Chapter 1- Is it Emma X Noah or Emma X no relationship

* Noah FaceTime's Emma *
* Emma answers and Noah appeared fat *

Emma to Noah: Woah what happened to you

Noah to Emma: I've realized that I ate too much that I've gotten fat and I'm ordering you to do the same

Emma to Noah: why can't you work out

Noah to Emma: because I have an obsession with food so if I work out I'll just end up being fat again

Emma to Noah: Ok fine I will be fat and I promise I'll be fat the next time I see you

* Emma uses the fatifier to make her look 5 times her size *

Chapter 2- The Kitty went meow but now the Kitty goes fat

* Emma and Kitty approach eachother *

Kitty to Emma: what did you eat last night

Emma to Kitty: I didn't eat anything I just used the fatifier

Kitty to Emma: Why

Emma to Kitty: because Noah forced me to be fat because he became fat so he thinks I'm having something bad to eat right now and I want you to become fat too

*Kitty becomes 5 times her size*

Chapter 3- crazy fat

Kitty to Emma: so what do we do now that we are fat Emma to Kitty: just stay fat until Noah becomes skinny

*Emma and Kitty receive multiple texts from other total drama/ redonculous Race contestants that Noah had forced them to become fat too*

Kitty to Emma: OMG what do we do now

Emma to Kitty: What do you mean

Kitty to Emma: I read online that there is only one fatifier in the world so that means that the other contestants are really fat

Emma to Kitty: We got to make them skinny again then use the fatifier on them

Chapter 4- Mission Fat

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