Finch is one of fourteen competitors in the Total Drama X season, Sunset Valley. She is given the label, "The Girl Scout".


Finch is the youngest child of eight kids; with four sisters and three brothers. Although she is sixteen in her debut, like the rest of the cast in Sunset Valley, she barely comes up to four feet in stature.

She was enrolled in the Girl Scouts since she was five, and has gained many of the badges in that group. She learned most of her techniques back at home in Vermont. She lives in a cabin near a lake in the wilderness with her mother and father and siblings.

Her parents, as Finch was becoming near the age to leave the Girl Scouts, was enrolled in Total Drama X: Sunset Valley, to boost her survival techniques and social status.


Finch is very short for her age but still capable. She has red hair and freckles on her face. She had two large brown eyes and a small, short nose.

She wears a dark green hoodie sweater with pockets, and dark brown pants. She has two light brown boots that make her seem a little taller than she actually is.

Under her hoodie is a striped t-shirt with white and lime green stripes going across.


Finch is very kind yet very intelligent. She has lots of information about wildlife and survival techniques while camping, and isn't afraid to take reasonable risks to get things done. However, she doesn't like to be questioned when it comes to her mental intellect, as she believes she should be the leader in many cases.

Although many call her out for her height, she is able to overcome this with durability and stamina. She also runs faster than many of the people she knows.

She is very polite to strangers and very kind to her friends, and will only really resent someone if they continue to comment on her height and knowledge with negative feedback.

Sunset Valley

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Audition tape

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  • Finch's choice of clothing is based on American military uniforms, with brown boots and pants, and dark green being part of the classic camouflage vesting colors.
  • She is the shortest contestant on Sunset Valley, with a height of 4'01"


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