Chapther 1

Heather comes and struggles to get inside Alejandro’s house

Heather to Alejandro: I hate Harold.

Alejandro to Heather: What did he do to *looks at Heather* WOAH!


Heather to Alejandro: Harold did this to me. He came to my house and tricked me.

Alejandro to Heather: How did he trick you?

Heather to Alejandro: He made me think that he wanted to get everything from Total Drama behind us and be friends.

Alejandro to Heather: Well what does this have to do with you getting fat?

Heather to Alejandro: Well, you know how fat serum looks like orange juice?

Alejandro to Heather: Yes.

Heather to Alejandro: Well  he gave some “orange juice” and this happened. We need to get some fat serum.

Alejandro to Heather: I have something to tell you that I haven’t told anyone not even the viewers. I have powers so I can make 1000000 fat serums if I wanted *makes fat serum*

Heather to Alejandro: Thank you so much.

Alejandro to Heather: Oh and before you go, if your fat I want to be fat too. *Alejandro turns fat*


Chapter 2

*Heather goes to Harold’s house*

Heather to Harold: HAROLD!!

Harold to Heather: Oh crap she has fat serum

*Harold turns fat*


chapter 3

*Leshawna comes and sees Harold and Heather*

Leshawna to Heather and Harold: What happened

*Heather explains everything*

*Leshawna turns fat*


Heather to both: Now it’s time for everyone else to turn fat

Heather to Gwen: Gwen it’s time for you to turn fat

Gwen: what are you talking about

*Heather turns Gwen fat*


*Heather runs away*

*Heather to Seirra, Amy and Samey: Time for you to get chubby

*Seirra, Amy and Samey get fat*



*Katie, Anne Maria, Zoey, and Sky get fat*




*once some people get fat* 









Chapter 4

Scarlett said to everyone that is fat: we need to get Heather back

Emma to Scarlett: but how

Kitty to everyone: I heard that somewhere we can’t powers

Gwen to everyone: so we all get powers

*once everyone gets powers and agrees on a plan*

Harold to everyone: ok so we use our powers to make Heather skinny. Then, we make Gwen fat enough so the she can crush Heather and Alejandro

*Heather gets skinny and Gwen gets 100X her size*


Zoey to everyone: I’ll get Alejandro


*Alejandro gets skinny and Zoey crushes him*

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