Team Backbreaker
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDCC: Bow and Aero"
Place TDCC: 20th
Relationship Fefe
Enemies Caitlin, McKay

Fefe, labeled The Emotionless Girl, qualified for Total Drama Country Club.

Total Drama Country Club

In Livin' Luxuriously, Fefe said hi very quietly when she arrived. When Jean asked her to speak up, she murmured something.

In Take It to Court, Caitlin hit Fefe with a tennis ball and she became part of Team Backbreaker.

In Bow and Aero, Fefe seemed uncaring about the entire challenge, and participated very little in it. When Team Backbreaker lost, Fefe felt like eliminating someone was no big deal and didn't affect the team too much. In return, Fefe's teammates voted her off to teach her a lesson.


  • When there were originally going to be only twenty contestants, Fefe wouldn't have been a contestant.
  • Fefe's relationship with Ciaran was only because I wanted to give both characters more to do and I had a lack of relationships. I really don't care about the relationship though.

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