was on the phone and I heard her say, clear as ice-" "Lying won't save your butt." "Let her finish." A voice was heard. It was Adam's. "She said, clear as ice, that she was just pretending to be dumb and she was dating Adam so his suspicions would ease." Megan had an expression on her face that was a mix of a smile and a frown. "Megan... You're safe. Casey's too smart. She's competition."

"I got out, but I was here for the right reasons: the scholarship. I can't believe that she stayed because she plays dirty." ~Casey

"Ty turned us against each other by saying that we should vote, well, against each other. Which is why me, James, Megan, and Tiff (The members of Ty's old alliance) are teaming up against them. We can't afford another loss."~Adam

Episode 9- Ocean Eight... Seven...Six?

“Feet! Attention! There are eight contestants left in this competition. There has been tons of dramatic and romantic storylines. The audience is just waiting and hoping to see the next episode and who will get voted off next. Half of your teammates have left, sadly. So I’m giving you guys a break before the challenge!”

“Finally! A break from the show!”~ Ty

“Hey Tiff, do you feel better after Will left?” Megan asked Tiff.

“Not really, I loved him so much, and he loved me back!” Tiff answered.

“Well that’s too bad, Tiff. Get a life!” Destiny interrupted.

“I don’t see why Tiff doesn’t get over Will, he’s not coming back.”~ Destiny

“Do you want a piece of me, Des?” Tiff stood up for herself.

“Maybe, if there was a piece left! Skinny bones.” Destiny muttered. Tiff just ran away crying. And Megan slapped Destiny and walked off.

“Okay, contestants! Your challenge will consist of worms, cow parts, monkey brains, and pig head!” The host announced.

“I’m a vegetarian!” Tiff screamed.

“If you’re too chicken to do the challenge, you will automatically become a toe. Any takers?” the host asked. Kyle and Tiff raised their hands. “Two chickens, one more place in the bottom three, and somebody is going to have to be the leg. Let the ickyness begin!”

“The first three people who finish eating the whole cup of blended worms will be moving on to the finals. Go!” the host announced.

The first person who finished is… Ty. Next… Adam. Megan then passed out. So Ty and Adam have made it so far. The last person is… James!

James, Ty, and Adam have made it to round two, leaving all the others behind. “Now you guys are going to have to eat one monkey brain,” the host announced. Adam and Ty immediately backed out. “Well, all James has to do is to eat the monkey brain to gain power as the leg!” the host said. James stuck a fork in the brain and stuck it in his mouth. JAMES WINS THE CHAALENGE! HE IS THE LEG!

Suddenly, sirens blared and a man said, in a baritone voice, “We are looking for Ty and Carmen, for underage drinking!” It was a helicopter and it dropped a net down on Carmen, but Ty noticed Carmen struggling in the net and panicked. He dashed into the woods.

Carmen was brought to the juvenile detention facility for two weeks and now Ty is missing. Nobody is eliminated.

Episode 10- In the Showroom

"So, there are six people. My alliance is me, Tiff, James, and Adam. So, right now, I'm in a good position."~Megan "Going into today's challenge, I know me or Kyle has to be Leg, or our whole alliance will just collapse."~Destiny "Feet! The challenge today is this; you each have your own showroom. You guys will have an hour to prepare a show, and then present it. Whoever gets the most money in tips wins!" the host said.

LATER: "Now, it's time to calculate the money. Let's start with:

Destiny- $20 James- $242 Tiff- $55 Adam- $278 Megan- $101 Kyle- $300 "Kyle, you're Leg! Congrats!" the host said. "This is the greatest day of the show. My alliance is going to survive!"~Destiny

TOE CEREMONY "Before we start, can I say something?" Destiny asked. "No. Let's start." Tiff scoffed. "Guys, if you all vote for me, you know I'm not going home. Vote for each other, so you'll have only a 33 percent chance instead of fifty percent of going home." "She actually does make sense. Do you wanna do it?" Tiff asked. "Sure. Whatever," James said absentmindedly.

Destiny? Tiff Tiff? Destiny. "I don't care what you say, I'm still voting for you to show you how much I hate you!" James? Tiff. Adam? Tiff. Megan? Tiff. Kyle? James. "So, the bottom three is Tiff, Destiny, and James. This should be interesting."

OUTING "Tiff, I told you not to vote for me. But you did, and now you might be going home. Ha!" Destiny taunted. "I don't care, leech. James should go home anyway. He's obviously the strongest one on the outing. Maybe he'll kick all our butts." Tiff retorted. "James," Kyle asked, "why should I keep you?" "I want the scholarship for, like, rock college. So, do you wanna crush my dream?" "Kinda. because we all want this too! I'm thinking you're just a big snob, not caring for anybody but yourself!" "You tell 'em, brother!" Tiff encouraged. "James, you're going home. Bye!"

ELIMINATION: "I said it once, I'll say it again. James, you're going home! Yeah!"

"I think my alliance can actually tough it out!"~Destiny "James going is kinda hurtful, but we can live."~Megan "I can't believe that I'm in the final five! This is awesome!"~Kyle

Episode 11- Shut Up Baby!

"Feet! Feeeeeeettttt!" the host sang. "I can't believe I am almost over with. Sniff. Oh, well. So, your challenge is babysitting. Well, toddler sitting. The toddlers will be nurtured by you and then they'll tell us how they liked you. The baby that gives their sitter the best review wins. By the way, according to the law, these are the worst-behaved babies ever!" Since there are only five babies, we'll cover each one in great detail.

Destiny had trouble taking care of little Kimmie. He was all "Girl! I want my wawa!" and Destiny was all "Shut up, baby! I can't understand you." We give Destiny two stars. Tiff's baby was irritated. Tiffanie is not a baby person. We give her two stars. Megan's baby was well fed and nurtured. Megan didn't do anything the baby didn't need, but it's a passing grade. Three stars. Adam did almost the same exact thing as Megan. Necessities, but nothing extra. Kyle talked to the baby and did the necessities. Four stars.

"Kyle wins! Again! Whoopee! Now, vote three toes."

Destiny? Tiff Tiff? Destiny Megan? Destiny Adam? Tiff

Vote between Megan and Adam!

Destiny? Megan Tiff? Megan

Three toes: Megan, Destiny, and Tiff! OUTING!


"Kyle, at least consider sending Destiny home! She's mean!" Megan canived. "Megan made me think..."~Kyle

"But she's, like, not as cool as us!" “Now, I hate Mandy!" “RAWR!" “Why would Destiney send her ally home? "My plan is to seem like I'm fighting with him, but we'll really be working our butts off." Ty and Destiny were arguing. Cursing. Slapping.

"If there was a piece left, skinny bones! bones bones"

"Kyle, are you okay?" Megan asked. "Yeah, just having some flashbacks."

ELIMINATION "Everyone, I want the person to win to be fair and nice and deserving. Tiff, you're safe. Destiny, Megan made me think about how you're meaner than I thought. I was blind with love, and I have to send you home." "I never expected this. Hm. I'm sorry."

Episode 12- A Shocking Return

“So, Kyle actually sent home his only alliance member. pretty stupid, now we kind of know that he is definitely gone next unless something really surprising happens!”~ Adam

“What is the square root of fifty? I was having so much fun acting as a dumb blond chick, but now I’m actually a dumb blond chick! Well who cares, at least I remember the toaster recipe!”~ Megan

“Feeeeeeeeet! There are four of you left but I have a special surprise for you guys! As we welcome back ……….Carmen! And ………….TY!

“The state troopers later found me in the woods but now I’m back!” ~Ty

“I’ll be good to everyone, so I never have to go back to juvi!” ~Carmen

“’Kay, guys, your challenge is a big pillow fight. There are no special rules, just this; if you touch the floor, you’re out! Let’s start!

“So, everyone, the action begins! Everyone squares off, and Megan goes straight for Adam, and he’s down! Carmen and Ty go for each other, and Ty prevails! Kyle and Tiff are squaring off, and it looks like Tiff is down!

Ty, Megan, and Kyle have each taken someone down. Ty goes for Megan in a flash, and we’re down to two.

Kyle jumps at Ty, and wins! Good job Kyle! Three in a row!” the host commentates.

“Kyle’s way stronger than anyone thought!”~ Tiffanie


Adam- Ty

Tiff- Carmen

Carmen- Ty “We’re over Ty, you’re a bad influence to my good soul!”

Ty- Carmen

Megan- Ty

Kyle- Tiff

So, the toes are Ty, Carmen, and Tiff.


“Tiff, why should I keep you?” Kyle asked.

“Well, I’ve been here a lot. I’ve faced a lot of challenges. I didn’t come this far to give up, man. Really.” Tiff replied.

“Wow. Carmen?”

“Well, I’m a good person now, so I should stay.”

“Ty?” Kyle asked.

“I came straight from the woods. I’m very tough. I can help you out man.”


“Tiff, can you come here?”

“Sure, Kyle.”

“You really want this. Ty does. Carmen does. However, I don’t think that you’ve played as loyal as them. It’s time for you to go.”

“Gosh. I’m not ready to leave.”

“You gotta.” Kyle said reluctantly.

“WAHAHAHA!” Tiff bawled.

“See ya. Sorry.”

Episode 13-Revenge

"It was no surprise that Tiff was eliminated, I'm sure she was surprised though"~Megan

"It's going to be so easy to win this game from now on, I've made it this far and even got a two episode reassurance! Boo-Yah!"~Ty

"Yeah I am so bummed that Ty and Carmen came back, now without Destiny, I have a big target on my head! Maybe it won't be so bad to be voted off."~Kyle

"Okay Attention Feet, I am going to give you guys the day off, there will be no challenge today!" the host said. And the feet cheered excitedly.

"The feet don't know that one of them is still getting voted off, and all the losers will be sending home the next loser to be.”

TROPICAL ISLAND OF LOSERS "Hello I'm your tourist guide, Chad! I'm am going to guide you guys, (audience) through all the losers of reality shows. There's Adam Lambert in his natural habitat!" Chad said. "Wrong reality show Chad, this is Footfriends" the camera guy Brad said. "Whoops my bad, lets go to Footfriends island. Some updates for you guys to know is that Mandy got into a fight with Sandy and now Destiney and Mandy are friends now. Oh and Libbie lost Jesse, she's missing!" Chad said.

"I am so glad I got voted off because now I can make out with Will! We're going steady now!"~ Tiff

Leslie, James, Jacob, Jake, and Casey were sitting at a bar in a tropical tree house chilling out. "I heard that we were all supposed to vote off the next person off the show, so I am defiantly sending home Ty who got me out!" Casey said. "I don't know who I'm voting off, I like them all but if I had to decide it would have to be Carmen. She doesn't deserve the scholarship." Jake said. "I want Adam to win!" Jacob shouted, wearing his iPod and listening to it.

"Yeah but Kyle drives me crazy! We all deserve the scholarship, we've all worked really hard to get here!" James retorted. Destiney and Mandy were texting while getting a tan. "So who u want gone next?" Mandy texted to Destiney.

"Kyle!" Destiney texted back.

"I want Megan, gone." Mandy texted back. Libbie was tied to a pole, with her mouth taped shut.

"It's time to eliminate the next person off of Footfriends! Oh and take Libbie off the pole!" Chad said through a speaker. Once all the contestants made it to the meeting room they all sat down in shiny chairs. "The way we are going to do this is the person who gets the most of your votes will be eliminated and come here with you guys!" Chad said. "You may vote now."

Destiney-Kyle Mandy-Megan Sandy-Megan Libbie-Ty Will-Ty Tiff-Ty James-Kyle Casey-Ty Jacob-Kyle Jake-Kyle Leslie-Ty

"So thank you guys for your vote, Ty is going to be coming here with you guys!" Chad said.

Back at the Real Contestants! "So I just figured out that one of us has just been eliminated by the rejects!"~Megan

"One of you are going to be sent off the show tonight!" announced. "I am going to tell you the bottom three. Lets bring out... Kyle... Megan... and Ty!" Everybody was shocked that Megan was in the bottom three. "Yeah I know you guys are shocked Megan is in there but only Mandy and Sandy voted for her, so Megan your safe. The others all voted for either Ty or Kyle. But unfortunately Ty got five votes and Kyle got four. Ty its the end of the road for you" said

"This sucks a lot! But some of them have a reason to send me off! Bye peeps!"~Ty

Episode 14- Dress to Impress!

"So, right now, the only alliance member I have is Carmen, from the Leader Alliance. If one of us goes home, both of us are goners."~Kyle

"I love the way I'm playing the game! I haven't been in any drama, so no one's targeting me!"~Adam

"Hey feet! This is the final four, so I just wanna ask, what will YOU do with the scholarship? Kyle?"

"I wanna be an actor."


"A natural scientist."


"A pizza server."


"A rock goddess!"

"So," the host said, "I've prepared a surprise. The deans of your colleges of choice are coming to meet you!

"You guys will have interviews. The deans will rate you on a scale of one to ten. Whoever impresses their dean the best is the leg!

Professor Lina, Dean of Naturalle College, Adam's dean: "Adam was not very impressive. He didn't ask very many questions, and he didn't seem that interested in the natural sciences. 3.

Director Mann, Dean of Mann Acting School, Kyle's dean: "I was definitely impressed with Kyle. I gave him a script, and he seemed very in-character, and I think there's a place for him at this school. 7

Scooter Skater, Dean of Original Pizza College, Megan's dean: "This girl is totally dumb. She was horribly bad at talking. I don't even want to think about her being at our pizzarific school. 1.

Goddess, Rocker and Founder of Goddess College, Carmen's dean: "Wow, this girl can rock! I'll give her a scholarship even if she doesn't win! However, she does need a bit of practice. 8.

"Alright feet," the host said. "Only two of you actually impressed your deans. That was Kyle and Carmen. And Carmen's the Leg!"

"Awesome! I have complete control for the first time ever!"~Carmen

"So, there are three people left besides Carmen, so all of the losers are toes!" the host said dramatically.


"So," Carmen began, "Kyle is safe. Me and him were in a secret alliance a long time ago. Now, since one of you guys is going home, we'll have even numbers. Megan, why should you stay?"

"I should stay because dumb girls need college more than Adam does."

"Adam, why should you stay?"

"Unlike Blondie, I have potential. I could have been an advanced calculus mathematician, however I chose to be a natural scientist. The person who can use the scholarship should get it."

"Alright." Carmen said.


"Carmen, it's all on you."

"First, I wanna officially say the Kyle's safe.

"Adam, Megan. You two are really great competitors. You can really kick butt. However, one of you has got to go. That person is Megan."

"Is it my time to go? No. Hu-uh. I met some amazing people, like Will and Tiff, and I know that I'm gonna be okay. Not as okay as I would have been with the college, but you know."~Megan


It's down to the final three. Kyle, Carmen, Adam. However, will the finale play out, or will the most unexpected twist happen? Who will win the scholarship? The sweet guy, the rock chic, or the quiet, smart guy? Or will it be someone else?

Episode 15- The Final Challenge

"Oh, my gosh, Kyle. I can't believe that.... you know..." Carmen expressed. "It's almost over?" "Yeah. I hope you win. You really deserve it. You're obviously the strongest physical competitor." "You're the one with the most virtues, despite the fact that you went to the detention facility." "Adam doesn't deserve it. We fought. We tried. He never won a challenge. He was never a toe! Besides when he was forced to be! He has NO IDEA what goes on in this show!" "Yeah, I agree."

"Feet! This one is a doozy. Come and meet your peers." "Come and meet our peers? Does that mean we'll meet our potential classmates?"~Kyle "Oh no." Carmen whispered. "Feet! These are the people you SELECTED to get out. Everyone is here. Now, they get a say. Everyone in this room will vote on who is going to be our fourth competitor. Remember, the people who were voted off have no idea about what went on in the house while they were gone. You cannot vote for yourself. In order of elimination, please!"

Libbie? Destiney. I forgive you. Mandy? Sandy. You deserve it. Jacob? I don't have a vote. Everyone is horrible. Will? Tiffanie. I love you so much. I heard that you were sobbing for me. Sandy? Mandy. Jake? Destiney. You were a good leader and you always had my back. Leslie? Ty. It wasn't your fault I got sent home. (But what Leslie doesn't know is that it secretly was.) Casey? Jacob. You are the only one who has never been on an alliance with Megan. Ty? Destiney. James? I don't have a vote. Destiney? Ty. Tiff? Destiney. Ty? You are not allowed to vote again. Megan? Tiff.

"The votes are in! Destiney- 4 Ty- 2

Tiff- 2

Sandy- 1

Mandy- 1


"Will the world see Mr Jane Goodall? Or Godless Jr.? Or Hollywood's next star? Or.... Destiney? Find out when we return!"

"We're back! Your finale challenge will be based on three areas of life. Mental, Physical, then mental and physical put together. In each challenge someone will be kicked out. First, Mental! "It will be a trivia challenge about the show. First to buzz in gets to answer. You get five seconds to answer. First to five points wins. "What was the very first challenge?" "Ga-Ga!" Kyle answered. "Good! Name everyone on 'Destiny's Alliance' at it's peak, in order of joining." "Me, Tiff, Will, Kyle, Jake, Adam, and Megan!" Destiney answered. "Correct! On what day did Sandy call Megan a dumbo?" "Day five?" Carmen guessed. "Correct! On Day Six who was unanimously declared most trusted?" "Megan!" Carmen said. "Yes! Name three of the fast food restaurants you guys worked at." "Lindsay's, McRonald's, and Pizza House!" Adam answered. "Yes. So far Carmen is leading with two, then everyone else has one. We'll take a short break."

"We're back! Let's continue. Who was decided the best singer in the singing challenge?" "Ty!" Carmen answered. "Yes! Two more and you win! Name all the members of 'Ty's Alliance'! "Me, Ty, Destiney, and Kyle!" Carmen said. "No! Anyone else?... Since no one buzzed in, no one gets a point. The answer is Leslie, James, Adam, Megan, Tiff, Ty, and Carmen. Who got in sixth place (before Ty and Carmen got back)? "Tiff?" Adam guessed. "Nope! Any more?" "James!" Destiney answered. "So that's three for Carmen and that's two for Destiney. And one for everyone else. Which baby was irritated on day eleven?" "Tiff's!" Adam answered. "That's right. What did Megan want to go to college for? "A pizza server!" Carmen confidently answered. "Yep! Only one more to win, Carmen. What was the first alliance in the house?" "Destiney and Libbie!" Adam answered. "Yes! Two more for you to win. What challenge did Destiney get a perfect score in?" "Clean, clear skin!" "You win! Although, the show is not over. You are just a leg. Everyone else is a toe. That's right. We'll be right back."

LAST OUTING EVER "I feel so empowered. I think that both Kyle and Destiney are great friends. Kyle proved himself not to be so mentally strong. But, that part is over. Well, not entirely. The last challenge is mental and physical." "I predict Adam will go in the next challenge, then in the last challenge, Destiney would most likely succeed at that. Loyalty is very nonexistent. Although, if I send Destiney home, Kyle might get angry. But, considering he sent her home before, maybe not..."~Carmen "Does anyone want to say anything? Okay, then we shall eat in silence."

"I have a huge decision to make. Adam, you're safe, mainly because you are the weakest here. Destiney, I have only known you for a short time, but since I was in that alliance with you, I know a lot about you. You'll do anything it takes to win. Kyle, you are physically stronger, and I think that if I send Destiney home, you'll be mad, or maybe not. Also, you had that winning streak towards the end of the competition that may have been fueled by Destiny's leaving. Destiney, what college do you want to go to? "I was going to go to the Melbourne Beauty College. It's, like, a college where you can learn to be a hair stylist and stuff, or maybe a model!" "Okay. I know that both of you are in it for the right reasons. And you both deserve it. Kyle, I'm gonna have to send you home. Even though there's this nagging feeling inside of me saying ‘He deserves it, don't send him home!’ but, I still want to win and I... I... sniff..." "It's okay. Come here." Kyle said with a hug. "I hope we can still be friends. Good luck." "After that, I really wanted to send myself home. He's such a sweet guy, and he's the best friend I've made since grade school. And he's HOT! So I kissed him and said goodbye and cried it out on the shoulder of disgusting Adam (Destiny's shoulder seemed to keep nudging me away).~Carmen "Getting eliminated was bittersweet. I didn't get the college, but I found a new girl."~Kyle "Okay feet, get some rest. Tomorrow's even bigger!"


"Carmen!" Destiney fumed. "What?" "Why did you kiss Kyle? He's mine!" "I thought you broke up when he sent you home." "I'm calling him. Kyle, did you like it when she slobbered on you? M-hmm. Yeah. We're totally over. I'm gonna win and maybe you can come into my salon so I can mess you up!!! Jerk..." "Told you." "You just SHUT YOUR MOUTH." SLAP "This'll give you another reason to cry."

Wow. We'll be right back!

"Okay, your next challenge is physical! What you have to do is complete this military obstacle course. Don't worry, they made it fifty percent easier. Just complete it. The last person to cross the finish line loses."

They all went when I said go. The first obstacle was the field of mines. Destiney gracefully danced through it. Adam quickly walked through it. Carmen took some time. After all, they are mines. Carmen got through it shortly after the others, though. When she caught up with the other two, they were surprised. The next obstacle was the log jump. The log is four feet high, though. Adam soared over it while Carmen and Destiney had trouble. Adam was approaching the third obstacle: the kick. You had to kick a fake marble statue until it fell down. Adam used his years of Tae-Kwon-Doe to knock it down in a flash while Carmen and Destiney were still struggling on the log jump. Next was the trampoline. You had to do at least five flips in a row (harnessed) to pass. After you passed it, you won. Carmen passed the log jump, while Destiney was still trying. Adam did three, but he couldn't do five. Carmen passed the kick as well as Adam did. Destiney passed the log jump. Adam finished first place. "I've been secretly hiding the fact that I'm awesome at everything, and now I'm in the top two! It worked. I've never been voted a toe, and I've kept suspicions low by winning no challenges. I would've won any challenge if I wanted to."~Adam It's not over yet! Oh, yes it is! Carmen just did the trampoline after some struggling. Destiney passed the kick, but it wasn't enough. "I think I've learned to be a good person. I think I'm going to get a therapist to help me work out my issues, then I bet my love life will be better, and so will my social life. Secretly, I don't have any friends. But I'd like to. That's the whole reason I came on the show. That's also the reason I fell so friend-in-love with Mandy. I just wanted a friend."~Destiney

"Carmen! Hurry! Adam already has a head start on the last challenge! You have to take these instructions on how to set up your dorm, then take these fake beds, lamps and stuff and follow the instructions! That's all! The person who fills up their dorm first wins! Go!" Adam already had a head start, as the host said, so Carmen was nervous. Plus, she didn't know how to read instructions. But, after a few fumbles, Carmen finally got the challenge. She's back in the game! Adam was very fatigued after doing all that stuff in the other challenges.


"Carmen. Adam. Kyle. Destiney. Each of you know who won. But, the other feet don't, and the viewers at home don't. Well, The WINNER of the scholarship, and the honor of being the Leg forever was ... someone who deserved it very much. They worked semi-hard and seemed to take every inch seriously. Feet, it's not Kyle. He took fourth place. It's not Destiney. She took third place. Carmen... took second place. The winner is Adam!!!

"Well, I didn't win, but Godless told me that she liked me so much that I got my own scholarship. And I didn't even have to work hard like Adam did..."~Carmen

REMEMBERING THE FEET (what they said when they got out)

Libbie, "Jessie, this is all your fault." Mandy, "I don't think I did anything wrong!" Jacob, "I can't believe I was voted off tonight by the dumbest one in the whole thing!" Will, "We can, like, go into business!" Sandy, "I could drop a brick on your head and you'd be unharmed!" Jake, "Why me? I don't wanna go home!" Leslie, "I'm sure Ty did everything he could." Casey, "I was here for the right reasons." Ty, "I panicked." Carmen, "I struggled." James, "So, do you wanna crush my dream?" Destiney, "I never expected this. Hm. I'm sorry." Tiff, "Gosh, I'm not ready to leave." Ty, "This sucks a lot but some of them have a reason to send me off. Bye peeps!" Megan, "Is it my time to go? No. Hu-uh!" Kyle, "Getting eliminated was bittersweet." Destiney, "I think I'm going to get a therapist to help me work out my issues." Carmen, "I got my own scholarship... and I didn't even have to work hard..." Adam, "I won! It's all about strategy. Sure, I'm not a crowd favorite like Destiney of Kyle, but I get to go to Nature college regardless"

That's it for Footfriends! I hope you really enjoyed seeing myself, Geoffrey, and Noah write the episodes. We're sorry if the finale was so long, we got a little carried away...


Season Two is completed, and I will post and episode each day, starting Monday. As you see the new contestants have been leaked, and only five contestants returning from season one! And what'd you think about Adam, having a whole picture to himself? Well you'll have to read season two, to figure it out. Noahheels 07:00, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

Season 2 Competitors.

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