F- Labeled As The Bad Grade Is Currently Competing In Total Drama: In Paradise.F-'s real name is charles.he is called F- Because of his horrible grades.He slacks off at school,doesnt pay attetion.he is naturaly untalented at writing and reading,it was proven..In kindergarden he was A student but after that it was bad,He would just leave school,nobody would notice for a few minutes then,a huge seen,everybody freaking out calling the police.But it was never a bother to him later in the day he would come back,he would get detention but just not show up,He cant do sports either because of his weight.His parents signed him up unkwowing it was a paradise.His Name Is Somewhat a parody of Jay-Z

Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated ""TBA""
Place "TBA"
Relationship "TBA"
Family Mom,Dad,Uncle
Friends "TBA"
Enemies "TBA"
Fear "TBA"
Talent Nothing.

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