Ezra is labeled The Famous Blogger in Total Drama Teens 2.0

Raging Rebels
Gender Male
Hair color Green
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "Yeah Sure Dude, I'll Model."
Place 17th
Relationship King (one-sided, on Ezra's side)
Friends King, Tamsin, Rigel
Enemies Declan
Fear Trypophobia


Ezra is very famous, but only on social media. He is very popular on all of these sites; Tumblr, Instagram, DeviantArt, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. He is also dedicated to his appearance and keeping it up, There is never a time when his phone is out of his hand or his computer is out of reach. He is always constantly updating his blog and taking ‘artsy’ pictures and selfies. He joined the show because all of his followers encouraged him to do it and he will get more followers for it.

Total Drama Teens 2.0

Chapter #1: "Welcome, New Campers!": Ezra is introduced and he asks if anyone knows of his blog, but the only campers there have never heard of him. Tamsin hugs him when she sees him because she recognizes who he is. Ezra is put on the Raging Rebels team. He agrees with Declan when he says the place is pleasant. He almost faints, but King catches him and he ends up bunking with him.

Chapter #1.5: "Are You Sure This is Safe?": Ezra agrees with both Tamsin and Rigel that Vivica is spoiled. He asks if anyone of his team wants to volunteer to swim in the shark-infested water. His team loses the challenge, but he recieves a marshmallow at the ceremony.

Chapter #2: "Out of All Things We Have to Chase After, it’s a Shark.": Ezra is asked by Declan to join his alliance against King. Ezra is angered and says Declan is just jealous and storms off. Ezra gets mad at Garth when he drops their team’s flag in the challenge. His team loses, but he is safe.

Chapter #3: "This is My Worst Nightmare.": Ezra declines Declan's offer to be in an alliance, and gets mad at Declan. He loses his team a point as he refuses to face his trypophobia. His team wins the challenge.

Chapter #4: "Yeah Sure Dude, I'll Model.": Ezra finds out about King's alliance after spying, King then offers him a deal, but it is not shown what it is. He is the photographer for his team, but only takes selfies which costs his team points. His team loses the challenge and he is eliminated.

Chapter #19: "The Second Winner of Total Drama Teens is...": Ezra supports Tamsin in the final two challenge as he thinks she has style, and they are also friends.


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