Felicia, labled as the Quiet, shy girl is a contestant on Total Drama Cruise.

She joined Total Drama Cruise to interact with people her age.

Lovable Pandas, Dancing Ducks
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Lets Have a Treasure Hunt"
Place Fourteenth
Relationship None
Friends Austin, Max
Enemies None
Fear Roller coasters
Talent Not saying anything


Felicia was always a quiet girl and didn't interact with people much. She never answered questions in school or have any friends over. Felicia also wasn't very brave and she was to scared to go on roller coasters and go carts. Her parents became worried about her because of all the fun things she was missing like go carts, having friends over, going to birthday parties, and going to places like mini golf and bowling and sent her to a theripist who suggested she should interact with more kids her age so they sign her up for Total Drama Cruise.

Challenge Guide

Chapter One - Felicia was knocked off but a big wave but her team won.

Chapter 2 - Felicia made it under the pole without touching it but her team lost in a tiebreaker. Felicia voted for Jordan and he was eliminated.

Chapter 3 - Felicia was sent to find a rubber duck and she found it in an unknown are but her team lost thanks to Leah and Myron. Her alliance voted for Leah and she was sent packing in the end.

Chapter 4 - Felicia juggled in the talent show and got a six but her team still won.

Chapter 5 - Felicia did not play any of the arcade games but her team still won.

Chapter 6 - Felicia was on island one and her team won.

Chapter 7 - Felicia had to guess who Spongebob's teacher was and she guessed Mrs. Puff which was correct. Her team won in the end.

Chapter 8 - Felicia went on offense with Max and attacked the wrong team. Her team lost and she voted for Stu but she was eliminated instead.

Audition Tape

The camera shows a girl sitting on a couch next to her parents "We would like Felicia to try more things." says her Mom "She would never try anything exciting and she doesn't talk." says her Father as Felicia gets up and walks away. "She never does anything and her therapists says she needs to try something exciting." say her mom as the camera shuts off.


She is in an alliance with Austin and Max.


  • Felicia is a redesign of Bridgette's original design.
  • Felicia was on the first boat and the fourth one off.
  • Felicia was stranded on island one.
  • Felicia received a total of five votes.
  • Felicia sat on Brianna's bleacher.

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