The following segment describes the Heavy Metal Fantasia sequence to "Fade Away" by Diecast.

After Bridgette boarded the Boat of Losers, Geoff was crying himself to sleep.  Suddenly he heard a voice -- Bridgette's voice.  It sounded as if she were calling him, so he went outside the cabin and a holographic image of her standing above the water.  Soon holographic images of the other competitors that had been eliminated appeared, and the other remaining competitors (Lindsay, Duncan, Heather. DJ, Izzy, Gwen, Owen and LeShawna) to come on out of the cabins.  This triggered a flashback showing Katie and Sadie listening to Eva's mp3 player, and she was about to strangle them, but Duncan and Courtney restrained her.  When back to reality, Katie, Sadie, Eva and Courtney's images vanished, though Eva's image just flickered and, after a few seconds after vanishing, came back, pissing Duncan off (he was hoping for Courtney's image to reappear).  This triggered another flashback at the dining hall, Noah was working on his computer, with Ezekiel trying to go on porn sites.  At another table was Eva and Tyler arm wrestling each other, while Justin stood by the door putting gel in his hair.  When the flashback was over, Eva's image disappeared -- this time for good -- along side Ezekiel, Tyler, Noah and Justin.  Another flashback showed Cody, Gwen and Trent relaxing the campfire, Beth and Heather arguing and Geoff, DJ and Duncan pulling pranks on Harold.  This ended with Beth, Cody, Harold and Trent's images to vanish.  After Geoff reminisced his and Bridgette's times together, but then a thin wire clipped itself to Izzy's top and suspended her into the air.  But then the wire snapped and Izzy was sent plunging into the lake, and when she touched down with the water, Bridgette's image vanished, and the other competitors gave Geoff a dirty look.

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